At The Risk Of Sounding Like An Idiot

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linda - August 15

this may seem like a dumb question, but i'm just kinda confused. i got my period aug 3rd and it ended august 7th. now i am getting light spotting....i know it's way too soon to be implantation bleeding and thought maybe i am spotting due to ovulation (still a little early for that too) but the opk said neg. i guess i'm just wondering how possible it is to ovulate early and if spotting is normal with ovulation for some women. if anyone can answer this....i will be very grateful!!! thanks!!!


mellissa - August 15

linda...that is so weird that you posted this because i was just about to ask the same question!!! my period was the same time as yours. it's been kind of messed up because i had a m/c in april. i took an opk test today and it was - also. what kind of spotting are you getting? mine is egg white like cm with twinges of blood in it and is only noticable after i wipe. this has never happened to me before, i'm kind of confused too. i'll see if i can find any info on the net about it. goot luck if you're ttc!!!


amber - August 15

i am getting the same thing and am really conffused about it i have no idea what it it. i have not had a period in 15 months due to having a child and being on the depo shot my huisband and i are wanting another child so i have been off the depo since may could anyone tell us what this mucus blood substance means?


Jodi - August 15

Hey, just wanted you to know that it is possible to o that early, I did 3 days after af and another girl said that her doctor comfirmed that she did infact o 3days after her af too. So it's not impossible. By the Way I got my BFP too. I got it when I was 10 anyway good luck and god bless!!


linda - August 16

thanks everyone for your responses. i guess i am just going to bd every other day until the end of my cycle. i'll probably use the opk also...goodluck to everyone!!! and jodi..congratulations on the bfp!!! that is awesome!!



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