Baby Poops Memorial Day Weekend

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amyn - May 24

starting new thread the old one is to long... :)


ashley - May 24

amy-I don't remember when the babe started moving really intensly. I know at my U/S I had felt him quite a bit. Probably a few more weeks and you'll feel more.


AshleyB - May 24

Hi ladies. How's everyone. Hope you all have a fun weekend. It's going to be a bummer for me. Its supposed to be beautiful 80's-90's and dh has fri-monday off but I won't be able to enjoy it because I'm having my surgery friday morning. I just keep praying and telling myself everything's going to be fine, and I'm starting to feel a bit better about it. Earlier this week, I was a nervous wreck, but I know there's nothing I can do but trust that everything will work out. If you guys pray, please say a little one for me, and a big one for baby. Thanks. Dh and I are looking at a new house to buy. IT's very exciting. We're going to get the papers together later this week and try to buy it. It's looking like everything will go smoothly, so I"m so excited. This house it twice as big as the house I'm living in right now and It's so nice inside and out. It's got a great long driveway that I can just see my kids riding their bikes and drawingt with chalk now. It's got a big pole barn for a dh, and a beautiful big parklike yard. This will be OUR home together, since I already lived in this house for over a year when dh came along. So it's so fun and exciting for us. My m/s has eased up big time since about sunday. I haven't been a pukemachine, and have actually felt half-way human again. I've been so happy about that. When you're deathly ill like that for so long, you definatly appreciate the little things. Well, just wanted to pop in and say hi, wish me luck for friday. And I'll get back on asap afterwards to let you know how everything turns out. Have a fun weekend everyone.


ashley - May 24

geez ashb-since we hadn't heard from you in a bit, I thought you had your surgery last friday....Good luck! Im sure everything will go okay!


Justine - May 24

Good luck Ashley, we'll be thinking about you on Friday. I'm happy for you that your m/s has eased up... I remember those days well of just feeling so horrible that all you can do is lie down and wait for the time to pa__s until you feel better again. Sounds like you're almost there :) I've just got back from my L&D cla__s. It was interesting and now I've got lots of reading material to have a look at over the next few days. I also had my ob visit and had put on another 4 pounds in 2 weeks... omg! The dr was pleased though and said I've being playing catch up as I was underweight to begin with after losing all that weight in the 1st trimester. Well time to go and eat as I didn't get chance before my cla__s. Speak to you all tomorrow.


michelle - May 25

ashleyb good luck during surgery tomorrow. we will all be thinking about you. nothing new here. just waiting to o. gonna start bedding hopefully everyday.


Emily - May 25

morning all. good luck Ashb on Friday and I will be praying for you and your family, the little one included. I am feeling okay concidering I didn't sleep well again last night. It got so blasted hot here yesterday! so muggy. I also started in witht he BH big time. Before it was just tightening of the stomach and then it was gone. Well yesterday afternoon it was actuall cramps. I rested for a while and they went away. I will have to remember to take it easy and not over due it. The GBS test is a group B strep test. They swab you to see if you have it. If so, they give you an antibiotic durring delivery so you do not pa__s it to the baby. If you dont' have it, well then all is good. I was neg last pregnancy. I hear it is faiorly common and harmless to a mohter, but can cause complications to baby if no antiboatics are used durring delivery. Well gotta run, busy at work this am. Talk to you all later...


amyn - May 25

Good luck AshB. I will definitly say a prayer for you and especially for your little precious angle. I have a feeling everything will be ok for you, you're little one is a fighter. As far as I go I'm doing ok, starting to have back issues more often and those lovely ligament pains, that are awful at times, seems to only be on the right side right now. Sometimes I feel like I wish I could just deflat in my tummy and not feel so stretched, haa haa.. but I'll be ok, its for a good cause, my little precious baby boy. Take care girls


ashley - May 25

Good luck again ashb-I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow. Please let us know how things go as soon as you are up to it afterwards! Em-my BH's squish my entire stomach and make me feel like im going to loose my lunch into my throat. It also feels like pressure in my chest! I have started in on the crampiness too... Boy the joys of being pregnant. Well I scheduled my boards to take! I am scheduled for June 26, so I have about 1 month to study up and review!!! I am going to go visit my mom in New Mexico for a week or two. I am going to drive as I hate flying. So will be going around June 6. I will have to study up there! Its been hot here! not muggy though. Well I suppose I should go shower and start cleaning!


elisabeth - May 25

hey ashB i want a new house too!! i still live in the same one i grew up in. not that i don't appreciate my parents giving it to me, i do, just want to see what it's like to live somewhere else. Good luck Friday you will be in my thoughts. yesterday Sydnee kicked so hard she made my belly move. at least that was the first time i had seen it so i freaked out and called everyone i know to tell 'em about it. my daddy cried with me, my mom laughed at us. hehe!! anyway anybody else getting heartburn?? mine is terrible. oh and i'm 24 weeks and i've only gained 4 pounds the whole pregnancy!! (whoo-hoo)anyway i think thats all i can say as i have no life and nothing interesting to talk about. good luck to eveyone ecspecially ashB. later!!!!


