Baby Bound Last Chance For A 2006 Baby

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twotimesthecharm - March 23

Hello everyone, is there anyone out there hoping to close out this year with a beautiful baby. I would love to have the company. I am on CD8 coming off a chemical pregnancy and hoping that I can get a BFP this cycle that sticks. If I ovulate this cycle I would expect it sometime late next week around 03/29-31. My expected due will be 12/24 Christmas Eve which is my father's birthday, How special. Come in and join if you have the hope of a BFP this cycle and a December baby!


twotimesthecharm - March 24

Just checking in. On CD8 1st day reading high on CBFM. Are there any takers for a Last chance -Baby Bound 2006.


LN030905 - March 24

Hey twotimes!! This is my last chance to get preg for two months! Dh works in a health clinic and sees the wear ttc takes on a we agreed when we began ttc that we would take a break if I wasnt preg by end of april. kinda sucks, but I try to look at it as avoiding jan and feb bday bcause almost all of dh's family has bdays then! lol..a dec baby would be wonderful! dec is by far my fav month and my bday is the 30th. Im not really 100% sure where Im at in my cycle. Af was due sometime between yesterday and, I think, Tuesday. No sign of her yet but I dont feel like this is my month...wish she would come already, so we can get on with April's cycle!


Hopeful Mommy - March 24

Good morning ladies. I have a QUESTION. Please help. OK, my last MP was Feb 10th. Then I took a preggo test on March 14th and got a BFN. I havent taked one sense then. On the 20th of March I had a little spotting and also on the 21st and 22nd as well. But the spotting was like tiny tiny amount on tampon from the whole day. Like not even a teaspoon amount each day for 3 days. Now nothing yesterday or today. USUALLY my periods are VERY heavey for a full 7 days. I wouldn't even consider that to be a period what I just had, but I don't know. I never got any cramps (which I usually do) and my bbs arnt sore and never got sore so Im all kinds of confused, does anyone have any insite on this?


twotimesthecharm - March 24

Hey LN, welcome and it's nice to hear from you. I really hope that you are preggo this cycle. I remember when I was preggo I didn't feel like it was my month and indeed I was preggo. If not this month then I am definitely hopeful that we will be on the preggo bedwagon this cycle. Sending baby dust your way!!!! Hopeful Mommy, welcome I would definitely take another test. You could have been experiencing implantation bleeding. I had a friend on another post to spot for 3 days, similiar to what you post and she ended with a BFP. It is not always 1 day of spotting like some people state. It can be 1 day but also can extend to 2-3 days per my OB/Infertility Doc. I was also told that it can take it can take 1-2 days for the egg to burrow completely into the uterine lining. I really hope that this information is helpful. Keep us posted. I would like to hear about the outcome. Sending baby dust and sticky vibes your way!


tish - March 24

i am most definately hoping for a 2006 baby myself. i am 14 days late and on day and on day 45 of cycle if this is a cycle. bfn as of yesterday, and am taking a blood test on thursday. keeping my fingers crossed for myself and for all of you.


Jill7 - March 24

Hi twotmesthecharm. I am currently cd5, my last round of clomid. Have had two previous mc, may 05 and jan06. I just put in my expected due date if I got pg this cycle and it would be 12/24 also. It is starting to get depressing and the doctors said that if it didn't work out this cycle, than they wanted to send me to a RE. I truly do hope this is our month and I will keep you all in my prayers. I have really long af, so I most likley wont o till 4/4, usually don't o till cd18 or 19...even on the clomid.


Amber #2 - March 24

Hey ladies! I just did a due date estimation for it I get pregnant this cycle and guess what the due date would be??? 12/25/2006! Pretty crazy huh? Not sure if I want to have a Christmas baby, b/c the holidays would be really hectic but it sure would be the best gift I could ever have! My mom's b-day is 12/27 and she never liked it b/c she felt like she got jipped for her b-day since it was so close to Christmas! My mother-n-law's is 12/16 and she says that same thing. Well, I know I would make even that more much of a big deal out of my little one's birthday just to make sure that they didn't feel that way! Anyways, just thought I would share!


southern_starr19 - March 25

Hi girls! I would like to join in on this! I am hoping it will happen this month...the 2nd month of ttc. I checked out what my due date would be and it said my due date would be December 7. I should know by April 6 or so whether it happened this time or not. We'll see! Good luck girls and loads of baby dust!


twotimesthecharm - March 26

Hello everyone, LN, did you test yet? HopefulMommy, did you test again? Sending so more baby dust. Welcome, Tish, Jill, Amber, and SouthernStar. Glad to have all of you aboard. Tish I hope you get that BFP Blood test next week, keep us posted. Jill, I know what you mean, I was taking Clomid for 6 cycles, and had 1 chemical pregnancy while on it. I have been meds free since December and my ovulation has changed from CD17-21 on Clomid to CD12-14, and my cycles went from 33-35 days to 28-30 days cycles. I suppose to see a RE in April so I will see if I am not preggo. Amber, I feel you on the robbed birthdays, but I will take that BFP anyway. LOL Here's to hoping. Southern Star, I hoping that you get that BFP soon. Come on BFPPPP!!!!!!!!


JENZEY - March 26

Hi everyone, I wanted to jump in on this one. I am cd5 & on my 2nd round of clomid. I am hoping this will be my month because if I get my bfp I will be due 12/27. goodluck & babydust to everyone=}


gem - March 26

hi southern-star i am also hoping for a BFP around april 6th!!!


southern_starr19 - March 26

Hi everyone! Well gem I sure hope we both get our bfp's on the 6th! This would be about the time you would be bd'ing then right? We did last night and the nights before. But just in case I am off on my ovulation predictions we will continue to tonight and the next few nights. I'm not complaining! So I have done two different pregnancy calculators and one said my due date (if I got pregnant this month) would be December 7th and one said it would be December 15th. I guess just somewhere in that time frame. Anyways, good luck girls! Have fun bd'ing and let us all know anything new happening! TONS OF BABY DUST!


gem - March 26

hi southern-star, no i thought my ovulation would be around 19th? as last period started on the 5th? Oh, my cylces are longer than 28 days, about 31 days.


twotimesthecharm - March 28

Hi just wanted to check in. How is everyone doing? Any new updates? Well I am just taking it one day at a time. I was thinking of really trying the supplements instead of the suppositories, but they told me the supplements causes more symptoms than the suppositories. So I am just waiting for the egg to mature. I went to the doc on yesterday and he informed me that it looks like my dominant follicle is on the right side, yippee because that is where my open tube is. I have been having a lot of pain and discomfort this past week. Oh well, here's to hoping. It's a little crazy this week since my husband it working nights. I have to wait until he gets home in the morning. I know that he is tired, but he has been holding up his end. LOL


Jill7 - March 28



Hopeful Mommy - March 28

Good morning ladies, CD 9 for me and still counting. How is everyone doing in here today? ******Heres to all, Lots Of Baby Dust *******



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