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ALEX - April 17

AF due on 14 May so here is a new ttc thread for a new cycle. I'm on CD1 and would appreciate some company while I wait again. Hello Hanna, Stacey, Petra, Rose, Maria, Lindsey and any others that would like to join!


Emma - April 17

AF also due may 14th for me also....I hate starting this all over again


Alex - April 17

Hi there Emma - I know exactly how you feel and this is just my second month. Postive thoughts eh!


Hanna - April 17

Hi ladies! Starting again isn't exactly what I was hoping for, but I am sure glad that you're with me again! Good luck to us all! I like your t_tle 'Babydust and lots of it!', Alex. Very nice! I'm expecting af somewhere around may 13th.. I should say I am NOT expecting af of course.. (positive thinking, right Alex?)


stacey - April 17

well, according to my calculations (sigh) and my last cycle, I'm not expecting af until around May 19th- sucks having a long cycle. LOVE the new strand :) Thanks Alex :)


Natalie+dominic - April 17

hi, im expecting my new cycle to be about now (meaning as soon as AF shows up round about now, i will start my next cycle) i would love to join your thread if AF does show up this month. it will be my 9th month at ttc, so hope and fingers crossed. baby dust to you all!


stacey - April 17

Wow, N+D (sorry, shortened the name)- that's a long time. Have you tried anything to help ex- opk's, charting temps etc. Gone to a dr? WELCOME!


natalie and dominic - April 17

i find it difficult to get along with meds and a[[arently im all ok inside so its just a question of keep trying until you suceed. i think ill try specialist if we havent managed to concieve after a year. thanks for the welcome


Maria - April 17

Hi ladies, just checking in to see how everyone is doing. I like the new t_tle. Petra- I'm keeping my fingers crossed for some good news from you. Stacey- that period of your's does sound a little suspicious. I don't want to get your hopes up either though, I guess just wait and see how you are feeling in the next few days. I have a doctor's appt. on Thursday to confirm my pg. I want to tell everyone, but I am so scared b/c of my m/c. It's so hard to keep it to yourself. I did tell my mother though so everyone will already know before I tell them anyway. She cannot contain herself. It's pretty funny. Good luck to everyone this month, I'll continue to check in to see how you all are doing. Stay positive!! Baby dust to all!!


Petra - April 18

Well, still no af but lots of symptoms. I promise to test tomorrow morning. I have cramp and tingeling in my bbs. Well see. Stacey, you do have a lonf cycle. I was wondering about myself, Is a luteal phase of 18 days acceptable? It has been that long for me and I just don't want to think I'm pregnant. But really it doesn't matter what you think, it is always a dissapointment isn't it...? Well, hopefully I have good news tomorrow...


Stacey - April 18

Petra, I think 16 is the longest it should really be!!! I am dying to know. OK GIRLS, so last night hubby and I did b___by check- b/c I swear even though af came, my back still kills and I still have symptoms- well, Holy veins- I had veins everywhere---b___bs, shoulder, hips, sides of belly- I don't know what this means- have NEVER had this many...most of them were dark last night, but this am some were lighter????? What do you think- no, don't have any tests in the house.


Petra - April 18

Well good morning Stacey, up early...? I have all kinds of symptoms but you know they all are the same pms or preg... I just don't know. My stomach is starting to feel a little squeesy but I just don't know anymore. It is easy to imagine all these symptoms. We will need to wait and see. Next question, when to pee... pm or wait till am tomorrow...? Would it be ok to test this evening? I guess I will just go for it.


Hanna - April 18

Hi Petra, I thought you were going to test this am! You haven't done so already? Come on, pee on that stick, girl! I think that your chances are looking really good! Good luck. And Stacey.. all those veins.. that funny af.. I know how devastating false hope can be, but I still think something may be going on there.. how is your temperature? Still up?


Hanna - April 18

N+D, welcome!


Petra - April 18

Hanna, I did not buy a test this morning because I did not buy a test. If we'd be in the US that would not have been an issue... but here, well you know, stores closed on Sunday... And I wanted to force myself to wait... but here we are it is Monday and still no af... I will buy a test after work. Sucks that I work late, till 5.30....!!


Duh - April 18

I did not USE a test because I did not buy a test.... sorry.. typing too fast.


Hanna - April 18

I see.. and now you have to wait until 5.30h? So, what's your job? I am a teacher and fortunately Monday is my day off! Marked pounds and pounds of tests today though.. quite fed up at this point..



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