Baby POOPS January 21st To Whenever

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Carrie - January 21

Hello all! I totally had a brain lag for a bit, I was looking all over on how to post a new thread! LOL It's been a while since I started a new thread. Then I found the "Ask a question ....." and I was like...duh! *smacks forehead*


Carrie - January 21

Well nothing has really changed for me, still no af and I took a test Saturday with was neg. I tried to look up info on the internet about metformin or levothyroxine having an effect on the results of hpt's but I couldn't find anything. I have to get blood taken tomorrow so I'm going to ask about that at that time and I'm also thinking about asking if they could take blood for a preg. test. Tuesday I have the test for the nursing a__sistant......eeeeeeeeeks! I took the practice written test again and got just three wrong this time, so I'm not worried about that...much. It's the skills test that is freaking me out and really laying on the stress and worry. As I've said before, we have to do five of the 22 skills and I'm really really REALLY hoping it's skills that I know how to do. I know I can do two of them (washing hands and I'm comfortable with all the measuring skills - it's required that we have one of those) it's the other skills I'm worried about. The ones I'm worried about are; making an occupied bed (we never had to do that for clinicals though I'm sure I could do it), Position client on side (never had to do that), puts knee high stockings on and a__siting client to ambulate....and foot care, we never had to do foot care either. I'm hoping that once I read through the skills a few times I'll feel more comfortable. Anyway...Friday night dh and I went to the gym. It would have been great if I didn't such terrible stomach cramps. Before we left dh was taking pepper pills, he takes two a day. I asked what they did and he said they speed up the metabolism and they help you sweat..which helps lose weight. So, I decided I would try one, maybe it would make a difference....yeah, it made a difference alright! It made my gym visit so horrible!! I was fine for the first 45 minutes...then my stomach started cramping and I felt awful. I went into the bathroom just so I could double over without anyone looking at me. It eventually went away and I made my way out to where dh was and told him I wasn't feeling good and wanted to go home. He asked what was wrong and I told and then he tells me that he had cramps also when he started taking them...he also said it cleans you out. He couldn't have told me this before!? Grrrrr. Well we went home and it was then that they kicked in..with the 2nd effect...and I was going up and down the friggin' stairs every 20 minutes! Well after that I said no more pepper pills for me! No thank you! I am tired, I could go to bed right now and it's not even 7pm yet! I fell asleep around 5am, I just could not fall asleep and I was wide awake. Around 4am I decided to get up and take a hot shower, that was nice. When I got back into the room dh was awake, the cat woke him up...she decided it was her attention time. I got my hair brushed out, let it dry a little bit and then crawled under the covers..within about 5 minutes I was out. I slept til noon and I'm already tired. Hmmmmm. Well, I've got to get some more studying done. Take care all.


ashley - January 21

Carrie-Im pretty sure EVERY body gets the handwashing. I am almost quite positive on that. I got handwashing, making an occupied bed, cleaning nails, transfering from bed to wheel chair and back into bed. They wern't hard at all. THe written test was a breeze too. Mostly common sense. I can't believe I remember all this as I took that CNA test like back in 97! Gee 9 years later I finally got my nursing liscense!


Carrie - January 21

Ash- handwashing is the very first skill we have to do and everyone does that one. Then for every skill after that when it says to wash our hands we just have to say, "Then I was my hands." Since they'll know we can already do that. I've been reading through the skills, again, I've been going over the ones I'm not that familiar with, I've marked two off the list that I'm uncomfortable with. I told Dh and that tomorrow he's going to be my patient and he said 'okay, but no peri-care!" LOL So tomorrow by the end of the day he'll be all cleaned up, nails done, feet lotioned, vitals taken (the ones we have to do), he'll be ambulated, transfered, weighed and whatnot. I'm not doing urine way, I'm not that worried about that one anyway. Well, it's back to studying for me, even though I'm falling asleep as it is! Take care all!


ashley - January 22

oh yeah good point carry- remember to wash your hands upon leaving or entering a patients room and after doing any procedure. Remember to wear gloves if you brush thier teeth/dentures. and if you are brushing dentures remember to put the paper towel at the bottom of the sink. You'd think your husband would like perry care ha ha!


kristen - January 22

hey girls how is everyone today? Well TJ and i are home sick with the flu today. Cody had it all weekend and i think we caught fun. i have had nothing in my stomach to puke so that makes it even worse. TJ was up all last nigh every 20 min or so. hopefully it is gone by 2morrow but i dunno since cody was sick Thursday night into Sunday so who knows how long we are gonna be sick well i am gonna try to get some sleep..TTYL oh and carrie i hope all goes well with ur examines and stuff!!


