Are These Signs I Hope I Hope I Hope

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crystal74 - June 17

h__lo everybody, Me and my dh did our first IUI(insemination) on 6/10, so i'm only 7DPO and DPIUI. I have had sore bbs since 6/13 and have been a little crampy since the IUI. I have cramps around my ovaries and a few days ago i started getting this weird pulling,pinching, fluttery, tickling feeling in my uterus. my temps have been high ever since wednesday, cuz i forgot to temp on tuesday. but my temp has risen a lot since tuesday. are these signs or am i just trippin. I am so tempted to test cuz my friend tucker tested after 8DPO and DPIUI and she got a BFP!!!


crystal74 - June 17

it feels like a/f is going to come but it's still nine days away.


shannon5980 - June 17

I tested at 9 dpo and got my bfp. I am now 6 weeks pg. good luck to you and keep us posted


tonia - June 17

Crystal, my fingers are crossed for you! GO Oregon girl! : ) Just think, you and i could meet for lunch sometime! : )


crystal74 - June 17

thanks tonia, your a sweetie. shannon that is awsome. congrats!!! i will try my hardest to wait another 9 days. my dr said if a/f doesn't come by the 26th then i should test, so i'm really trying to stick it out. so shannon, since your preggo, what were your signs and symptoms????


crystal74 - June 19

so i tested yesterday and got a negative. i am hoping there's still a chance cuz i still have another 7 days till a/f is due. my bbs are still extremely sore and i had lower abdominal pain yesterday. it was bad that i had to lay down. anybody got signs like this and ended up pregnant??


atreyyena - June 20

Was your abdominal pain on one side or the other? If so you might want to see a doctor to rule out an ectopic pregnancy. They may be rare, but I didn't even know I was pregnant for mine and had to have surgery for what I originally thought was appendicitis. If the one time is the only time it comes, though, no need to worry.


Danielle26 - June 20

I tested on 9 and 11 dpo, both negative, then tested on 12 dpo mid-day and got a BFP! I'm now 5 and a half weeks pg. Good luck! There's definitely still hope for you!!




crystal74 - June 20

well the pain was only that one day. i was looking up pregnancy signs and that was one of them, so i'm hoping that's a good think. i still have some cramping but not sure what to think of it. and the pain was right in the middle.


crystal74 - June 21

hey, my bbs are hard and i found a blue vein underneath my nipple and my throat has been sore.


klweezy - June 21

Sounds just like signs from my 1st pregancy with my son.. good luck though!


crystal74 - June 21

i sure hope so!!! but the cramps make me think that a/f is coming


Nell143 - June 21

Hey Crystal, One of my first signs was cramping like af was going to show 4-5 day before af. I knew that was odd for me since I only cramp the day af shows. Now I am 11 weeks pregnant. I was running to the bathroom every 5 minutes absolutely positive af was going to show. I test the day my af was due and BFP tested again 2 days later again BFP. Cramps can af or pregnancy. Just have to wait it out. Good luck Crystal.



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