Baby Poops Weekend Of 04 08

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amyn - April 8

Hey gals.. I had my 3rd dream last night that our baby is a boy. But it was more real this time, I saw his face, he had bright red hair (red hair runs in DH's family) and my husbands chin and ears. He was sooooooooo precious.. OMG I can't wait to meet him :) Have a good weekend ladies.. tootles.. We are having severe storms all day here, yuck


AD - April 8

Hey Amyn-had a ver vivid dream about having a boy as before actually finding out. I could see every little feature and such. I can't wait to meet mine either. Its gorgous here today! I am running around with out a coat! So how is every one. Amyn-did they put you on macrobid? When do you go for your U/S? When does DH come home?


ashley - April 8

who the hell is AD? sorry don't mean to be so blunt! That makes me nervous with all the other c___p in the past with people suddenly knowing about us. Or my apologies if AD has been posting on here as I have been out of the loop and not been catching up lately. This hospital c___p is wiping me out. I don't know if I can work another two 12 hour shift. It wipes me out.


ashley - April 8

oh c___p I got on here to tell you I just posted pics on Yahoo and got distracted. I put up pics from my u/s for those who couldn't see my site. They are a little blurry because I never could get my scanner to work and just ended up taking my digital camera and taking pics of them, ha ha. Where is every one?


Justine - April 9

Hi ladies. It's 2am here and I'm feasting on bananas and cookies right now as I've just woke up feeling sooooo hungry. Ashley - glad to see you back chatting. AD - welcome. When are you due? Dh and I were very busy today so I'm planning on taking Sunday easy and just enjoying the sun as the temps are supposed to be in mid-70s, yeh! Well, the cookies are gone so back to bed...


AD - April 9

ashley didnt mean to offend you, I have been following your guys' thread for a while. I get so sick and tired reading some of the other posts out there because there is always a select few that think they know it all and are very annoying. I am still ttc. So anyway I thought I would jump in and see how you ladies were doing. I hope you don't mind.


AshleyB - April 9

Hi AD, welcome! How is everyone today. Ash-sounds like the rounds at the hospital are kinda kickin your b___t. I'm lookin forward to that. So is this the second half of your clinicals? The first half is cla__sroom and the second is fulltime hospital work, is that right? Well, you're almost done anyhow. Justine sounds like you had a yummy midnight snack. I took another test this morning just cause I"m a dork. I don't really feel a bunch of symptoms, so I guess I just wanted to see if the line was getting darker and it is, so that's good. We're remodeling our kitchen right now so it's been a busy weekend so far. We're painting and putting new cabinets and sink in. And we bought hardwood flooring but I don't think we're going to be able to get that done for another probably 2wks since next weekend is Easter and we're going away for the weekend. Can't wait. Dh works 7days a week, this is only the 3rd wkend he's had off since our wedding in Sept. So we're going to enjoy just getting away and relaxing together. Hope everyone has a good day.


ashley - April 9

sorry AD, didn't meant to jump on you. You just started talking like you knew us, and we have had issues in the past, welcome. AshB-yes I am in the second part. I finish my last day at the hospital tuesday and start my 3rd clincial OB. Then Peds and I am done! YAY. It is kicking my a__s. In my OB clinical I do 2-12 hour shifts in a row and thats hard to do. I feel like I get up go to work, come home eat and sleep. Well that is what I do. SO AshB-whats the latest on your BFP? Did you call the doc? Justine-how are you feeling. My bump is HUGE! I can't believe I still have 3+ months left! Dh is complaining because I want to run into town, and he says I make unneccessary trips and we need to consolidate and conserve money. BS-he just has to many business bills he needs to pay so our personal finances has to suffer for it. NOT. I just had to dish out $600 dollars for nursing in the last few days. $300 for the NCLEX 4-day review cla__s. $200 to take the NCLEX test and $100 for my nursing lisence.


AshleyB - April 9

Well Ash, my first ob appt is April 26th. I'll be about 7.5wks then and my u/s is scheduled for May 16th. I'll be about 9.5 wks then. They say they only do one u/s though unless medically necessary later. So providing everything goes well and this bean sticks I think we're going to do that 4d ultrasound thing.


kristen - April 9

hey girls sorry i have been mia for so long ..i have been trying to get my life bk in order..LOL ok i had one af after my m/c and now i think i might be preggie again..i am have the same hunger issues as when i was preg the first time plus my cp is high and soft and i believe it is closed...i am scared to death but i don't want to jump the gun and a test turn out neg...i have not really been keeping track but i believe my af was due last week or is due this week not sure which one...LOL thnx for all ur support !!!


Dionne - April 9

Hi ladies, thought I'd jump in and give you's an update. Went for my scan on Friday and its a girl, yaaaaaay, we're so happy. At the moment her name is Kaliyah, but we'll see when the time comes, it'll probly change about 5 more times. Hope you ladies have a good day.


kristen - April 10

mornin everyone how u all doing i am good extremely hungry but good...i am so nervous though i hope i am preg but yet i don't wnat to m/c again =( i hope if i am this preg goes well keep ur fingers xxxx for me!!


amyn - April 10

Yeay Dionne a girl, how precious.. So how many are having girls now? I think there is only one boy right? Kristin, my fingers are x for you. Keep us posted. Well I'm almost out of my 1st trimester YEAY.. I think this Friday I'll be 14 weeks. Although according to the doctors measurements a month ago I'll be 14 weeks tomorrow so heck if I know. :) I'm just happy to have made it almost over the hump :) I'm excited my DH is coming home in about 4 weeks, YEAY.


kristen - April 10

yeay amyn so glad u r doing well...i really think i might b preg cp is closed and soft ...but not alot of symtoms just very hungry and burpy...LOL i am very scared though but trying to stay calm which is very difficult....


amyn - April 10

Kristin, I can't even say that I know what is going through your head right now, but try your best to be as calm as possible for the maybe little guy or gal you are carrying. When are you going to test? Make sure you are taking your prenatal vitamins now plus I would call the doc so you can get double checked.. I'll keep you in my thoughts girl. Keep your chin up :)


kristen - April 10

i am probably going to test very soon and then call the dr right away and have them check me and my levels and see if they will check my levels atleast once a week just to keep an eye on them...LOL i am soo paranoid right now i hate it...LOL


amyn - April 10

You're not alone, even though I didn't have a mc I had spotting and ever since then I'm paranoid when I go to the bathroom. Try and think happy positive thoughts if possible.. I know it sound corney but it works. let us know ok :)



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