Are These Possible Signs

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ROCK - June 8

Due for af tommorrow. B--ts sore for almost a week. Started about 4 days ago with lots of gas and when I eat I feel like the food is stuck in my chest?! I have also been having low stomach discomfort ( achy not crampy). Last, my cervical fluid is very white and the consistancy of lotion. Are these signs of pregnancy, af or both?


ty2 - June 8

that could be a sign of both. you could take a test now because if you are pg it may actually show up or just hope the witch doesnt show her face. good luck


LadyD - June 9

ty2 is right. Everything you described is related to both pg and af. Last month I had gas pains for days and I swear I felt a "drip" from the day af was due til when it was 8 days late. The body can play weird tricks on you. Take a test since af is almost due & test. Good luck!


ROCK - June 9

Thanks ty2 and LadyD for responding. I thought I just let you know that af was due today. My bbt jumped slightly. (second highest this month) Is that a good sign? I don't know what it is , but I want to wait to test....maybe I don't want to be disappointed. ( and I definatly don't want a false neg.)


Grandpa Viv - June 9

After how many years you know what AF signs to expect and when. The five signs you report are presumably different in timing and intensity, and I think they are significant. Many early attempts at implantation do not succeed, which is what may have happened to LadyD, and which is why many suggest waitng until AF is a week late before testing. You are temping and know that at menses your temps take a dive. Eighteen days above the cover line is a strong indicator. Why don't you take a test first morning pee when you reach that milestone. Good luck!


vheng - June 10

i've experienced sleeping 'til 9am ..very late on bed.thats not ussual for me.i feel so tired and my body is so heavy.compared b4 that around 8am im done with all my household im afraid to check if im pg. is it also a sign of gettong preggy?


vheng - June 10

lets cross our fingers.but those signs u mentioned are also the signs that my sister had experienced when she get pregnant.


ROCK - June 10

Hi everyone, thanks for you input. Just wanted to keep you updated. My bbt went up even further this morning. (slightly higher than my highest temp this month.) I may be peeing a little more than usual...especially at night. Other symptoms remain the same. No sign of af. (I'm not even irritable!) I really hope these are all good signs! Just want to say that it means alot to have women to share all seem really supportive and kind. Thanks guys and baby dust to us all!!


ROCK - June 11

Bump...Is anyone still there?


soimpatient - June 11

TAKE A TEST!!! Good Luck!


ROCK - June 11

Soimpatient, I think I may test today. Temp dipped .2 this am (which could mean absolutely nothing since my temps are still elevated) but my mind is driving me crazy today. I'm full of anxiety.


ROCK - June 11

Got my BFP!!! Guess I was wrong about the pms thing. Thanks for all your support ladies. Baby dust to all!


vheng - June 13

yesterday i ws experiencing discomfort..whenever i ate i felt like i need to go to cr. and today, im still waiting waiting for my's supposedly today is my 36 i wish the next time i log on here..i could shout out yeheyy now its POSITIVE! please pray for me ...i badly want to...ty '



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