ATTN Grandpa Viv Ovarian Cyst Anyone

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CUTIE - February 17

I am 21, have been married for 6 month, and 6 month ago I lost my virginity. Have a great husband and trying to concieve for about 3 month, but I've got a little problem here: I missed my NOV. menses, December came and they were little longer than usual and at the end I had a huge blood clot and no more period... In January, I first started spotting with pinkish/brownish and then it went to period but much, much less than my regular period and of course with blood clots, especially when I sit on the toilet. 4 Days after period "abnormal I should say" I started bleeding, not much but 3 huge clots came... I am sooooo mad and frustrated. I Thought first that it was implantation bleeding, then I thought it was a miscarriage, and today I've seen a doctor, and she said that she saw an ovarian cyst on my left ovary.She wanted to insert speculum but I was too scared because it started hurting, so she didnt.... I did a blood test and now waiting for results. She also sent me for a good ultrasound at Radiollogy, but because I am waiting for my insurance, I can not pay $1300 for ultrasound... I have to wait until March first. Please someone, do you know anything about ovarian cyst? All the info would be very helpful. I am just freaking out, because I want to concieve and my menses are sooo messed up and I have spotting....... SO TIRED OF THIS..... Grandpa Viv what can you say? Thank you so much. I'll keep ya posted. :)


Cutie - February 17

Someone, Please answer!!!!! Sorry for the long post... :)


Alexis - February 17

Hi, I' ve had two ovarian cyst 2 in a 4 month interval that was a while back. They are not all that bad they hurt off and on and go away with time. I did notice that when I a__sume the cyst was pa__sing my period was very heavy, I mean very heavy. So I would not worry too much it will go away and usually they will but you on BC to help regulate you.


Cutie - February 17

Alexis, thanks a lot!!! Everyone else PLEASE.... I feel so bad physically and emotionally


MandyD - February 17

Cutie - my sister had ovarian cysts for 4 years, and was put on BC at a young age to help regulate her cycles. They went away after a while, and 6 months after she started ttc, she got pregnant! No, I'm the regular one, and I've been ttc for 7 months! Go figure!! : ) You'll be fine! Good luck!


Cutie - February 17

Thank you so much Mandy. Good luck to you on concieving a healthy baby. Its hard emotionally isnt it? The thought of getting pregnant just drives me crazy. Does it do same for you ladies? Maybe I am just one of a kind! LOL :) God bless.


Grandpa Viv - February 18

I'm glad you asked about the cost of the ultrasound! Try (no hyphens) for some background information on cysts.


j - February 18

To Cutie, You should try an ultrasound clinic,they usually do them for alot cheaper,I had one done and it only cost 25 dollars,plus ask planned parenthood they usually have the numbers.Hope this helps u good luck ttc...


me - February 18

yes! if you go through planned parenthood & they refer you, you will get a significant discount. mine wasnt as low as $25, it was about $200. Ive had quite a few cysts with one ruptured. they will normally just put you on BC to decrease them. This helped me significantly!! even if you cant afford the ultra right now, if the doc really suspects cysts, maybe you should go on BC for 6 months just to be safe & shrink them. They put me on them even before the ultrasound, just as a precaution. hope this helps. good luck!!


Kylie - February 18

Hi sorry but whats BC? and ttc?


MandyD - February 18

BC is birth control, TTC is trying to conceive...took me a while to catch onto some of the abbrev. here...but if you read enough, you'll figure them out. : )


Cutie - February 18

Thank You everyone! Just a little tricky question... If they put me on BC, how soon will I be able TTC? I hope you understand what I mean.


MandyD - February 18

Cutie - I think you'll be fine. Especially if there is only one's most likely a very small one too. It should take no time at all for it to go away...(uninformed) guess - 6 months (at the most). Then, everyone is different as far as how long it takes them to conceive after stopping bc. My sister was off for 6 months before she got pregnant, which isn't that long. Good luck again! Keep us posted on how the ultrasound goes!


Ana - February 18

Hi! I hope you'll be ok. There are basicly two types of cysts. Ones filled with fluid and endometric, filled with endometrium. A lot of women have cysts filled with fluid and they sometimes go away, or your doctor prescribes either birth control for 2 months or so, or you can take progesteron pill only (if you don't want BC) in the second phase of your cycle. Endometric cysts are more serious, they need to be monitored and controlled with medication. Still my friend had severe case of endometriosis, and she was treated and now she is a mother of 2. Good luck.


Michelle - February 19

Cutie: I posted on the preg test board but saw your post- I had 3 -hpt's and - urine at the dr's. I have the usual preg signs, but he is going to test me via pelvic ultrasound for ovarian cysts. Try not to worry, some cysts are a natural thing for us to go through, sometimes we have them and don't realize it, and may wonder why this period is a bit more painful than others, but it is just working it's way out, and that is ok. BUT, some cysts do warrant concern (severe pain, nauseau, vomiting, fever) and that is good you are seeing your Dr, esp since you are trying to conceive. Please, try not to be anxious, I too need to wait until March 1st, for my ultrasound, so maybe we can keep each other posted. Did you know they can do an ultrasound transv____ally, and it shouldn't hurt at all... But check out on the internet for more info on ovarian cysts and if you need an ear, I will listen!


Cutie - February 23

Thank You Michelle, I am so tired of this issue... I just can not stand it anymore. I am still bleeding little by little every day with blood clots, bloating, fatigue....... Dont know what to do and what to think. I would go to the ER, but that would cost me SOOOO much. They are so expencive so I am trying to wait until March-I will have my insurance and get checked out. I am afraid to have anemia, because I am bleeding for so long. I am sorry, but what does "transv____aly" mean ? Is it when they input this stick into the v____a(sorry) and see whats going inside via ultrasound? When the doc. wanted to do the pelvic exam, she couldnt because I was too scared it would hurt and my muscles were so tight that she was not able to insert the speculum. This was my first visit to the doctor , any doctor in my whole life. Can u believe it? Pretty scary especially the GYN doctor.... I am also scared because sometimes when my husband comes in during intercourse I have such a pain.... I guess thats why I was scared to death. Thank you so much for sharing with me :) about your experience. Was it scary for you to see GYN for the first time? Are you TTC. Talk to you later, Cutie



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