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hopingstill - April 21

I had bleeding a week ago for a few days, but since it's ended, I am tired more often, i have br___t pains (not that tender, just like "growing pains"), nauescious, lightheadedness that hits me out of nowhere (doesn't last a long time), and mild cramping. I've taken several HPTs, but all show faint negatives. I would be a little over 2 weeks if i am. Do you think I am and it's not showing up? I've had a m/c before and I don't remember any symptoms like this because i didn't know i was pregnant until i had the m/c.


Mal - April 21

I feel like you are talking about me! I have had sore b___sts for a little under a week now, but today and yesterday I noticed that my nipples are extremely sensitive. I have not had any bleeding, but about 7 DPO I had cramps on my lower left abdomen. That lasted for two days and then yesterday I woke up with cramps that reminded me of PMS. I am supposed to get AF today and I feel a little cramping, but I'm hoping it is implantation cramping. I'm just confused because I thought it was implantation cramping last wednesday. I plan on testing on Wed. and hope to get +. I would be just over 2 weeks as well and I had a m/c last February. When is AF due for you?


hopingstill - April 21

For me, AF was due on April 14th, but it came April 12th. I guess people have said they had their "periods" and been pregnant, so I don't know whats going on. It's just odd to have symptoms after AF. I've wondered if it's stress, but I've never had stress do this to me before. It normally makes me get headaches, but I don't have any. Just the lightheadedness/nausea. I'm glad I'm not the only one!


Mal - April 22

I am just so confused! I was supposed to get AF yesterday, and she still hasn't shown up so that is a good thing. My last period was March 17, and my cycle is 34 days. I have a few crazy symptoms that I didn't even think were pregnancy symptoms. I have pain under my left rib sometimes. It's a really sharp pain and I don't know if that would be related to this or not. I also am very tired all the time. I dont know if its too early to feel like that or not though.


Mal - April 23

How are you doing? Have you had any more signs lately? I still have been getting BFN but very faint. AF was due on Monday but she's still not here.



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