Are We More FERTILE After Having A Baby

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mommy2cuties3 - October 19

everyone keeps telling me i am more fertile because i have a new baby, is this even proven true? Are women more fertile after giving birth? For how long? And Why?? Anyone know??


ressie - October 19

Yes it is proven that a woman is more fertile after having a baby. I got pg just 7 weeks after my son was born using the pull out method. And yes there is scientific prove just google it you will see a bunch of studies done on it.


annahoban7 - October 19

If you are nursing then your chances for ovulating certainly go down, it's not a great form of birth control but for the most part that very effective. I think what most people are getting confused over is the new studies that have come out that say that after a woman miscarries she can be very fertile for the next couple of months and are no longer required to wait the standard 3 months, depending on the age of the baby when the mother miscarried. If you are not nursing I believe your cycle usually returns to pretty normal (if it was normal to begin with) in about 2 months. I hope this helps.


slowpoke01 - October 20

i have heard this as well but i am not sure how true it is. i do know a girl that had 2 kids and the youngest is exactly 9 months younger than the oldest. she said that her and her husband didnt wait the 6 weeks that they tell you to wait that they had s_x like a week after she got out of the hospital. she said that she didnt think that she could get pregnant so soon since her cycles werent regular yet. so i guess that it can happen.


layni - October 20

Yes- I have heard the same thing too!!!


krissy2006 - October 20

We have all heard the same thing because it is true. As Ressie said there are scientific studies done and a woman is more fertile after birth just as she is more fertile after miscarriage and for the exact same reasons as your body doesn't decipher between "birth" and miscarriage. All it knows is that the body is no longer pregnant so it better get ovulating.


mommy2cuties3 - October 20

for how long after having a baby??


annahoban7 - October 20

So I called my OB (also a friend of mine) and asked this question. I certainly don't want to give out bad information at all and this is what I was told by her and her a__sociate.Your periods will return from four to ten weeks, or perhaps longer, after your baby's birth if you are bottle-feeding or combining b___st and bottle. But if you're b___stfeeding exclusively and haven't started weaning yet, your periods may not return until you cut down b___stfeeds or stop. However, ovulation takes place two weeks before a period so you'll become fertile again before you realize it. The contraceptive effect of b___stfeeding really depends on whether you are doing it fully and, in any case, you can't guarantee protection. There have been few credible studies to indicated that your fertility increases with one exception. Some women with PCOS and are overweight tend to get a handle on their weight and make much better eating and exercising decisions. In these cases their fertility may increase as the body's hormones tend to become more balanced when it's at a healthy weight.


ashleyd - October 20

The miscarriage / fertility thing really does seem to ring for me. I miscarried August 1st, my first period came September 14th... I got my BFP on the 18th of October. Granted, my window of waiting wasn't long because I M/C'd naturally, but I think for our first cycle trying, it has to have something to it..I've heard it happening with a lot of women.


AllieW - October 21

It's interesting, but I wonder how much of it might be psychological (at least in the case of miscarriages)? In other words, a woman and her partner are upset about their loss, so they subconsciously try all the harder to get pregnant again? My sister is pregnant again after suffering a miscarriage a couple of months ago. And even though she was ambivalent about keeping that particular pregnancy to start with, once the matter had been taken out of her control (as it were) she then became very broody. In her case, the following pregnancy was not intentional because it was due to a one night stand with an ex, but it occurs to me that women in stable relationships may react in the way I've described? Just my random musings. Oh, and for the after giving birth thing, I'm not sure. My Mum fell pregnant with me after 3 months of marriage and then with my sister 3 months after I was born. (Which kind of rubs it in about the fact that we're on our 6th month now!). Another friend of mine was b___stfeeding her first (on demand, rather than timed) and so wasn't expecting to get pregnant again quickly. When she finally found out that she was and went for her 12 week scan, she actually proved to be 21 weeks along. It must therefore have been very soon after the birth of her first daughter that she fell pregnant.



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