Aspartame During Pregnancy Is It Ok

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Tiff - May 17

I've been eating sugar fee popsicle, like a lot of them lately and started getting headaches. I looked up the aspartame online and many sites said it cause headaches and could harm the baby in the womb. I looked at And they said that studies show no harm to the baby in the womb. Anyone know anything else about it? THANKS


Rainbow - May 17

I don't think you have to worry that you have harmed your baby. Lots of women have probably done the same as you. But personally, I try to stay away from artificial ingredients, just in case they do have some sort of negative effect. Sugar somehow seems safer. Well you know, in reasonable quant_ties.. :-)


Rosebud - May 17

My Special Education professor at my college told our cla__s that it is generally not recommended to consume aspartame while pregnant. But, I'm sure the baby is fine. I would just stop consuming it right now just to be safe.


shannon - May 17

I don't think that aspartame is good for anyone at anytime especially when pregnant. I am sure that you are fine but I would definately stop consuming anything with aspartame in it. It isn't good for anyone.


Rosebud - May 18

That is very true, Shannon. I'm on day 5 of no aspartame because I was having terrible headaches every day for months and had brain fog. My headaches completely went away.


Zoie - May 18

they company itself who makes aspratame will of course say it is fine, but if you are getting headache and you are pregnant you should try and avoid it as much as possible. there is a chance it could effect the baby, but there are lots of things that can do that. talk to your doctor and/or a dietion and see what they have to say. they can give you the best answers. GL to you and your baby


Leslie - May 19

I say aspartame is never ok. I am a waitress who has constant access to Diet Coke, which I would guzzle all day long. After a while, I started to feel HORRIBLE. Headaches and EXTREME fatigue all the time. I thought I had diabetes or something, but all tests came out negative. So then I thought it was my low carb diet. I changed it, still nothing happened. Then I targeted my energy drinks, thinking they could be the culprit....nope again. Couldn't figure it out until I found and it all made sense. I haven't touched anything with aspartame since January and I feel 500% better. I truly believe aspartame IS poison.


terri - May 28

NO!!Aspartame turms to fermeldahide in the knpw what that is??its the stuff they put in dead people to preserve them!!its poison!!that cant be good..Look it up on the net..the other bad effects will shock you!



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