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Corrie - November 17

Since all of us TTC's constantly stress and obsess...I think it would be cool if you all could recap your symptoms and what DPO you got your BFP, how long you were ttc, and if you used anything such as clomid or temping... So many of us are all in different threads and I think (I may be alone in this thought) if you all list everything in one thread for us, it would be cool. Thoughts? Its just an idea. I know I LOVE reading people's success stories!


Tarianna - November 17

I guess I will be the first to respond! I am a mother of 3, so I have lots of stories.... actually I conceived my first while on bc, but I took a test the second day of my second pack, because af hadn't come and it was then I took another right at 1 week later and it was completely positive. I hadn't noticed any signs of anything, just a missed period, (plus I was only 19, not planning it and had np clue what was going on with me) My second child, my daughter I I was ttc 3 months, but things happened the first two that prevented us from bd'ing around o time, so technically our first month trying...and I was sick, headaches, name it, I took a test the day af was due with a dollar tree test, it took the test every bit of the 10 minutes to come up, so I thought itwas negative, next day 15 dpo it was positive but it toko about 7 minutes.. but just a pencil thin line, not even pink. So I knew I was on 17 dpo I took anoter one, and wrapped it in a box and gave it to dh for christmas. :) Baby #3, didn't plan him but the month we conceived, I remember not usring protection just ONE time, didn't think nothing of it, af came about 12-13 dpo, was fairly light lasted 6 days...took a test about a week later and it was positive! BARELY, so I went to the dr about a week after that and i was just a couple days away from being 8 weeks I was surprised! VERY surprised! Cause I had af and everything, but the reason I took a test, was because I felt the whole headache/tired thing I felt with my second pregnancy and I knew, I was! That's all my symptoms were though....just extreme tirednes. Right now I am dpo and I am super tired. I want to konk out. I took a test today BFN, what is wrong with me, I knew it would be negative. LOL!


EricaG - November 17

I seem to be one of those "Fertile Myrtles". I have one child and one on the way. I'll start with my daughter. I went off birth control in september and started trying in November. I had 28 day cycles so I knew that I O'd on day 14. My first day of my last period was November 1st so my dh and I BD'd on the 12th, 13th, 14th, and 15th. If your wondering we used missionary position and I kept my legs in the air for 15 minutes afterwards and I did have an O. I started having symptoms pretty soon after. They started about on the 22nd. I was extremely emotional, VERY dizzy and my b___bs grew so fast that it gave me stretch marks, just in a matter of days. I know then that I was pregnant but I waited to test. I tested for the first time on the 27th, (13 dpo) one day before my period was due, and it was a very dark positive. And now I have a beautfiful 16 month old daughter. With this one it was a bit of a different story, lol. I didn't have a period for a year after I had my daughter, because of b___stfeeding. I got my first period ON my daughter's birthday, July 19th. It was really heavy and lasted like 10 days. Then I didn't have another one until August 21st, so it was a 32 day cycle. So I started my period on August 21st, well, fastforward 13 days later to September 3rd. My dh and I are getting frisky and we realize that we have no condom (I am not on BCP) He says he will just pull out. So we do the deed and at the end dh doesn't pull out. Oh well, I wouldn't mind another baby. But as soon as s_x is over I get up and go pee and don't try to keep the little buggers trapped in there. The next day I discover egg white cervical music and at a doctor's appointment my temp is 99.3. I realize that I am ovulating. So I know I'm on the 2 weeks wait. I'm just so excited that I test on the 13th (9 dpo) and get a BFN. The next day I start getting nauseous and really sensitive to smell. I decide to wait one more day and test again. So I test on the 15th (11 dpo) and get a BFP. Well, I tried to be pretty specific just in case it helps anybody. I think it really depends on the indidual's body. I have no idea why I conceive so easily.


