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RWALTON - October 10

Hi all, I'm new here and I was wanting to know from mommies and mommy to be's :) I have a lump, well kind of like a ball protruding from my pubic bone, up....It rounds a bit and is sort of hard. I took a HPT las FRIDAY and within the timeframe a very hair thin LINE came up in BLUE DYE!!! At first, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, but I asked my hubby if he could see it and he said YES!!!! Just curious, when pregnant can you feel your bladder JUST above your pelvis? (like a hard muscle) ALL help welcomed and appreciated!! Thanks Ladies!!!


sadiejai - October 10

Well congrats on ur BFP....Im pregnant right now but I cant feel a lump of any sort above my pubic bone. Does it hurt at all?


RWALTON - October 10

Thx!!! It does not hurt, but you can't help but to touch it! How many weeks are you?? I have yet to confirm, but I'm sooo hoping THIS IS IT!!!! How are you feeling????


sadiejai - October 10

Iam 5-6 weeks. I have an ultrasound in a week. Im feeling great. Sore bbs and slight cramping and nausea but nothing major so im lucky thus far. I hope u get ur BFP. Keep me posted. When are u testing?


sunshine7610 - October 10

Hi Rwalton, if you just found out you are pregnant and just missed your period, your uterus has not grown at all yet, so if you have a lump there, it's worth getting checked out by a dr. Basicly, the growing fetus is just cells at this stage and your uterus wouldn't be any different than before you were pregnant. Same as your bladder. If you couldn't see it before, you shouldn't see it now. Maybe it's a lymph node? Is it right in the middle or in the groin?


RWALTON - October 11

It's in the middle/up and I dnt know how far along i am, possibly 2-3 mo....i'm just sooo skeptical, i mean, it could very well be my bladder then again, I am a twin! Twin pregnancy maybe??? Thanx for answering guys, I truly need all the help I can get! I made an appt today for Oct. 28th to get this thing checked! It's something, I JUST KNOW IT!!!


^lucy^ - October 11

R, congrats on ur pregnancy!!! yay!!!! well, if u think ur 2-3 months pregnant and u have a lump, yes it could be either ur showing early and this is totally normal, OR, as u said u r having twins!!! my SIL was pregnant with twins and she started to SHOW she was pregnant by 3 months, ppl would know that, i didnt start to show until i was 6 months with my first dd,,, so pg ladies with twins ofcourse show much earlier even if it was ur first pg.. GL and hope u have a H&H 9 months!


krissy2006 - October 11

OK, so that bump your feeling. Not your bladders, not your baby and not twins because even though you uterus grows slightly quicker with twins it is still below your pubic bone. The bump you have is probably your distended intestines. When you get pregnant, even if you are not constipated, your intenstines swell in preparation for slower digestion. That is probably what you are feeling.


RWALTON - October 11

Thanks everyone for the encouragement and the advice! I truly appreciate it all....krissy2006, are you saying i can actually feel my intestines in that specific area???, that is AMazING!! :) I do, feel like a ridge though, so I guess you could be right! Thx hunnys!


sunshine7610 - October 13

You can't FEEL your intestines. Unless you have a hernia with the intestines protruding through it, you can't feel them. Even if your bowel does go through those changes during pregnancy it doesn't happen as soon as you get pregnant like a switch, it would be gradual. And it wouldn't be that pronounced that you would notice on the outside. How pregnant are you Rwalton? LMP? Is this lump like a golf ball size or something? I still think if it's like that, it should be checked out by a dr. If you are like 3 months along, then maybe it could be your uterus, but if not, I would ask your dr. about it.


annaky - October 16

i am 18 weeks and i can feel and see my uterus. so maybe you are much further along than you think.


Jezebel - October 17

of course you can feel your intestines. when the dr palpates your abdomen during a routine exam he is feeling for enlarged organs as well as gastric motility...the last time i went for a physical my dr told me specifically my stool feels too hard, drink more water. in addition, as a ma__sage therapist i palpate intestines as well to help alleviate constipation. where do you think your intestines are? wrapped in a stainless steel container? they are just under your abdominal muscles. even if you are rather large, if you wait for the patient/client to relax long enough you can palpate through adipose tissue (fat). if she were constipated, depending on the location of the bowel loop she could certainly feel it. i can, but then i am very thin.


sunshine7610 - October 18

Maybe YOU can feel bowel as a trained RMT who knows what to feel for, and yes dr's palpate abdomens and can feel organs and bowel and listen to bowel sounds but they are trained. Untrained regular people do not look down at their abdomen and say look at that lump, it must be my descending colon. Come on. It's not that obvious.


krissy2006 - October 18

Sunshine, why are you arguing? the point is that your intestines can swell and be felt and seen.. you said they can't... obviously rwalton didnt know what it was, but it is possible that its her intestines. stop arguing pointlessly.


sunshine7610 - October 18

Sorry guys, I'm not trying to argue, just give another opinion. I'm an ultrasound tech, and I see and scan pregnant woman ALL the time. I have never seen a loop of bowel sticking out making a bump on their abdomen (unless they have a hernia). I'm sure pregnant women can feel bloated due to their growing uterus and "swelling" of bowel as you say but a lump caused by a portion of bowel, I have never seen. Krissy, when you were pregant did you ever see a lump sticking out of your abdomen and think it was your bowel protruding?


Tisha DIAMOND - October 13

I feel something about the size of a grapefruit right above my hairline it's circular shape && hard could this b my uterus, it's my 3rd pregnancy?? Someone pls help twins do run on my husband's side his father has 2 sets && his grandma, his mother's mother has a set! Plz help ease my mind??


Tisha DIAMOND - October 13

I feel it standing up && wen lying down, plz someone help! 




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