Baby POOPS Feb 14

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ashley - February 14

Happy Valentines Day every one... Dh bought me a little potted mini rose plant (yellow). And a chocolate bar. he gave it to me last night. I know its stupid to spend 80 bucks on roses, but I still like to get them. He's never bought me roses. He always gets gerbera daisies or stuff like that. The only kind of roses he ever gets me are the kind that I can actually plant in the garden, which is nice. I had a beautiful rose bush he got me for mothers day one year and the F*&^%% goat ate all the blooms off. I was p___sed! Dh and I got into a huge fight last night. It started because I was upset about something and I was kind of just being quiet and trying not to cry about it. (my friend since I was in 6th grade had stopped talking to me because of his wife 5 years ago. We finally reconnected and had been talking for about 7 months and his wife apparently didn't know and threw a fit, so I got a message on my voice mail last night from my friend saying I needed to respect that us talking any more isn't going to happen blah blah blah) So Dh pushes me to talk about it and then it goes full circle to me not wanting to have s_x. I got mad because all topics lately seem to end at him wanting to have s_x. We were up arguing until midnight and finally worked through it and went to bed. then this morning its 6:20 and I have to be to work at 7:00 and he's wanting to have s_x. He gets made because I tell him I have to get up and get ready. **sorry had to vent*** Maddie-I am so sorry. I hope you get some answers. Please keep us updated.... CARRIE-have you talked to your doc yet about no af??? Mich__le-how ya been? Where has Kristen been? No more Chris any more? We've not heard from quite a few lately! I can't believe Ian will be 7 months old in two days!! No teeth yet. He is sitting up finally and he gets on all 4's and rocks but no crawling yet. Any other babies crawling yet? Ian stands so well, it amazes me! I can prop his hands on the couch and he stands on his own. I brought his walker to the coffee hut today. Buesiness was really good last week, but because of the continual snow and cold weather its slowed down this week......My dad was in the hospital the last two days. He had acute pancreat_tis caused by a gall bladder issue, that apparently he's had for several months (years?) He is scheduled to have his gall bladder out a week from tomorrow. He's on a blood thinner othewise they would have taken it out already, but he has to stop taking it for 7-10 days before surgery. He just had knee surgery a few days ago too. Well I better go... Justine by the way love the pictures. Emma is a doll! oh also I have a myspace too now. if any one wants to check it out. Its fun! I have found a lot of old classmates on there!


Dionne - February 14

Hi Ash. I know what you're going through with the s_x thing, I bloody hate it. You know I love my dh to bits, but bloody hell does everything have to involve s_x. Lately it just feels like another job and I've just been so very very tired lately with work and kids. Dh brought me a heap of chocolates and put them in a pretty bowl, I thought that was awesome. My thoughts for a perfect valentines present for him was a vasectomy, but I know that won't happen anytime soon. I think 5 children is enough, now I'm looking forward to our future. Justine, I'm doing really well, just trying to adjust to work and getting myself and family into a good routine. I'm always reading baby poops but have been too lazy to post. I like trying to keep up to date with whats going on with everyone. Kaliyah is now 5mths old, she is just so gorgeous and is so loving. She's still got eczema, I've finally found something that works for her and it was right under my nose the whole time. Well I had best get back to work. AmyB, congratulations on the birth of lil Kolten.


Justine - February 15

I tried to post on here last night (my time) but sometimes it's just so slow I give up with it. I wonder if it's when the site is really busy as at some points during the day it's fine. Anyway, Ashley I checked out your myspace site, it's great. I don't know how you get the time to do all this stuff though although I've just started looking at the piczo site to maybe start that. Hope your dad is ok and that his operation goes well. My grandma had her gall bladder out a couple of years ago and she's been fine since then. Dionne - 5 kids. I not surprised you're so tired. Men just don't get it do they... my dh is wonderful most of the time but he definitely doesn't understand the whole fatigue thing and how it affects everything else. We had a nice Valentine's Day and both dh and I had independently bought each other a watch as a gift which was a bit weird. But thankfully dh's taste in watches as gifts turned out to be much better than his taste in clothes as gifts which inevitably he gets wrong!


ashley - February 15

Justine-I have down times at the coffee hut and I need something to do all day. I get bored easy in here. Dionne 5 kids! My goodness. I can't imagine. I go crazy with two. I was hoping so bad that Dh would send me flowers, but I knew better. We are suppose to do something this weekend, but he daid that last year and we never did. I was really busy with school. Well I should go for now... I an is starting to fuss a little bit. I am going to give him some juice.


Justine - February 15

Ashley - if dh isn't getting your hints as to what you'd like for Valentine's Day, perhaps you should just tell him. Not very romantic I know but sometimes a little prompting (and shaming!) can go a long way. Perhaps if you make the arrangements for this weekend, he'll get the message and put more effort into next year. Is Ian teething yet? Emma is still waiting for those elusive first teeth. Seems like she's been teething forever but nothing much seems to be happening. Poor thing.


