Baby Poops March 5th

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kristen - March 5

Ok here it is a new thread!!! I am not to concerned about it i mean i am not gonna freak out if i am late cause my body is probably recovering ...but it would kinda be nice if i did get preg except that part that we really have no money but i know we will make it by..which by the way i was curious if any of u knew of any good work at home businesses or things that i could do because it is a is a possibility that they may make me do bedrest,since they may label me a a high risk preg..1 because of my crohn's & 2 because i have miscarried...but i am gonna go i am going back 2 work 2morrow i am only working 2morrow and Friday but i will be back to my normal schedule next week...well TTYL and thanks for all they support!!


Emily - March 6

Kristen, if you are pregnant, the lone fact taht you have had a m/c is probably nothing that would label your pregnancy high risk. They dont usually do that until you have had multiple m/c. That is what my doc told me. However the Crohns may make it high risk. I have no experience with that. My mom had myotonic dystraphy and dibetes and it was high risk but was not put on bed rest until close to 7 mos. Of course working where you do, you are probably on your feet all any rate I ope you are feeling better. Well gotta go....


kristen - March 6

ya i am sure the dr's will be more concerned about that fact that i have crohn's rather than being worried about my past m/c. but we will see. I am not to concerned about it but i am probably going to switch ob/gyn's and go to a hospital that is alittle better than the one i was in recently. Plus the hospital TJ wants me to go to Cody was born there and he knows it is a great hospital. but i am gonna go i will check back later after i get out of work. i am only working 2day and Friday so not to tough of a week . They have me back on my normal schedule for next week. well TTYL!!


Carrie - March 6

Hello all. I am so tired today, I just want to go home and sleep. I'm watching my grandma today...again. I have no idea if my aunt needs me tomorrow, she likes to tell me on a day to day basis. I was looking at job ads again last night, found three more places. Sometime this week I'm going to try to make it over to those places. I'm also not feeling the best right now. It is so cold here today! My aunt left shortly after I got here and I grabbed one of the small afghans and covered up with it. I tried to get comfy on the couch and tried to nap but it was no use, I couldn't sleep. I hope the day goes by fast today, I'll leave when my uncle gets home at 2pm and after that I'm going home and taking a nap. I never got to nap yesterday when I got home, a friend of ours called and he wanted to stop by and show us pictures of his trip to Kuai and to talk about a few things pertaining to Trivia (which will be next month). The pictures weren't much to look at, he took them with a digital and most of them were grainy or blurry. Out of about 200 pictures there was just 10 or 15 of him and his new wife, the rest was scenery and about five pictures of the same scenery. Most of the time you didn't know what you were looking at because they were quite blurred. Last night dh and I had a small argument. He shut the computer down and went to watch one of his space shows. I went on to check my email, an account that goes right to that computer. Well I turned the computer off? why'd you do that!?" and he goes, I didn't know you wanted on there! you didn't say anything!" and i said, "well i didn't know you were going to shut it down!" Well I waited for it to start up and it asked for a pa__sword. I asked, "why'd you put a pa__sword on here?" and he said he didn't. He said he'd look at in a bit, well not wanting to wait for him to get off his bum, I shut it down again. He goes, "why'd you shut it down? I was going to look at it." and i said, "It doesn't matter, I can look at it later." Then he b__ws up and yells, "You don't even give me a d__n chance to look at it!!" At that point I just went back to my laptop and ignored him. He knew I was p__sed at him which is why he probably didn't argue when I mentioned I wanted to go get something for supper and I wanted him to go with. It was for myself, he had already eaten BBQ that his mother made. I don't care for his mother's BBQ, it doesn't taste good to me the way she makes it...gross. Of course he thinks it's the best thing. So around 8pm (this all after our friend left) we went out in the cold to get something for supper for me. As of now dh is probably busy right now getting the computer back up and running, he's been at that just about all night. This morning he was telling me something about getting it to start up and that some virus was in it, well he took care of that and then got a warning that there was the Trojan virus on it. When I left he was making a third attempt at getting it to work. He always tells me c___p when I'm not completely awake and so I don't remember it all, then he expects me to know every thing he said! If I were to do that he'd have a p__sy fit. MEN! Uh oh, looking at the time, I've got to get my grandma up and get her her cereal before my aunt gets home at 9am. It takes grandma about a half hour to eat her cereal. Take care all!