Carrie - January 22

Hello all, how is everyone doing? Kristen I'm sorry to hear that you're sick, I hate being sick! I hope you both feel better soon. I never went for my appt. today, for cholesterol tests. I went to bed, or tried to and dh stayed up trying to fix the computer (long story, we thought we lost everything on a drive!). Everytime dh would say something in the livingroom I could hear him and so it made it hard to fall asleep in the bedroom. It seemed that just as I fell asleep he'd say something and it'd wake me up. He came to bed around 3am, set the alarm for 5am so he could take a shower in the morning. I was out once he finally came to bed. Then the alarm went off and he said that we should just reschedule it and to make it later in the day....not 7am again. I told him I didn't want to reschedule it, that I wanted to get it done and over with..but I was so tired, I fell back asleep and he didn't bother to wake me up again. He was supposed to call the clinic and tell them I wasn't going to be in today, but he hasn't done that yet. He's also going to ask if we can just get the blood drawn here at their "off-site" location in our town. I went there when I had to get a TB test for clinicals, I don't see why they can't do a blood draw...we'll have to see. I'm thinking of crawling back into bed, just to warm up. I am so cold and we have the electric blanket on our makes it nice and cozy under the covers. lol Today I'll studying and testing on dh for the cna test, he's going to be my victim! lol Ash- i asked him why he didn't want peri-care and he said no...absolutely not!! He says those things have to be done delicately. LOL Oh well, doesn't matter since we do peri-care for the female on the test anyway. Well that's all I have for now, I think I will go crawl under the blankets and warm up, my hands are ice cold! Take care all..kristen I hope you feel better soon!


maddie1 - January 22

Good luck Carrie....How long is the CNA program? I am looking into a CMA program right now, ultimately i want to be a ultrasound tech, but in order for me to get into that program i have to take a Medical a__sisting Cla__s. The only thing holding me back right now is my husbands work schedule and having someone to take care of my children while i am in school. Oh well if its meant to happen we will find a way.....anyway, i am on the final stretch of my tww I am either 10 or 11 DPO and I have 1 test that i am dying to use but i am trying to use self control. Its a walmart brand so i don't want to test to early I am not sure how sensitve these tests are. i wish i had a FRER, but my husband is a little bit tired of me throwing money away on billions of tests each month. So i am trying to wait until the day AF is not supposed to arrive which is saturday.....My will power is fading quickly......please pray that i will have strength to refrain from testing to early....anyway hope you get to feeling better Kristen there is a nasty bug going around here too...i hope it pa__ses us by...


Dionne - January 22

Hello ladies. Thought I'd pop in and say a quick HI!!! I'm back at work, started the week before christmas, so much for my 1yr maternity leave. Kaliyah is doing fine, the week of xmas she broke out with ezma, my poor darling. Then 2-3 wks ago she ended up with spots all over her body, I thought it was flea bites, but it was the chickenpox, so she's really been making me pay for But she still manages to smile, she's such an awesome baby, just pretty much layed back. The week before she broke out in the chickenpox she was extra warm and grouchy. Well anyway I'd better get back to work, will read through the posts also. Hope you's all have an awesome week.


Emily - January 23

Hello all. Dionne and Maddie gald to hear from you. I was home sick with Mary yesterday. She had a bit of a belly ache. I think I was able to be talked into staying home pretty easy when a two year old says mommy stay home with me! My tummy hurts… I did. Anyway not much new here. Mary is still using the potty and of course still refuses a diaper at night. Only had two accidents at night and one durring a nap since she decided all the sudden she was done with diapers…..So that is pretty good I think. Even on the rare occation she wants to wear a diaper to bed, she wakes up dry and even wakes up in the middle of the night most nights to go potty. The trick is to get her to go back to sleep with out laying with her….ha! Marcy has finally learned or shall I say relearned how to sleep when I am not holding her….yeah! Other than that nothing new….gotta run, lots a stuff to do today….since I was home yesterday...