jennifer_33106 - November 17

Hey Corrie! Ill post mine here too. We were ttc for over a year before I went to see my OBGYN. He was very optimistic and put me on the clomid challenge right away. They had also initially tested me for a culture infection. They do it the same way they do a pap smear. It turns out I had an infection that bascially made my "Area" Hostile to sperm so no little guys were getting through. They said that it most likely due to Tampon use and that anyone who is actively TTC should not use tampons. Anyways, I started my first round of clomid last May. I took them cd's 5-9 along with a 7 day antibiotic for that infection. I had my blood drawn to check my progesterone levels on the 3rd, 10th, and 20th Cd's I think. I Ovulated on the 14th CD. My BB's were sore since I ovulated and the soreness just never went away. I had a bit of bleeding on my 6th or 7th CD. I had to pee constantly and I remember drinking half a beer and feeling like I was suffering from a hangover. I was a smoker and smoking turned me off. The best sign I had though was that BDing hurt for me. It felt like I was either too small or DH was too big. I had tested positive on my 11th CD I wanna say. I had like 10 BFP's and when I went to the doctor, they had me take a test and it was negative. BUT when they had checked my progesterone levels on the 20th CD they were at a 19. Normal Range is under 10 and anything over that is usually an indicator of pregnancy or that you released more then one egg. So my doctor told me he was sure I was pregnant and went ahead and sent me for hte blood test which of course came back positive. I was only on clomid for one month taking 100mg a day. I probably didnt need the clomid because of that infection and it got cleared up. I took it anyways and well yeah. Here I am 26 weeks pgt and due in Feb. Thats my story. haha


poechrisk - November 17

Hey Jennifer, I've been experiencing the same pain when dh and I bd. I thought I was going crazy! I'm 12 dpo, how many dpo were you when the pain started? Thanks to all you ladies for sharing your stories, also thank you Corrie for thinking of this thread!


sashasmama - November 17

Hello all! I am currently 6 weeks prego with our second child. I was on BC for maybe a year of my life, then dh and I desided to use natural planning. No need to temp., because my cycles are exactly 28 days and I got to where I could feel when I ovulated. So that's how we got prego the first time - dh wouldn't leave me alone. The pregnancy was perfect, not many symtoms (which now I see as a sign that something is wrong) and a natural delivery. Then we started trying again when dd was 1. I got pregnant, then miscarried at 6 weeks on Easter day this past spring, then we waited 4 months, I got prego again in august and the miscarried AGAIN in early sept. Both of those pregnancies I got a BFP about 11-12 days PO, and it was a very very faint positive. The symptoms lasted about a week to two weeks and then vanished and then the miscarriage followed. I also tested again a week after my AF was due both times and the line wouldn't get darker. So now I'm prego again after only waiting one cycle. I didn't test, because I didn't think I was prego, didn't have any symptoms, but at about 11 DPO I got nausea in the morning, and I never get that was a definite "yes", I tested the next day and got a BFP, not as faint as previous ones, but still not very dark. So now I'm 6 weeks, still have my symptoms (Thank God!) - nausea, constipation, fatigue, gas, bloating, food aversions (everything seems so nasty) and frequent trips to the bathroom. Oh, I forgot to mention that a few days after I ovulated I started getting constipated, but didn't think much of it, I was just frustrated and thinking "I never have these problems! Maybe I'm getting old...". Another thing that I noticed with this pregnancy is that I cannot sleep very well, keep waking up and I was also super super thirsty, but now that's easing up.


sashasmama - November 17

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that after the second miscarriage I went in to my obgyn for the testing (almost $3,000 worth!) and they found out that I have a blood clotting disorder - Factor V Leiden, so now I take baby aspirin every day.


jennifer_33106 - November 17

Hey poechrisk, I was if I remember right about 5-6 dpo. I have heard from alot of women that it happened with them as well. It honestly felt like I was too small. Have you tested yet?


