Awaiting Results Need Baby Dust

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angel_girl - February 2

I am waiting to hear the results of my blood test. I have two very long hours! Everyone keep your fingers crossed!!


jb - February 2

good luck to you !!!!! hope everything works out for you....lots of baby dust to you....make sure you let us know !!!!!


Shelly - February 2

Good luck and LOTS of Baby Dust :)


angel_girl - February 2

Well, the Dr.s office just called and the test came back negative. But she said that since it has only been 3 weeks that I should wait a week or two and then retest. This is driving me crazy. I have ALL the symptoms. I am going nutty. LOL Thank you for letting me vent!


tiffani - February 2

Sorry angel_girl. Maybe when you retest you'll get the BFP you're looking for. I've seen a lot of posts on here with negative blood tests when they were actually pregnant. Let's hope that's your case. ************Baby Dust************Baby Dust**************Baby Dust**************


Amy - February 2

~~BABY DUST~~ BABY DUST~~~ BABY DUST~~~ Good luck to you


angel_girl - February 2

Thank you much. I knew I could count on the women here to make me feel better!


ekay - February 2

Hey Angel_Girl, did they do a Quant_tative or Qualitative test. That might have something to do with your negative results too. Load and Loads of Baby Dust comin' your way! :)


angel_girl - February 2

What is the difference ekay?


~m~ - February 3

Quant_tative gives you an exact amount of hcg --- i.e 1mIU, or 8mIU, etc. Qualitative only gives you a positive or a negative. And I think it is up to the clinic/lab to decide what the cutoff is. For example, if their cutoff is 20, and your count is 19... then there is a GREAT chance you are pregnant, however, the test will say negative because you aren't at 20. Know what I mean? You need qualitative! That way you'll know your count.


~m~ - February 3

Oh, and best of luck to you!!!!


Tara - February 3



angel_girl - February 3

I am going to wait and get another blood test in two weeks. That will put me about a week late, provided no af. I think I will get it done even if af comes to visit! This waiting is driving me nuts. LOL Im sure, in my own body, that I am pregnant. Just waiting for the confirmation. Durn it anyway. LOL Thanks for all the info and support, you guys are great!


ekay - February 3

You need a quant_tative NOT a qualitative test. I think that is what ~m~ meant. Good Luck.



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