Are These Signs Or Is It Just In My Head

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farnanlm - February 23

I was on the pill for 4 months and in Jan I didn't take any pills cuz my cycle was seeming weird. I started taking my pills on the end of jan and this month has been chaotic and I forgot 7 pills out my pack. I did have s_x around the time of the missed pills and now I am suppose to start my new pack of pills on Sunday but I am only having very light spotting that started out a very faint pink when I wiped after urinating, then today it went to a dark brown and not even enough to fill a regular absorbancy tampon all day (sorry about the TMI) I have been urinating like crazy, extremely hungry every couple of hours and having horrible cravings for food to the point where I can actually taste it in my mouth. I have started getting headaches today and I have been very shaky and dizzy. When I get PMS I usually get very bad acne but this month I didn't. I have also felt very bloated to the point where my stomach feels like it is being full all the time even though I'm hungry. I have been having minor discomfort around my cervical area. I don't know if me thinking I have signs of being pregnant are all in my head and just wishful thinking or what. Anything anyone?


farnanlm - February 23

Oh yeah, I have also been very tired like falling asleep at around 8pm when i usually stay up till around 11 and around 3pm everyday I start to feel quite a bit of nausea


pinksparkles6676 - February 24

I know what your saying i was on the shot, and im having the same feelings as you i've been off of it since last year go by a test first before, you start thinking your pregnant Best of luck!!!


sarahd - February 24

It could be pregnancy, but messing around with your birth control can also cause all these symptoms. After I came off the pill I had every pregnancy symptom in the book for 2 months. I'd take a test, but if it's negative a__sume it was due to the birth control change. Good luck!


KeiraYvette - February 25

If you think you are just take a test, the only way you will know.. I had alot of pregnancy symptoms but just turned out to be due to the hormone changes, AF was 10 days late but came... do a test farnanlm



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