Baby Poops Monday

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ashley - December 26

Thought I would start the new thread. Hope every one had a nice Christmas.


Frances - December 26

Yay, me first! Just kidding. Hope everyone had a great Christmas. Let's squeeze in some BFP's before the new year!!!


michelle - December 26

not possible for a bfp for me before the new year. Good luck to everyone else waiting to test. i know that amyb, kristen and i are out this month.


me - December 26

Well, we officially told the 'rents this weekend. We showed my family the ultrasound video on Xmas eve, and his family on Xmas day. It was a smashing success and no one had any idea what they were in for! It was a great Xmas, even though I felt sick most of the time! Hope you all get BFPs soon! Happy New Year if I don't talk to you guys!


teeniemoon - December 26

Hi there. I'm new here, but I have a really strange question... I had a normal af in Nov. I then had many symptoms after o in. Sore bbs, blue lines in chest, and my usual coffee made me naucous. Anyway, af came in Dec, though it wasn't normal. Only lasted 2 days and was mixed with high amounts of clear cm. (tmi?) It wasn't heavy as normal. My bbs weren't sore after af but the areolas are still dark. Now, I can feel a hard lump right at the pubic bone level, and tummy feels like it is sticking out more than usual. Also, I can always feel when I o, but I didn't this month. Any ideas on what I should do? Thanks for letting me intrude...


Dionne - December 26

Hi ladies, thanks Ashley had a wonderful christmas. Well I've got my bfp this morning. Was due af on christmas day, 2 sleeps ago, took a test christmas morning, bfn, so I made the mistake of thinking that I wasn't preggy and drank my beers. Gosh I feel so guilty and worried now. I had one test this morning, bfp showed up straight away, it was a light line, so I thought I'd take the opk test and it was as dark as the control line.... I'm really happy about it but concerned because I drunk alcohol. My children and I are shooting off for a couple of days very shortly, got a family reunion to go too, so I'm going to buy another test when I come home and hopefully the line is much darker. Will update you's all. Hope you's all have a good week. xx


Frances - December 26

YAYAYAYAY Dionne!! I'm so happy for you! Don't worry about the beers, you have to be seriously hammered like daily to cause a problem. Remember, I didn't know with my son and I drank, smoked, deprived myself of proper nutrition and sleep and he turned out perfect! I'm sure everything will be fine. God will watch after you both!! Blessings on you, baby, and family!!


ashley - December 26

YAY dionne! Please don't sweat it! I did the same thing when pregnant with dd, and I had a drink before finding out with this one.....You didn't get sloshy drunk did ya? I wouldn't worry! My friend also did the same thing and gave birth to a health one! CONGRATS!!! YAY YAY YAY


AmyB - December 26

CONGRATS dionne...maybe i can i will get mine next month?! i hope so..i am sooo happy for you...


kristen - December 27

yay Dionne i am soo happy for u!!!!!!! hoping for after the new year for everyone keep yor fingersxxxxxxx hope u all had a wonderful christmas for the new year lets ring it in with so more BFP!!!!!! A warm welcome to u teeniemoon!! i wuld test and if it is neg wait a week test again and if u don't get a af when u are due4 for next one call the dr..and ask for a blood test and/or a internal exam!!


michelle - December 27

congrats dionne - so happy for you. have fun at the reunion. i know someone that drank quit a bit during her pregnancy and her little boy was healthy and still is. dont worry about it - you don't want to stress your self out during your first trimester


Jessica M - December 27

OMGoodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dionne - Congrats!!!! Oh wow I'm so excited for you!!!! Now just a few more to go before it's the whole thread.....


Carrie - December 27

Hello Ladies! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, I did. Dionne! CONGRATULATIONS GIRL!!!! WOO HOO!!!! So that little bit of celebrating did the trick! lol You know, that happened to my cousin too...kind of. She got fall-down drunk at my os birthday party about a year ago and that's when she got preg. with her we all know how much celebrating they did that night after the birthday party! lol for me, no af yet!!! Can you believe that!? I want to test so bad but I don't have any money for tests. I went shopping last night and dh was going to stay in the car becuz of his leg hurting him, well he decided to come in with me. I was a little upset because I had planned to get a hpt while I was in the store since he'd be in the car. Well, since he came in the store with me I spent the $30 C'mas money from my inlaws on C'mas clearance items! lol That's okay, I'm watching my grandma today so that'll be more money, I can buy a hpt with the money I earn today. I'm just worried that I may have done something to harm my chances. :( I was coughing so bad the past few nights that dh asked his dad if he had anything for coughs. My fil gave dh a tiny pill, he didn't tell me what it was, he just told me to take it bcuz it'd help with the coughing. Being as tired and out of it as I was, I took the knocked me out and let me sleep so I was grateful for that. The next night, the same thing happened...really bad coughing (my generic Robitussin wasn't working). Dh went up and got another one of those tiny pills. I asked what it was and he said, just take helps you sleep and it stops the coughing." I slept for most of the day with restful sleep. When I woke up I asked what it was...dh said it was Oxycodone (sp). It was something his dad took for his coughing fits. Then the 'what ifs' started racing through my head! What if i'm pregnant? what if it hurt the baby? what if....???? So now i'm wondering.... how dangerous is this Oxycodone to someone that could be pregnant? Anyone know? I know one thing! I'm not taking anymore of that pill! I don't care if it does stop the coughing and lets me sleep. I'm beginning to think that I could be preg...I'm always tired, even after sleeping til 10:30 this morning, I was still tired and could have gone right back to bed. Some foods have taken on strange tastes, they don't taste like they should. There have also been times when I don't feel the best. ...and now i have hiccups!... oh, nevermind, they're gone now. Before I ramble on with another chapter, I'm going to get going here. I'm sure Grandma is wondering where I went to..even though she doesn't know who I am. To her i'm just some person that sits and watches tv with her. So I'll talk to you all later...and if anyone can tell me anything about that Oxycodone please let me know! Thank you so much in advance!!!! Take care!


michelle - December 27

carrie - i found this on line for you: "Reproduction studies have been performed in rats and rabbits by oral administration at doses up to 8 mg/kg and 125 mg/kg, respectively. These doses are 3 and 46 times a human dose of 160 mg/day, based on mg/kg basis. The results did not reveal evidence of harm to the fetus due to oxycodone." [1] Results of The Collaborative Perinatal Project found no increase in the incidence of major malformations among 8 pregnancies exposed during the first trimester to oxycodone [2]. Schick et. al. also found no significant increase in the incidence of major malformations in 78 pregnancies after first trimester exposure to oxycodone [3]. good luck and baby dust to you!


Mandy - December 27

Hi all my i join this thread? iam hopin iam preg cause i took 2 tests today.One was a no name and i got 2 lines one very faint but it disapeared after a while and the other was a frist response.that was a clear BFN, Iam still crossin my fingers iam . maybe i tested to early.


kristen - December 27

hey MAndy sure u can join.. like u said u might have tested to early...wait another week and test agian...are u late for af... any other symptoms??


kristen - December 27

gosh it is quiet here 2day!! is evreyone still sluggish form the holiday??



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