kristen - January 23

morning all, i am still out sick but feeling better. well not to say right now ..but i will definately keep u updated!!


ashley - January 23

Hello all-not much chatting lately. Just a few tid bits here and there. Ian has his 6 month check up and shots today. we will leave in about an hour to go to it. DD also has a well check since her bday is in two weeks and she'll be 7. She hasn't been to the doctors in 2 years. Not much new here. Business has picked up from last week, which is good. BIL's dumb dog got a hold of our male duck and almost killed it. Poor ducky. He has a pretty good bite on his back. I thought for sure he was going to die. He's still alive and seems to be doing okay. We bandaged him up and cleaned his wound. We put both ducks in the utility room to stay warm and recoup for a couple days. I think they will go back out to thier pen tonight. My poor ducker. Well I had started spotting Dec. 25th and figured I'd start spotting yesterday or today-no sign yet. I had some cramping a week ago. I always get nervous regardles if we've been careful or not. According to when I thought I'd O though I wont get AF until the 24th or 25th. We'll see I guess. We wern't very careful two times ago which makes me nervous. I was pretty sure I had already O'd and then 2 days later I saw what I thought was ewcm-but not sure. GREAT. If AF doesn't come by the 25th I am sooo testing.


AmyB - January 23

hey guys sorry i have not been on here in forever my computer broke and i just not it all up and running again....i had a boy in october Kolten Levi he was born oct 24 and weighed 7'13 he was my 3rd c section and things went really well..just wanted to drop in since its been forever


Emily - January 23

oh amyB, I though we lost you! I even e-mailed you and didnt' get a glad to hear all went well!


Justine - January 23

Hi ladies. I'm still having issues with my computer and can't get on here to post regularly right now. Seems to be ok now though. Good to hear from some of the ladies who've not been around for awhile. Amyb - congratulations! Hope you get the chance to stick around now. We're doing ok. dh is back in the US on business so it's just Emma and myself right now. She's started imitating lots of things from shaking her head from side to side, putting her arms in the air and b__wing saliva bubbles! Ashley - hope your ducky is ok now and that those of you who are not feeling too well get better soon.


Carrie - January 23

Dionne, Maddie & AmyB - Great to hear from you again! AmyB- Congratulations!! Maddie - this course that I took was two months long, two days a week, four hours a day. Em- I don't think I would have been able to resist that plea to stay home either. LOL Well, today was the big day, I took the big nursing a__sistant test that determines if I am a CNA or not. I pa__sed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so nervous today! After the written test I read my skills over and over, and the ones I was worried about I kept going over. When it was my turn I was so happy to see that I had the easier skills. Besides the handwashing I had to perform measures and records weight, feeding a client, putting on ted-ho stocking and peri-care. I wasn't nervous at all about the peri-care because we had done it so many times during clinicals and I pretty much nailed that skill, there wasn't anything that I could think of that I did wrong or missed. I was so nervous going into the lab to do the skills, I felt like I was walking the plank! I was paired up with another girl, I did my skills first and then she did hers. We had just walked out of the lab and I hadn't even made it back to the table where my stuff was and she called my name. She had my results back already from my skills test, she must have put them in as soon as I was done, she handed me the paper and said, pa__sed. Wow..I think I was smiling ear to ear when I heard that! I felt sorry for the other girls cuz some of them had been waiting anywhere from 10 to a half an hour or more. I got my stuff, went home and told dh and he was happy when I told him. Then I called my mom and told her, she was happy and she said she knew I'd pa__s it. I called my os and told her, she was more excited about it than dh! LOL Then I had to call my grandma (mom's mom) becuz I promised her I'd tell her asap, she was pleased to hear that I had pa__sed. I want to tell my dad but he's at work til 10pm. I know my mom will tell him but I want to tell him now!! I don't want to wait! LOL Now i just have to break the news to my aunt, I know she'll be happy to hear that I pa__sed but she'll also be worried about who is going to take care of gma now while she works (dad's mom). So no more worries! No more freaking out, no more anxiety!! I have a headache, I don't know if it's from the stress or being tired or the excitement over pa__sing. I think I'll go take a nap, that sounds like a good idea. Take care all!


AmyB - January 23

can you give me a quick recap on what i missed? anyone pg that was trying? how about michelle?



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