Emily - February 15

Ash, Marcy I think has two bottom teeth coming in. I can't feel them yet, but I think I can see them. It is hard to tell as she will not open her mouth to show me. She is crawling. Mainly she lunges, but does crawl correctly sometimes too. She is very good at pulling herslef up. She would rather stand on the outside of her waker, then be in it. It has the rubber things on it and it is in the living room that has thick carpet so it doesn't really "walk" Marcy would rather be on the floor so she can go where she wants and pull herself up. She is almost cruising. She will be up hanging onto her walker and I see her reach for the rocking horse. It is npt very far away, but enough that she would have to move her feet. So she reaches for it and then she is stuck cause she doesn’t quite know what to do with her feet yet. Marcy doesn't have a favorite food, but does want to top off whatever she just ate with nursing….She likes things she can feed herself. She likes babyfood, but really likes things like taost that she can do herself. She sits in her highchair and eats toast or Cherrios while I cook. Mary "helps" me cook. The s_x thing gets us too. Apparently his memory is bad as he seems to only remembering getting it once a month….ha. It does seem like a chore sometimes. I love him too, but Dionne you are right, eveyrhting seems to envlove s_x. I al too tired with two, I can't imagine five! My dh said to me the other day when I made a comment like oh God I hope I am not pregnant….he said you know it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. So now I am thinking I want another one. Okay well I knew I did, but I had finnaly excpeted that two was proably it and now I am thinking maybe some day I will be able to have another….


ashley - February 15

Em-when did Marcy start crawling? Not teeth quite yet for Ian, but like you I think I see something coming. He doesn't open his mouth very easliy, so its hard to tell. I bought those teething biscuits for Ian. I am afraid of him choking though. Em-I waver back and forth weather or not I want another. Dh wouldn't be upset or surprised in the least if I got pregnant again, except we still do not have insurance any more for he or I, so that would be tough. Ian is talking more, so to speak. He has been saying more syllabals. "ya" "ahhhhh" "gaga" "dada" ohhhh stuff like that its cute. I gave in and dh and I did the deed last night. I know I O'd yesterday. I was cramping on the side and bloated and I saw the ewcm. I got nervous to because we still are not on any birth control. So Af should come around the 28th according to that, but I should start spotting before that I would imagine. Not sure why my stupid cycle does that. I started spotting on the 23rd last month and actually bleed on the 29th. I would think its a little late in my cycle to O, but all the signs are there. I am still a little crampy today.


Dawn - February 15

Ashley-On the subject of S_x, i'm pretty lucky at the moment that dh is tired most days because of Lucy crying in her sleep loads, so his s_x drive is lower than it is normally. We have s_x once a week which is ok with me. Justine- Know how you feel about the what seems like never ending teething. Oh Lucy's crying must go.


Dionne - February 15

Lol, I know what you mean Em, my dh's memory is bad also, he thinks he only gets it once a month also.....hahaha. Then when I give him the look, he always says 'well when was the last time we had s_x then', well I can't answer because I've got other things on my mind, but hey I'm sure its once a week which is way more than what he was getting when we had baby #4.


Emily - February 15

Marcy started scooting and such at first. She would get up on all fours and rock and then give up and lunge forward. She has been really crawling since the beginning of Feb. She gets beter at it all the time. So she was about 7.5 mos. I give Marcy all sorts of things. We give her the wagon wheels by gerber. We have the biter bicuits too but have not opened them yet, waiting to finihs the wheels. Either make a mess. They get so soggy, I don’t worry about choking too much. Marcy loves to feed herslef. She eats palin cereal (not baby, but like Cheerios and Fruit Loops and Lucky Charms, (just not the marshmellow part)) She likes shedded cheese, crackers, pizza crust, and cooked potatoes. We went out to eat on Sun with my fam and we had some celery sticks that came with the hot wing app. We gave her one to chew on cause she was getting fussy. I watched her like a hawk on that one…..but she liked it! She didn’t really eat any of it, just chaomped it and spit it out….


Emily - February 16

morning all, how is eveyone!? Mary sleopt all night, sich I could say the same for Marcy!


ashley - February 16

good morning.......yawnnnnn. lol. Ian slept pretty good. I put him down at 9 and he got up about 5. Does any body get baby talk magazine? I was flipping through last months this morning and there was an ad for JCPENNY portrait studio and I swear its a picture of my dh's ex and her daughter! It looks just like her! I am going to show the pic to dh and ask him if he knows this girl, lol. Its uncanny. I wonder if it is her.. ha ha.


Dawn - February 18

Where is everyone this weekend. Well hope you are all having a great weekend and I will check in tomorrow.


Dawn - February 19

Wow it is very quiet on here lately. Quick question for Em, Ashley, Justine, Lacey-Are your baby's siting up unaided yet? Lucy hates to sit and always has so she is nowhere near siting up by herself yet.


ashley - February 19

Hi Dawn, Ian can sit up if he wants to. If I put a toy infront of him to keep him occupied he can sit up unaided. He likes to get on his belly and he is just about crawling. Infact he gets around and its just a matter of time. No teeth for Ian yet, soon I think. It has been quiet.......where is every one


Emily - February 19

Marcy can sit by herslef. She can also get into a sitting position from her back or belly. She is crawling and pulling herslef up. (Mary didn't do any ot this so fast!) She is almost to the crusing from one peice of furnature to the next, but doesn't get that she has to move her feet too. She is just moving her hands and upper body and then looses her grip and down she goes. I can see a tooth! It isn't trough yet, but I can actually see it and not just white gums, but hte little bump and the tooth underneeth. I can't really feel it yet, but it is def there now. Mary was working on her fourth tooth by now! Dont worry much Dawn, Lucy is a bit younger than Marcy so it is not strange that she is doing all this ealrier than her. Was Lucy early at all. I can not remember. If so, that also plays a factor. Just keep working with her, and have her sit on you lap or whatever,. Soon it will come.


Justine - February 19

Hi everyone. Emma is sitting up unaided too with the occasional toppling over. She really likes sitting on the floor surrounded by cushions and lots of toys. She's also starting to babble and pulls herself in the crawling position but usually crumples in a heap with her nose in the ground. She get's very frustrated but it is quite funny to look at. I've been wondering where everyone is too. Hope Maddie is doing ok and that we hear from her soon. Is Sian at her due date yet?



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