Dawn - May 26

Well i have had a horrible week so far. My kidney infection wasn't getting any better and on Wednesday I was in so much pain so dh took me back to the hospital and I ended up having to stay in for two nights on a drip-not fun. I'm feeling so much better now. I have to go back on the 7th June for another scan so that they can check the growth of the baby and also make sure my kidneys are clear. Well i guess some good came out of being in hospital as I had a scan on wednesday on my kidneys and they also checked my baby-she has changed a lot since the 20 week scan, I can't wait to meet her. Ashb-Good luck with the surgery.


Emily - May 26

Morning all. I am doing good. I slept better last night. I am still getting the bh pretty regular but thankfully they have gone back to the tightening instead of the cramps... I am getting nervous. I am scared to have tha baby early, even if only a couple of weeks. The doc tld me on Tuesday that anything after June 3 would be concidered full term. I am sitiing here thinking, what, June 3rd, no that is too soon! We shall see I guess. I guess maybe I will know more after my appointment on Wed, hopefully. I hope AshB surgery goes well today and that her and her little one make it through with flying colors........I hope everyone else is doing good. Dawn, hope you are feeling beter. Elisabeth, I get where you are coming from, My dh and I bought the house I grew up in from my parents. Even he feels like it is my house and not his sometimes. We got married in Oct ( I was 21 and in college still living at home at the time) and we moved into the house in Nov, so I was away for a whole month! anyway I better run, hope all is well with everyone.


AshleyB - May 26

Thanks everyone. I'll be leaving in about an hour. I'm pretty nervous/scared. I'll get back on as soon as I can to let you know how everything went. Have a good weekend everybody.


ashley - May 27

wow pretty quiet yesterday... I was lazy and didn't do a whole lot. My daughter had a declamation contest at her school and then a school picnicc. Then I came home and then went to a cheerleading try-outs meeting to see which girls are interested. The word didn't get out soon enough so we are having another meeting next Tuesday I believe and then Practices the next three days and then try-outs Monday. Anyway, then I came home and slept almost the rest of the day away. Been tired. Slept until like 5 and then went to bed at 10... I've been lacking motivation. Its been raining though the last two days. We actually had a winter storm warning up to 20 inches of snow in the moutains. Im worried about the frost. MY garden will be ruined and so will my tomatoe and pepper plants. Em-when did dh get his garden planted? We planted May 13 this year and last year I didn't get it in until June 13 because of the rain! Well I am going to go check the weather again and see how cold it got last later.


Justine - May 27

Hi ladies. I've been abit lazy too and couldn't even work up the energy to post on here! Anyway, I'm feeling much better today and happy as dh is home soon from yet another business trip. He's trying to do as much travelling as he can now as I've told him that I don't want him to be away once we get into mid-July as there is no way I'm delivering this baby on my own. Ashley - I hope your garden is ok after all the work you've put into it. Here, it has been so warm that I only try to go out in the mornings and evenings if possible as I'm starting to swell a little in the heat. Ashb - I hope everything went ok yesterday and that you now have a quick recovery. Have a great weekend everyone.


Dawn - May 29

Justine-I've also told dh that he is not allowed to be away from the middle of July as this baby is not coming out unless he is with me. I think his last big busy trip is next week, he is away for the whole week. Well I had a c___p night sleep as my left foot was aching all night and I just could not get comfortable. Feeling much better now but I still have four days left of antibiotics to take. Have any of you thought about packing your hospital bag yet and what your going to put in it?


ashley - May 29

Im having a c___ppy weekend.....i have a sinus infection and ofcourse the drs have been closed the last three days. It really sucks! IT HURTS! On top of that I have been wiping gooing yellowish snotty type CM and paranoid that its my mucous plug already. I called the OB on call and she wants me to come in and get checked, but I dont' want to because im afraid its for no reason and my insurance hasn't been the best at picking up the bills. They always seem to have some weird category that needs to have my deductible met first...sighhhh. my stupid cardiologist bill was $1350! I am waiting to see how much of that they will cover! Em when did you loose your mucous plug with mary? You haven't lost yours with this one yet have you?



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