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irregularfrustration - December 12

Hey there ladies. First off, congratulations on your BFPs!!!! My dh and I are on our second month of ttc. (I was quite bummed when AF reared her ugly head last week.) For encouragement - I was wondering if you gals could tell those of us who are still ttc how many months it took to get your BFP. Also, did any of you have what you thought was implantation bleeding but then still get AF on time? If yes, did you ever figure out what the bleeding really was?


babylove4 - December 12

6 months & no IB...The only reason why it took long for me was because of Tampons, let your body rest if you use them they cause some type of bacteria infection...good luck


anamariaflorencia - December 12

I just got my positive a few days ago. I'm 25 and we've been trying for 15 months. We started as soon as I came of b/c (the patch). At first we just weren' t using protection when I thought I was o'ing...other times we would use a condom cause I dont like to feel drippy and smell like seamen for 2 days. Sorry for tmi! Then when that wasn't working we stopped condoms all together. I had some strange and even missing periods as my body was adjusting to no b/c. I went three months without a period...I was sooooo frustrated. Anyway, then I started using OPK's to get a better idea of when I was o'ing and to make sure we were doing it at the right time. Still nothing. So this month, my lucky month, I charted with fertilityfriend, just the free version and I learned that I'm a late ovulator, on day 19. So now I was tracking everything, temps, cm, cp, the whole nine yards and we bd'd the three days leading up to ovulation then we gave it a break cause we were tired. :) We didn't bd on o day. Then the wait began... and continued. My temps were normal, not dip, no triphasic. On 11dpo DH and I had s_x and when we were done I had a string of blood about 3/4 of an inch long followed by a day of crampy-ga__sy-pac-man eating my uterus feelings. I had felt things in my uterus before so I was hesitant to jump to any conclusions. But it was enough to get me to test at was such a faint positive that I wasn't sure. I posted it on this form and most women thought it *may* be positive but weren't sure. at 13dp it was a tiny bit darker, I also got blood work taken that day. 14dp a little darker, now it was definitely postive though. It was easy to see the second line. I got my blood work back and was at 403 on 13dpo. I am now officialy late for my period I can't help you with anymore bleeding. But I do have different smelling cm. It smells like my friends cm when I helped her deliver her baby! That made me feel official pg! Oh and I don't know if tampons have anything to do with it, but just in case, I haven't used them this whole ttc time.


irregularfrustration - December 12

Thanks! Congrats to both of you! I am still worried about why I got the stringy blood if I ended up not being pregnant... Anyone else out there who wishes to share! It is rea__suring to know that there are women who take longer than 1 month but manage to conceive without issue later on...I only know of people who either got pregnant right away or who took years and years (with treatments)...


anamariaflorencia - December 12

Maybe you were pregnant and miscarried really early. I had exactly what you described, that stringy blood and for me it was implantation. Maybe it didn't have a chance to implant well before your luteal phase was over. How long is your L phase, do you know?


irregularfrustration - December 12

We babydanced on CD 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16, I had EWCM on days 13 through 17, got the stringy blood in otherwise hand creamy CM on CD 20 and AF arrived on CD29. I tested on CD27 and 28 - both BFNs. I am using the OPK's this month to help me determine more accurately when/if I ovulate. I can't use the BBT method because I get up too frequently at night to have a resting temperature reading. So I am wondering whether the blood was implantation bleeding (that I guess didn't take - which freaks me out because I have no idea why it wouldn't have worked - my luteal phase would have been long enough...) or the bleeding was actually when I ovulated - which would make my luteal phase too short (only 9 days...) which would also freak me out OR it was just irregular bleeding which again isn't great...any ideas?


anamariaflorencia - December 13

Yes, I have an idea...CHART! Even if you wake up too frequently at night to get a resting temperature. What I do is I take my temp when I wake up around 3am, by that point I've been sleeping for at least 3 hours, that's all you need to take a resting temp...3 hours. And even if you don't get at least 3 consecutive hours it's still better than nothing. Your temp should change drastically enough when you ovulate that it should show up regardless of erratic temperatures. That was the only thing I did differently this month and it made all the difference for me. Plus if you're waking every night then it kind of cancels out the fact that it's not a resting temperature because it's your normal temp in that you're always waking. Does that make sense? Start today! That way you can figure out if it's that you have a short L phase or what.


irregularfrustration - December 13

That does make sense - I am going to buy a BBT today...though, quick question, where do they sell them?


InfertilitySucks - December 13

you can find them on any of the isles where the family planning sections are at your Targets, Wal-Marts, CVS, Walgreens, etc...



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