ashley - March 6

good morning.....I feel like a__s. I have a cold. I was up coughing. I almost got into a really bad accident yesterday!!! I was not paying attention apparently and I saw a school bus ahead (on a highway where the speed limit is 70) and the guy in front of me didn't have break lights on and I suddenly realized they were all stopped! I slammed on the breaks and my tires squeeled and my car kind of swerved back and forth!! I thought I was going to rearend them. I went out into the other lane thinking I wasn't going to be able to stop, but luckily I did get stopped! Anyway...........I got a job yesterday! It pays excellent! Per Diem (as needed-on call) with experience is 26 dollars/hour. So she wasn't exactly sure how much I would make, but per diem pays more than a regular position and she said a regular position no experience is 22/hr so I will make more than 22 ;ess than 26 so maybe 24! The reason why we are starting out as a per diem is because with a regular full time position its required you do on-call. You work a 12 hours shift and then you are on call for 12 hours after. So you work 12 hour night shift then you are on call the day shift. And you have to respond with in 20 minutes and I am 35 minutes away.


Emily - March 6

Ashley, you mentioned getting pictures done on the last thread. Is the 70 dollars just a sitting fee? What do you get for your 70? I go to a place that has no sitting fee, I just pay for the proofs. It is around 20 bucks each time and I get about 15 pictures (plus he requires a 20 dollar down payment that get subtracted off anything you order. (the number of pictures flucuates so the total price does) He will taek as many pictures as I want. He says in his print out that he will allow one oputfit change, but he has allowed me more. He does several poses in each outfit. It really all depends on how good the girls are or if they are getting tired. Then he doesn't have packages to buy, the sizes are priced indivulally and we can get however many sizes and poses we want with no minnimun to buy (well expect what your downpayment was, unless you just want to forfit it) Last time I spent a total of 100 bucks and that got me the proofs, a couple 8x10s, five 5x7s and four different sets of wallets (they come 6 top a set) I am pretty happy with that…..I was just wondering what other charge. There are a lot of bigger studios that charge much more. I love his pics. He has his own studio at his house. Also I asked about hair. Does Lucy, Emma, or Ian have a lot of hair. I see little one about Marcy's age in pig tails. She doesn't even have long enough or full enough hair to comb!


ashley - March 6

Em- $75 dollars is the sitting fee and you get all the proofs. She said I could change outfits or so what ever. She takes about 25-50 pictures. She puts them on a disk too and you can have prints made any size if you wish.


Emily - March 7

sounds like she takes about twice the pictures that my guys takes. He jsut charges per proof so that you can take as long or as little as you want. I have had him take closer to thirty pics before. It wasn't 70 bucks but he is small town shop. My guess is if he were in a bigger market, it would be higher. I have Marcy's nine month pics set for 3/17. How is eveyone today. slept like c___p last ngiht Marcy got up at 11:30 would not go back down I put her down asleep and she would wake up before I got her in her crib. Then she would cry for fifteen mintues and be quiet for 10. Then she started screaming, I would go in comfort her and we would start again with the crying, quiet, screaming....we did this until three am when I finally took her to bed with me and held her. I at least got ot sleep somewhat, I mentioned before that I do not sleep well with her in bed, to afraid I will roll over her or something....anyway I hope hse will be better tonight I need sleep....


