Attenion All Women That Have Gotten BFP

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LaurenW1 - January 22

first and foremost congrats on BFP!!! a lot of us on here are going crazy trying to figure out what symptoms are a sign , how early you can get symptoms post ovulation etc... so if any of you would like to share your symptoms starting with what day post-o you felt them maybe we could find some hope in getting a BFP this month!!!!!


Tasha - January 22

I honestly have had no those thinking it didnt happen it could very well have, my only symptom was cramping, which happened 2 days before the period was suppose to come....and then it didnt so I don't know what that was! I wouldnt think implantation would be that much later after ovulation. So I tested when I was one day late, first thing in the morning, then I tested again at night with the digital one just so I could see the word Pregnant!! Good Luck everyone!!! Im still in shock...oh and I should mention I still dont have any symptoms...with my first I started getting the symotoms full on around 8 weeks, so Im still a bit off for that!


LaurenW1 - January 22

well congrats tasha!!!! im very excited for you!!! How far along are you?


billsgirl - January 22

same with me. the only real symptom i had was slight b___st tenderness and i also had a little bit of a sore throat. i had cramps a couple days before my af was due. tomorrow i am 5 weeks and the symptoms are starting to get a little stronger. my b___bs now are definatly swollen, still have cramps on and off. i am getting moody and get nauseous now and then. nothing really other that that. i honestly had more symtoms the months i got all my bfn's. good luck to you all and tons of baby dust!


mjvdec01 - January 22

I was a bit tired and when I checked CP a couple of days before AF was due it was high, soft and closed. Other than that, the night before I got my bfp I noticed a couple of veins running through my areolas, not to mention all over my lower abdomen, hips and thighs. I think that when I saw the veins in my b___bs that I knew a bfp was just around the corner. Sure enough the next morning at 12 dpo (I am sure I would have gotten a positive the night before. I don't know why I didn't test then) I got my BFP!



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