mjvdec01 - November 17

With my first child I was blissfully ignorant, I just got an opk and had s_x the day it said positive, skipped a day and had s_x again the next, then I waited, and eventually got my positive. I don't even know what cd it was or anything. Today I am exactly 4 weeks. I have 26-28 day cycles and got my bfp at 12dpo, but I think if I would have tested at 11dpo it would have been positive too, the line was pretty dark. Anyway, I ovulated on nov. 3rd. Hubby and I bd'ed on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. each about 24 hrs apart. At 9 dpo I started noticing very mild, almost un noticable cramping and over the next two days it got worse. At 11dpo I had a feeling something was up, the cramping would act up if I was active, then when I sat down or layed on the couch it would completely stop. I had tested the day before and it was negative, I used a $ store cheapie. I didn't even think of testing, I was afraid of another negative, so I just let it go. That night I had the worst insomnia ever. I think I got about an hour of sleep, couldn't get comfortable, and the cramping was noticable, but ver very slight and not at all like af was coming. I was just calm about it because I felt at that point that I just knew. Sure enough, I finally got out of bed to to pee at 4:45am and got a very definite positive. Oh, this was our third month ttc, and the previous two I could have sworn something was up but turned out that it was just severe bcp withdrawls. I had no idea that could happen, and the symptoms are identical to pregnancy symptoms, everything from headaches to cramping to nausea to what feels like round lagament pain. That's what happened to me. Oh almost forgot, when I checked cp at 9dpo it was very high, soft (almost squish) and closed, it remained like all the was through. Hope this gives someone hope. :}


poechrisk - November 17

Hey Jenn, yes, I tested yesterday but got a bfn. I'm going to test again this monday at 14 dpo, but Af isn't due for me until Nov. 22. Thanks so much!


jennifer_33106 - November 17

Hey poechrisk, How long is your LP? The average falls inbetween 10-16 days usually. Are you charting?


poechrisk - November 17

I have a long LP, on average 17 days. But there's a little confusion this month. Dh and I took a break this month and I didn't chart at all. I'm just a__suming I O'd on the 5, because that's the usual lp for me. But my symptoms have been so wacky I'm wondering if I o'd later... I just don't know what to think this month.


Corrie - November 18

Awesome Posts, Ladies!! Now, I know there is more out there...Let's hear it! :)


jennifer_33106 - November 18

poechrisk, Since you were not charting and dont know exactly when you O'd its hard to tell how many dpo you are. You may have tested to early!! I hope you get a BFP!!! The only time I have heard about s_x hurting from that tight feeling is when a BFP is involoved. If you are not then I would ask about that! GL hun!


heatherjene - November 19

Hi Ladies - Here goes my story - I am 27 years old and had been on BC pills for 10 years straight, up until this past year I had not wanted kids at all. Well, I met my wonderful man and that all changed, so I went off the pill in April '07. I didn't get my period for like 3 months, and I really started thinking something was wrong with me. I had also battled anorexia for 5 years before and I honestly thought I had screwed my body up so bad that I wouldn't be able to have children. I worried all the time and talked to my DR. about it, he said he thought I would be just fine, and give my body a little time to adjust without the pill. I finally got AF in August and was relieved that I was normal again. My boyfriend and I always have s_x about 5-6x a week, we can't keep our hands off each other!! So, I started my period about 5 days early in October, but had no cramps or any other PMS symptoms. It was kinda light and I was burning up hot all the time - not like me at all. By wednesday I was still bleeding a little, but had a weird feeling so I took a PG test and BAM! ++++ The test was positive right away, I was pretty surprised but went and bought another one to be sure and it was ++++ too! I still bled for 4 more days. then it suddenly stopped. I am 7 weeks PG now, and I thank God everyday, and pray to keep my baby healthy. I also realized the body is an amazing thing- I have tortured, and starved mine for years, and yet now I am strong enough to carrry a life inside of me. I am very proud of my body for not giving up on me. Good luck to all you girls, and never give up on yourself.


Corrie - November 19

wow,Heather, Great story! To all of you ladies who have posted so far, thank you so much! Reading the success you all have, helps me (and I know others) get through the 2ww! Thanks sooo Much!!


jennifer_33106 - November 19

Corrie... have you tested yet!!??



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