Are Theses Signs

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rbivens10 - June 30

im 18 and think im pg. me and my husband had s_x for 2 weeks straight and ever since i have been feelin sick, dizzy big time, hot flashes, i have bled, but an hour every other day. i have cramps in my stomach. and somedays i feel like i can't breath right. be happy to hear things


Emma2 - June 30

What does being 18 have anything to do with being pregnant........Yes, you may very well be indeed pregnant if you have had unprotected s_x for 2 weeks.When is your period due..


rbivens10 - June 30

nothins wrong about being 18 im just sayin i was and i just need some help in seeing if these were good signs. i have very irregular periods. the last time i had a period was 5 months ago, and now im spotting and feeling like this.


Rhonda - June 30

Why have you not had a period in five months?Have you taken a pregnancy test?


ashleyd - July 1 can't just let your period go like that without explanation...please get in to see your doc. They can figure out if you're pregnant, or have some other cause for not having a period for so long....good luck


rbivens10 - July 1

ive taken pregnancy tests but they all come out negative. ive been pregnant once before and the test had said negative, but the blood test said positive. i lost that baby. the reason i don't have many periods according to my doctor is becuase i was melested at the age 6 and then started my period when i was 9. i know thats alot of information to give, but that's the reason supposely. they've never found anything really wronged with me.


Rhonda - July 1

Why dont you get a blood pregnancy test done,then you will know.I dont know what else to tell you.


Emma2 - July 1

You need to change dr. You being molested as a child (which I am sorry to hear though)has nothing to do with why you ovulated 1 time in the last 5 months thus not getting your period in return. My sister and 3 of my friends got their periods at the age of 8-9 and 10 and really that isnt that uncommon. Go seek a second opinion and preferably from a specialist not just a simple GYNO. I know athelets dont get thier periods very often either due to extremely low body fat and excessive work-outs. You need to seriously see a specialist. Sounds to me that these symptoms you have can either be from PMS or pregnancy. GL


rbivens10 - July 2

im setting up an app. for a blood test tomorrow. hopefully it will say im pregnant. the docotr also told me that about being athletic, because i was in high school. hopefully all is well with me. thanks for the help sooo much.....ill keep you up dated.



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