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miranda - November 29

Well i wish i found these boards awhile ago..i had a ton of questions...I havent had s_x in months, but like 7 or so months ago i thought i was pregnant..All my tests were negative and my gyno saw me when i would have been 6 or so months and said i was not pregnant...I have nhad no other signs...have had my period..evetrything..but my stomach is just getting biggeter and bigger and rounded...I work out and watch what i there any weird way i can still be pregnant (obviously i know i could just be getting fat, just want to make sure completely--gyno said everything is normal when she felt my stomach and did an internal exam )


Grandpa Viv - November 29

Perhaps you should be getting an opinion from an internist instead of a gyno? If that bigger, rounded thingy is not pregnancy, then what is it?


Christine - November 29

Granpa Viv...I strongly agree with almost all of your posts but come on...this one is out there...the gyno did an exam at 6 months...even 5 or 4 months they would definately know..unless you went to the "worst doc of the year"...your whole body changes...changes that are inside and I know you dont have to have symptoms of pregnancy...for I had two pregnancy's without almost any at all the whole time, but I'm almost 101% possitive that this womans doc would have found out if she was pregnant...not to argue, I was just surprised by your answer...Miranda...if you are so unsure...ask the doc for an u/s surely that cannot miss a pregnancy...not that far along anyways..tell the doc that you are having lots of stomach cramps if they want to know why...I know lying is no good answer but sometimes it will get you what you need...say to rule out cyst's or ectopic pregnancy...good luck to you..but my insight is that you are probably just getting some more meat on your bones...good luck, and please let us know how this turns out


jenn - November 29

it could be fibrostic tumors on your ovary or uterus. they runn in my fam and that is one of the symptoms


Miranda - November 29

Thanks guys..i have an appointment to get checked again for cysts..they did that 5 or so months ago(internal us) ,,,,thats why i just wanted to def. make sure there was no way i could be pregnant...sorry to sound so stupid..thanks


Kim - November 29

Here is my story, please tell me what you think. My last period was October 4. I have taken so many hpt and all negative. I took a blood test and got the results today. They were negative. My hcg level is below 5. My question is: could I still be pregnant? My doctor has me on prometrium to bring my period down. However it has not come yet.(I am on day 7 of 12 days) I have sore b___sts on and off, my basal temp is elevated and has beeen the last week or so, I pee all of the time, I feel flutters at times, and my belly b___ton was really sore about two weeks ago. DH and I have been trying about a year now and I would love to be pregnant. I just don't understand these symptoms. Does anyone think I still may be, I hate to think my instict is this wrong, but if it is I guess we will keep trying. Thanks!!!


miranda - November 29

kim--good lukc getting the answers u want!


vonda - November 30

it just might be fibroid tumors, i have had the same thing, i swell and have painful periods also with backaches. once you get you us they can tell you it is nothing to be worried about. they are very common in women and will not stop a pregnancy.


miranda - November 30

thanks everyone...i figured if i was 8 months along it would kinda be obvious!


april - November 30

just another one saying that you are not pregnant...maybe something else is wrong?


ann - November 30

You could have what is called hyadtiform mole which would parallel pregnancy symptoms. Seek a 2nd opinion.


Miranda - November 30

ann..can i ask..what is a hyadtiform mole


miranda - December 1

or does anyone know what that is?


ann - December 1

no idea about that..but i dont think you are pregnant


miranda - December 2

thanks again


m - December 2

Miranda, I believe ann is talking about a hydatiform, more commonly known as a molar pregnancy. That is a scary thing, I hope that is not the case with you. Go to this page and read: It's informative. But please don't let this, or any other article, scare you because this may not be the case with you. Honestly, I think if it was a molar pregnancy, it would have spontaneously aborted a long time ago. I'm no doctor, but I really don't think an ultrasound would have missed something like this. And please know that you do NOT sound stupid. You have a concern, and that's what this board is for, to express/talk about your concerns, worries, fears, joys, etc. Let us know how your appointment goes! Good luck.


miranda - December 2

M--thank you so much..i felt so weird posting that because i know at 8 months it would be obvious haha..i guess i just needed to hear someone else say it, since i really dont wanna be pregnant right now--but i have had HPTs and blood work all internal U/s and they said nothing..i had a exam at what would have been 6 months...ahvent had s_x since..have had an ormal other symptoms..and my dr is good, so i guess i would know...i just have no one else to talk to...So thanks again...and thanks for teh rea__surance..



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