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SARAH23 - July 16

ok ive still got 2 or 3 days left till my AF. We have been ttc and had s_x on my ovulation days. Im hungary all the time but when i eat i feel sick, i feel naseous, the side of my br___ts hurt when i touch them, im bloated and just feel like i can be bothered to do anything! Are these pregnancy symptoms or due to AF coming?


TallyJo4 - July 16

It could be either one. I know I have had months that I felt that bad and AF showed up. They are symptoms of pregnancy as well. What really stinks is that PMS and PG symptoms are the same. Good luck to you. I hope you get your BFP. I cannot test until next Thursday. I am only 6-7 DPO. I hope I get mine too!


SARAH23 - July 16

i do feel different. i never get any pms signs until the day before and even then its only really bad cramping thats y im thinking it could be down to a pregnancy. i have had the symptoms taht i listed above for about the last week. i did do a test the other day but i think it was just to early( i was being impatient!!)


TallyJo4 - July 16

I think we are all impatient during the TWW. :) I have a couple of things different this month. A twitch in my eye (i know it sounds weird) when I googled eye twitch pregnancy a lot of pregnant women have experienced this. My b___bs usually hurt immediately after ovulation and they do not hurt. I know sore b___bs is a good sign, but I think anything different than other months is a really good sign. I also am getting a runny nose and mild headaches. I really think this is my month. Fingers crossed for both of us.


SARAH23 - July 16

i hope so. i hate it when u think yeah this is the month then the dreaded a comes!! i keep getting like really mild cramping just now and again n keep thinking my af is here but hopfully it wont be this time round!


newmomtobe - July 16

hope there is good news for both of u.. i m 17 dys over due now n the test came negative.. i m gonna see a doc on friday. keeping my fingers crossed.. good luck to u guys


TallyJo4 - July 16

Wow 17 days????????????? I hope so too. How long have you guys been TTC?


SARAH23 - July 17

just done another test but negative again. i still maybe 2 days early with the testing well lets hope so!


TallyJo4 - July 17

I HATE BFN's. Maybe it is too early give it a couple more days and hopefully it was change to a BFP! I don't think there is any way I am going to be able to wait until next Thursday. I want to to save money, but I am sure I will start testing Sunday! :)


mindboggled - July 18

I am happy to see so many women who are in my same boat,only mine is slightly different. My period was due Mon 7-14 and I spotted pink on 7/13-7/15 and then on 7/16 got a flow of red blood that turned really light by 7/17 and now today it's gone.I have been having headaches and a little nausea. Tested on 7/15 was neg but everyone is convinced that I am pregnant. My b___st don't hurt anymore and I don't feel preg. Has any one experienced THIS?? I know I should test again but afraid of the reslts being neg again. What do you pool of experts think? Please help me. I'm losing my mind!!!


filly06 - July 18

TallyJo4- Crazy, but I am on the same exact wait schedule as you! ;) I had a crazy time tracking my ovulation this time...with my dd I used the ovulation test that produces a smiley face when you were about to ovulate. But this time I just the regular OPK and it was pretty confusing...anyway, I think I was ovulating the night we 'tried' . I am trying not to get my hopes up...but one strange symptom I had before I was able to test with my daughter was that my nose would itch non stop! But also with her my b___bs ached within two days of conception and nothing like that this I have no idea...heck it never hit me that I was pregnant with my daughter until they handed her to me! And I still cant believe I am a mom!!!! :) But keeping our fingers crossed!!!!


TallyJo4 - July 18

I think if you had a "flow" then you are not pregnant. I had a month that I had a 1 to 2 day flow (pretty light too) and then spotting and it was just a weird period. I was convinced I was preggers too. If it is bright red and it is flowing (even a light flow) then it was probably a period. Are you TTC? If you are good luck to you.


mindboggled - July 18

I am ttc but if I'm not pos this time around,I won't try again because this it too nerve racking. And the headaches everyday are a bummer. I was told by a nurse to test in 2 weeks because I tested too soon. I really don't feel preg anymore. I did before the flow.


SARAH23 - July 19

ok my af is due today (my cycle varies from 20-22 days, usually its here on day 20 and today is day 22) so still no af but still negative pregnancy test!!


Grandpa Viv - July 19

That is a way short cycle. Out of curiosity, what day of the cycle did you ovulate - CD10 or earlier? Too short a luteal phase makes pregnancy difficult. Many pregnancies do not give a positive pee test until a week or two after missing, AF, and a few even later. Test weekly using first morning pee. Good luck!


SARAH23 - July 19

ive always had a short cycle i ovulate 5 days after i finish af. I have a son already and my last preganancy (which was ectopic) only to me a few months to conceive. im never late for my af eitha


SARAH23 - July 20

well my af arrived today. it just goes to show that pms and pregnancy symptoms are so so similiar. oh well better luck next month. tallyjo4 let me no how u get on with yours good luck



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