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Lauren - October 5

i am due on oct. 20 and i was thinking about some possible baby names for my baby boy. I get to choose the first name while the father chooses the middle and last name which is his name: Quentin Jones . Here are my final names: Damairius, Reytarius, Johannas, Adrian, Ladanian, Jackson, and Prince. I love all these names and I can't choose just one. Plus i want to know the opinions of people in the world about these names. Can someone tell me which name sounds best. If you don't like any of them then give me your own example as well. i may like it more than my own. Thanks


Lawanda - October 5

I love adrian and johannes, and jackson, Damairius and reytarius are little tricky, and some people might have difficulties with them.... LAdanian is very original however... good luck!


Michelle - October 5

I like Johannes, my sons name is Jonas, we considered johannes though, it is a germanic name, have you looked up the meanings of these names?


Jen - October 5

I like Adrian as well. Good luck!


Stella - October 5

I like Prince Quentin Jones. it sounds like he's somebody important


To Lauren - October 5

Is the name of this forum baby names? I didn't think so. I am so tired of people asking questions on this forum that has nothing to do with the signs of pregnancy. By the way, I Johannes and Ladanian are super cute.


to lauren - October 5

i like jackson...i think that it flows well together as well. good luck in choosing a name, i know how hard it can be :)!


my vote - October 5

adrian or jackson


Baby Sox - October 5

I was just thinking this morning that the name Adrian is kinda nice.


tm - October 6

Jackson or my son's name, Zaleel


Shannon - October 6

the perfect name is Shannon. Good Karma


To Lauren - October 6

Quentin Prince Jones - I love that name!!!!!!! Good -Luck. Do you have any girl names, just incase. My girl was suppose to be a boy (had three ultrasounds).


Lesley - October 6

I like Jackson or Jaxon


lauren - October 6

thank you all for replying. We have prepared for a boy and I never thought of the possibilty of having a girl. In that case my husband would choose the first name but I like the names Tatyana and Makayla or Rhianna


Amanda - October 6

Well if I'm pregnant I already have a girl named picked out. Shelby Lynn That is the name of my sister who was still born



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