Baby Born 23 Weeks

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sammie - October 3

hi my baby girl was born 23 wks prem one yr ago.. i have been having s_x and have symptoms of preg but test are neg... my br___t milk compleatly dried up but know i have enough milk to feed an army... period is late.. has any one eles experianced this and why...


Baby Sox - October 3

It sounds like pregnancy to me!


Tanya - October 3

Hi Sammie. How late are you? I am TTC again after my 3rd pregnancy ended in miscarriage at 17 weeks just 2 months ago. My milk hasn't completely dried up yet, but with my 2nd child I never got a positive HPT. I had also had light bleeding so never expected my period to be late. But when other symptoms started, I felt like I was so I called my doctor. I was 10 weeks per a positive blood test. If you are normally regular, you might want to call your doctor. For some reason, some of us don't get an HPT + with some pregnancies.


Holly - October 3

Tanya, I noticed your answer and I have a question for you. I am very irregular, but have been pg 9 times, 6 living, 3 in heaven due to m/c. I feel pg. I had 1 digital say pregnant and 6 other (including the 2nd test from the kit) say neg. Blood test said neg. Symptoms are getting more severe. I wake up in the middle of night to pee, strong appet_te, gas, no nausea yet, but sore swollen b___sts, already had the crampy feeling like was going to start but never did. CM is white creamy x 2 weeks now, (run to the bathroom because I think I'm bleeding sometimes) Cervix is high and closed. Sorry this is long, but I feel crazy. I am not looking to get pg, I feel blessed as it is, but I would still be happy. So, when the sympt. showed up, I was scared. (I'm not trying to make the sympt. into being pg.) Anyway, from your statement, how long before the blood showed up +? You said 10 wks, but where you tested before that with a bld? Please answer, I am making myself nuts...! Thanks.


keekee - October 3

Holly and Sammie, I also didn't get a postive pregnancy test with my last pregnancy. Sadly it ended with M/C. I would ask for a ultrasound. Ultrasound is normally never wrong if you have a qualified tech. Good luck ladies.......Tanya, I'm so sorry to hear about your lost. You will be blessed with another child soon. Stay positive and Remember your little angel is now watching over you & your family in Heaven. ((hugs))



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