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Laceyandsamsmamma - February 6

So ok I used clomid this month 5 days like I was suppose to and my question is how long after last pill do you ovulate? Is it 10 days? I think I had my chart wrong cuz it had me oing after 2 and i dont think that is possible. I changed it to what I think it should be please some one look and tell me if that is right?


dizoney - February 6

Usually, you would ovulate 5-10 days after the last pill is taken. This cycle i had almost every O sign on CD5 and 6, but no positie opk. I know that your body can have O signs for a week or so before actually Oing, But if you are like me, you won't O at all! Goodluck


staci - February 6

Like dizoney said, 5-10 days. Some dr's say 5-9, 6-10 so i would say 5-10. It may be possible that you did O that early, weird things happen all of the time! I wouldn't change your chart, wait and see what the next few days bring, it may change itself. going to look at your chart now....ok from what it looks like i can see why ff chose that day, but it looks to me that you could have possibly o'd around cd 17 which would make you 12dpo. If your temps stay the way they are for a few more day go ahead and test again, say saturday. or if you are a poas-aholic you can try on thurs or friday. good luck! You will get more responses soon! i am not a chart expert by any means, just charted for a year and was on clomid for 5months. There are many "chart experts" on here that will be more than willing to help as soo as they can. in the mean time keep bumping your thread up so they will see it. (just write bump and submit and it will take your Q to the top)


Laceyandsamsmamma - February 6

bumpity bump bump


staci - February 6

Sorry if i didn't help any! But wanted to let you know that the thread i am on are all ex clomid or clomid users and they may be able to help also, wouldn't hurt to get more insite. It is the moms2b thread, you are more than welcome to come on and ask your Q there.....


hapistuff - February 7

Laceyandsamsmamma - How come you are not doing an HCG Trigger shot to induce ovulation along with taking the Clomid? Once you give yourself the shot you ovulate in like 36 hours or something like that. I did this and liked it better because I knew exactly when I was ovulating. GL


Laceyandsamsmamma - February 7

because mine isnt prescribed but i am going to ask the doc tommarro to prescribe some so I dont have to buy it over the internet and I can be monitored


LIN - February 7

When my doc increased my dose from 50 mg to 100 mg, I ovulated on cd 5 (I've since moved on to injectables)! I'd only taken 2 pills at that point (cd 3-7). While most women don't ovulate until up to 10 days after their pills, it's definitely possible to ovulate sooner. By the way, it's just plain *STUPID* to take Clomid without being under a doctor's supervision.



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