Babies Heartbeat

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Nina - April 6

I recently had my sono at 10 weeks of pregnancy, and the doctor was unable to find a heartbeat. thier doing test to check my hormone levels. Is there any hope?.


Alison - April 7

Nina I always like to think there is still hope until the doctors say for definate the pregnancy is lost, however I think no heartbeat at 10 weeks does not imply good news. I am so very sorry. We lost our first when no heartbeat was found at 9 weeks. I am thinking of you xx


oh nina - April 7

i'm sorry. my prayers are with you.


kim - April 8

There is always hope. Even if you lose this baby always have faith. A sonogram at 10 weeks is pretty reliable, but there have been women that were told the same thing and gone on to have healthy pregnancy. Best of luck to you.


AMANDA - May 10



jo jo - May 10

with my first i was told at 11 weeks no heartbeat went for a 2nd opinon i knew there were wrong the new dr took me at 14 weeks was my apt and i heard the heart beat so there is always hope good luck to you


pregnant with bump - May 11

Hi Nena... Just read your post and wanted to say that over here in the UK our midwifes don't even attempt to listen for a heartbeat until at least 14 weeks as the chances of hearing it are remote. Try not to worry I'm sure it will all be fine.


louise - May 15

its very difficult to find the heartbeat of a 10 week old foetus because its such a quiet noise. just because they cant hear it doesnt mean its not there, dont stress over it because it will cause more damamge then its worth and keep your chin up, doctors should worry you like that!


Natalie - May 15

I think there still is hope. Ine some woman the uterus is tilted and a heartbeat is hard to find. Demand and ultrasound. I would never have a DNC without and ultrasound! A DNC is also not always nessissary, its a choice. At 12 weeks along in my first pregnancy there was no heartbeat and I had an ultrasound and found out the baby was gone...and I had no idea because the dr had given me hope. Goodluck


Eliana - May 29

I went for my sono on thursday 10 weeks and they told me that the baby has no heartbeat. The doctor wants me to go back in a week for another sono. Why a week? I just wanted it over with. He told me that the babies heart stopped and it died. How devistated do you imagine I am right now waiting for the week to be over


holly - May 29

Don't lose hope yet. My baby loved to move all over. It took them over 15 min to find her. Once the would she would move again. Sometimes they are just too small or very active, so be patient until you know for sure. Good Luck!


NOONE - May 29

Chances are your baby is fine, no heartbeat at 1`0 weeks is insignificant unless they heard it before, but i highly doubt that. It is irregular to even listen for a heartbeat at only 10 weeks. Don't get disappointed because of that.


tiffany - May 31

the baby is small at 10 weeks and is hard to find the heart beat they couldnt find the babys heart beat on me when i was 10 weeks but now i am 13 weeks and they where able to hear and find the babys heart beat just fine. dont worry its hard to find it early cause of how small the baby is


Desiree - June 11

Have an untrasound. My doctor did not find a heartbeat at 10 weeks. Then at the ultrasound I was able to see it beating. The tech told me the babies heart was beating 130 and it was good and strong!!!


sheena - June 30

hi nina, i am 11 weeks pregnant right now and my first check up was when i was 9 weeks. the docter told me there was no heartbeat and my baby wasnt moving, just a whole bunch of mess it sounded to me. but i am going tomorrow july 1 for a second oponion and still am smiling as if it was the day i found out i was pregnant. hope it for the hopeless, you have to be a strong person and not listen to them and i know a week right now seemes like a lifetime but its not, you have to think the best always. remember if god wants you to have a baby he will let it happen, it is his child and it is just the devil comming to you to make you think bad things. keep your head up and smile, your baby inside you wants you to smile dont ya think.


Mica - June 30

Ladies: It sounds like she DID have an unltrasound. Some people call it a sonogram. It sounds like you ladies are thinking the doctor only checked with a doppler to HEAR the heartbeat. An ultrasound (or sonogram) HEARS and SEES if the heart is beating. SORRY for the news, Nina. Wait and see what the doc sees at the next appointment. best to you!!!!!!



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