ashley - March 7

Em-we only have one gal in town who does photos any more. I am just tired of Walmart and Sears cost me a TON of money last time.... So we shall see how this gal does. I slept okay. I took some night time cold meds. I feel like c___p again today, because everything I take makes me sleepy and I have Ian to take care of. So anyway. I am home today because I don't feel well. I am just going to relax. I just took a hot shower and it helped some. I went and checked out all the baby lambs yesterday, so cute! Maybe I'll take some pictures. I put nesting material in my ducks cage hoping it encourages them to lay eggs. Alex's school usually hatches eggs out in an incubator and I told her teacher if I can get my ducks to lay eggs they could have the eggs.


ashley - March 8

good morning. I stayed home sick yesterday. Felt miserable. I have a baby shower today to go to. I feel bad because its my friend who threw me mine. I didn't think she wanted one because it's her second baby and she had her kids pretty close together.... I should have been the one to throw it. Its raining and 41 degrees. Oh by the way, an update. Do you remember that black lab that we found that we hoped was my dog... well I found out they took him to the vet and doctored him up. They had to put his left back hip back in socket and he had a muscle tear in his front shoulder and they are doing physical therapy on him. I am so glad they didn't put him to sleep. He's about 5 years old. I sure hope I can help find a home for him. I'd love to keep him but I can't. How is every one doing???? Kristen, when is af due? Carrie-how about you an update? You just not going to worry about no af for a while? Are you still taking the other meds? Maybe you need to have your levels checked again to make sure you are on the correct dose for your thyroid. Em-how the kiddos sleeping? Oh Justine too. I found that when dd had a hard time sleeping I found a banana chair, bowl chair what ever you call it. Its a huge round chair with a round matt in it. My daughter slept so good in that. She also slept good in her swing. I went threw a lot of batteries. I also put her in her car seat and ran a load of laundry. I am so greatful that Ian is a good sleeper. I couldn't have handled another DD baby. Well TTYL


Emily - March 8

Ash, Mary lept good. Marcy went down at 8 and got up at 10:30. Is so upset I figured it would be another long night, so I brought her in with us. (DH went to the couch shortly after. I figured he was po'd about me bringing Marcy in, turns out I was weezing (got a stuffy nose) and keeping him up, then I wasn't so mad he left!) Anyway after Marcy was done nurisng, she was restless and would cry out. I was in for a long night but then she started to really cry so I picked her up on my shoulder and patted her. She went to sleep so I put her back in her crib. She cried for about five minutes and then was quiet. I was so surpised. Of course then I still didn’t' sleep cause I was laying inbed listening for her….she slept till 4:30 and I think the only reason she stired then is cause May got upt o go to the bathroom. The bathroom is right next to Marcy's room an shares a heating vent. Did you know it is impossible for a 2 year old to pee in silence at 4:30 in the morning? Lol! Anyway hoping tonight will be even better….well gotta run. Ash hope your pictures turn out well and you get ot feeling better. As for the shower, just tell her what you told us about you not sure she would want one and then give a really great gift!. Justine and Dawn, hope Emma and Lucy let you get some sleep. Everyone else hoep you are doing well. Talk to you later


Lacey - March 8

I feel like c___p this morning. I woke up at 1 last night and was all wet, so went to the bathroom and af had started full b__wn. This is my first af since October. I am not sure that the October one was a real af or just left over from having Terry. Anyways, I was so suprised since I had no sign of af coming at all. Usually I get PMS really bad. Sore b___bs, very mean, lol, and really bad cramps, but as of yet, nothing. Just really strong af. It really sucks though. I am so use to no af and wish I never had to deal wih it. Sigh, oh well. Terry has been sleeping like c___p lately. He has been waking up every 3 hours. Some times he will wake up and decide he wants to play for an hour or so. Than he will be up at 6:30 or 7. Last night was his best night. He went to sleep at 9, up at 1, went back sleep after nursing, up again at 3 to eat, again at 6, and than up for good at 8. Its killing me. I feel so drained, but do not know what else I can do to keep him asleep. Terry HATES being on his belly. Are any of your babys like this? I put him on his belly and he rolls over as fast as he can. He does not like being on his back for long eather. All he likes to do is sit on the floor and play with his toys. When he is on his back, he will arch his back as high as he can. He will almost be standing on his head and than he will kick off with his feet. He will scoot clear across the floor like this. Got to go do some laundry. Will check in later.


