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Alex - April 27

This thread is ideal for those ttc and would like some waiting friends. Please join in with the fun and tears. AF due on 14 May and it feels like months away!!!!!!!!!


Lydia - April 27

I am supposed to be getting af this friday...still alot of cm, nipple still sensitive, but everything else has kinda gone away...could i still have a chance....or is it too much hoping?


Alex-2 - April 27

So weird that there are two of us. AF is due for me on May 5th. I have been having slight twinges of pain in my bbs and cramps, but can't really tell if the cramps are real or because I've had ALOT of gas lately. I don't want to read too much into every little feeling that I am having because I end up being so disappointed. DH and I have been ttc for about 9mths without success, I guess god didn't think that we were ready yet! Anyway, lots of baby dust!!


stacey - April 27

thanks again Alex for starting it :) Alex-2 9 months, well hope this one is it for you :) Lydia- lots of cm and nipple sensitivity sounds hopeful! OK GIRLS I am so glad that I joined the game b/c after last month of absolutely thinking I had every pregnancy symptoms out there, and being mystified not to mention disappointed when af showed, I really want to take it with a grain of salt this month- so in other words help me stay sane!!! Of course, I'm really jumping the gun b/c I didn't even ovulate yet, but I am trying to get it in my head now :)


Maria - April 27

Thank you so much for all of your kind words, it really does mean a lot to me. I am doing a lot better today. My emotions seem to be like a rollercoaster. One minute I'm fine and the next in tears. I'm not giving up though, as soon as I get somewhat regulated again I want to continue trying. Does anyone know how long it usually takes to get back to normal?


amy w - April 27

hi ladies...i am to ttc, i am due for af on the 1st...i dont know if i am experiancing symptoms of pregnancy or PMS...just a lot more crabby lately, last night i signed up to be a pampered chef consultant, and it made me almost want to cry...what is that all about lol. so who knows i am just hoping that this is all of our month, so i will be keeping my fingers crossed for sure...maria, i am a__suming that by you asking how long does it take to become regular again that you have just miscarried ( i hope that i am not a__suming too much ) and my answer to that is it varies from person to person, i miscarried in november, and i had spotting off and on, and then what i think to be a regular period in december, and then from there i have been pretty regular, it seemed at the time like my body wasnt ever going to be normal again, and i a__sure you that it does, and now i cant believe that it is already may! i hope that helps you some what, and i am sorry to hear of your loss.


amy w - April 27

Oh yeah...i also meant to say that this is a great post alex thank you!


Alex - April 28

Amy - fingers crossed - hope your bbs start tingling and you get nauseus (all meant in the kindest way, of course!). Have you noticed any patterns in your PMS symptoms to help you? I consider myself lucky in that I don't suffer greatly from PMS so when I had lower ab twinges last month, I thought great - I must be pg - but then AF arrived...a day early too.


stacey - April 28

hey girls- how we all doing today? I am getting a little anxious for the big O day to come. On day 15, and my monitor has said fertile for 3 days now, waiting for it to say peak :) then I can start the other nerve wracking part of waiting :) Good luck all!!!!


amy w - April 28

hi alex...unfortunatly i dont really get too many pms symptoms either, so i never know if what i am experiancing is pms or pregnancy symptoms lol. i do however breakout usually a week before i get af, and i havent started to quite yet, so i hope that is a good sign :). can anyone tell me about ewcm, i am not quite sure what exactly that is, i was going to do a post about it, but i figured that i would just ask here.


stacey - April 28

ahhh, ewcm :) It's eggehite cervical mucus. Basically it looks like the raw white/clear part of an egg (white). It can be found usually on the toilet paper when you wipe- and can be stretched from 1-10 inches. It comes when you are ovulating. If you can't see it on the tp- you can do an internal look for it. Did that answer your question?


Liz - April 28

Hi all, I have a 7 year old daughter. I am 36 and ttc #2. I am (hopefully not) due for af on May 7th ish. I never really had any symptoms last time excepts for a weird feeling in my lower stomache. I think it's still too soon for me to have any symptoms. Baby dust to all!!!!


amy w - April 28

yes stacie that does help lol, however, can you still get it after you finish ovulating? i am not ovulating at this time, and see to be finding some discharge...with the same type of consistancy, do you have any ideas on what that could be? sorry if tmi, just curious lol.


b - April 28

bump it up


Alex - April 29

Amy - I am unsure too. Had ewcn a couple of days but seems to have gone, however, my temp is just beginning to rise - so I have no idea whats happening. Also, not feeling very well (sore throat etc) so I suppse that'll hinder my chances of getting pg this month :( Oh well, good luck all!


bump - April 30

just a little bump


Hanna - April 30

Hi everyone, how are you doing. It has been a while since I have posted.. I just needed some time off to get sane again. I spent all my days wondering and hoping and I felt I needed to go 'cold turkey' for a while. Stacey, I am still waiting for my big o day too. Today it is CD 16 for me and I am expecting it to come tomorrow. If it doesn't come it would be exceptionally late for me. Well, I am quite relaxed about it these days (good for me, ha?), so we'll just see. Anyway, I have promised myself I won't do any hpts until I have reached 18 dpo.. if I reach it, of course.. Good luck to you all!



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