ashley - March 8

was it amyn who had jackson? There were two new pictures of him up on the yahoo site. so how old are all the babies now? Ian will be 8 months on the 16th. I can't believe it!!!!


kristen - March 8

hey all!! af is due around the 11th i believe but i don't know if it will be on time since i was sick and stuff. i have been checking my cervix and it seems very soft still and i can't quite tell if it is closed or not it is also semi high but i am not gonna get my hopes up til af is actually late or doesn't show within another week or my nipples have been really sore not the bbs themselves just the nipples..but i will keep u all posted!!


Carrie - March 8

Hello all! Well I finally got a hold of my Dr....or rather, my Dr.'s a__sistant! We've been playing phone tag for the past week! Before when I called the lady would always say, "She's busy right now, would you like to leave a message?" And so I would, and the Dr. would always call when I wasn't home. Well today I called back this lady, different one, asked if I'd like to talk to her a__sistant...I said yes! Finally! Contact!!! Well the Dr. gave me two options, since I was not getting af on my own I could either go back on birth control or I could go on Provera. She explained that Provera would be 12 days a month, every three months. So if I'm figuring this out right I would start this month, take pills for twelve days and then take Provera again in June for twelve days. I opted for the Provera, I'm hoping I did the right choice. Now my question is this...and I know it's going to sound stupid since I've been on it before. Is Provera a birth control? When the a__sistant mentioned going back on birth control I thought...eeeeek! No! I'm a__suming that Provera isn't a bc since she said I had two options, one being a bc. So now that's four pills I'll be poppin! Metformin, Levothyroxine, Provera and my daily vitamin. Sheesh! I'll be a walking pharmacy pretty soon! Anyway, I've got to go, I'm watching my grandma right now and I'm not sure what time my cousin will be home from work...sure don't want him catching me on here. I'll be here for a while since my aunt and uncle have a funeral this evening (her stepdad pa__sed). I'm not sure if my cousin is going to the rosary tonight or if he's already there. I plan on researching Provera when I get home tonight, unless my cousin comes home and leaves for the rosary...we'll have to see. Anyway, before I do get caught I'm going to go. Take care all!


Emily - March 8

Ash I believe it is AmyN that had Jackson. Marcy will be 9 mo on Marcy 19. I am getting photos taken March 17. Amazing. I can not believe how time flies. Lacey, sorry you have not been getting much sleep. Last night was better than the night before and I am hoping to night is even better, but I am not going to hold my breath. It made it worse casue Tues night (when she would not go back to sleep) I started af. So I am craby cause of that. I always hurt badly on my period. My legs are killing me today. They are crampy and achy. My whole body does but my legs to the point to where they are almost throbing. They always get like this. I am thinking about going to the hot tub at the Y tonight. If only I could find someone to watch the girls. Mary does okay in the nursery, but Marcy is at that age where she needs someone she is familier with. I hate to ask my mom as she has had them all day and it really wears her out. Carrie, I hope you get this whole thing sorted out. I have actually hear of woman going on bc for a month or two to get their cycles starighten out and then going on to ttc and it works. But with all the other stuff going on, I don’t think I would choose that option either. Well gotta run.


ashley - March 9

Carrie-Provera is derived from the female hormone progesterone. You may be given Provera if your menstrual periods have stopped or a female hormone imbalance is causing your uterus to bleed abnormally. Provera is also prescribed to prevent abnormal growth of the uterine lining in women taking estrogen replacement therapy. To Restore Menstrual Periods Provera Tablets are taken in dosages of 5 to 10 milligrams daily for 5 to 10 days. Make sure you discuss what effect this will have on your menstrual cycle with your doctor. You should have bleeding 3 to 7 days after you stop taking Provera. thats all I could find on this.



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