Baby Poops Memorial Day Weekend

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ashley - May 31

hey ladies....Justine I hear that the baby can have one artery and one vein and be completely fine. From the sounds of it, your babe is more than just fine, he he. I am measuring at 34 weeks now as of yesterday and I didn't gain any weight this last week! YEAH! I have another appointment this next monday. So we'll see if I continue to slow down on the weight gain! Amy-dh wants to be involved with everything, sigghhhh I wish he'd just let me go buy what ever. I think that is why i never did a registry... He might of tried to dictate what we really needed for this baby and didn't lol. He thinks the diaper genie is a complete waste of money and it just SMELLS horrid. ha ha. My garden seems to be A-OK! thank goodness. It got to 78. I love nice weather. I went into town with MIL and visited a friend while she had an appointment, and then we ate lunch, went to the mall and then to walmart. Im tired now. Dawn-I actually enjoy having my garden. I just get ticked pretty easy because of the stupid animals. I knew I risked having frost planting so early, but our growing season is so short that you have to risk it. BUt fresh corn and peas and beans, mmmmmm. I also planted watermelon, tomatoes, onions, canteloupe, cuc_mbers, radishes, carrots and herbs. It gives me something to do and look foward to. I love summer. Em- I think any time after July 5 is safe to have my babe.. I too have a feeling im going to go early as he is already head down and dropped low in the pelvis!!! I feel so much pressure and cramping. Im just getting attacked by stretch marks this time around and am sick about it. I didn't get any with DD and this one Im gaining a lot of weight and my stomach looks horrid. I might beg dh for a tummy tuck to cut out these stretch marks by the time I am done having But i'd just be trading scars for another...sighhhh. Its depressing though. any body else getting any stretch marks? Em did you get any with your first? I wanted to cry when i looked in the store mirror today. oh well what can i do right?


ashley - May 31

by the way em, holy cow I can't believe how close you are getting!!!!!!! WHERE IS CARRIE?


Justine - May 31

Thanks for the rea__surance Ashley. It has been difficult trying not to worry about the problem with the cord but it seems everthing is going fine. I've not got any stretch marks on my belly so far but my bbs look like a racing circuit track as they're just covered with purple marks so I guess my belly is not going to be far behind...sigh! Your garden sounds wonderful especially the watermelon which I'm still eating so much of at the moment as it's so cold and crisp. I'm about to leave now for my cla__s so have a good evening everyone. Carrie - let us know how you're getting on.


Emily - June 1

I had my u/s yesterday. Everything looks good. The placenta has moved up and out of the way and Marcy's head is down next top the cervix now. I am 1 cm diliated and cervix has began to soften, but is still really high, so it may be a while, but most likely before my due date on June 24. If I go before the 3rd, he will try to stop labor, but anything afte that is okay cause I wioll be at 37 weeks and that is concidered full term. I lost a lb, so for the last month have been pretty steady.... gained a lb, stayed the same, lost ao klb, stayed the same, gained two, lost a lb, so nothing dramatic. And like I said this time I was even weighed shortly after eating..... I am so excited. Left the appointment and went shopping! I stocked up on all those things you dont' want to have to run to wal-mart for with a 2 year old and newborn in tow. Got lots of diapers, wipes, tp, papertowls, lauyndry dertergent, and such. also went crazy when I got home getting everything into place and getting the last of my hospital bag packed......can't wait now, am so excited.....I too am wondering what is up with Carrie.....Justine, I am gald to hear that they think everything will be good for you. Hope you have fun at your shower. Ash, dh is p__sed at the rabits, he only has one third of his row of sweet corn left. the radishes and the onions, and carrots look good though. He planted another row of corn last week. We have a bit bigger growing season here. It finally cooled off a bit. From 90s to around high 70s to low 80s. It droped form 83 to 77 in like 10 minutes yesterday before a storm.....oh my got to tell you all. I also am on another thread and this lady has been trying for her fourt (first with current hubby) and she was having some problems. She had to have surgery for a cyst and was told to use condoms for a while until eveything was helaed. (she had been pregnant at least twice the last 9 mos and had very early m/s (like almost as soon as she found out) each time. Well one time after her surgery the condom broke, and she is 7 weeks with tripplets! I can't beileve it. We are all hoping that all three will hold on full term, or as full term as you can go carrying three! and speaking of surgery, hope ashB is doing well. well gotta run, hope to pop in later...


ashley - June 1

hey em-glad things are good and the placenta moved up. 1 cm dialated. COOL. Lets see I am 32 weeks 3 days so you must be 34-35 weeks? My cousin is due July 14, but is going in for a scheduled C-section July 10. I some times wish I knew when I would have this baby for sure. I just know July 5 i'll be 37 weeks and it will be safe to have. Wont the baby's get the last laugh if all of ladies are so sure we will go early and then go late, uggggg. Im glad my weight gain has slowed, but still disgusted with 33 lbs of weight gain. I haven't been nearly as hungry lately. However!!! I did get weighed on the very FIRST scale that they wieghed me on and I weighed 5 lbs less than I did on the other scale that I use now.. So technically I have only gained 28 lbs? I like that better, lol. Either way I still have a bunch to loose after this babe is born. Still no signs of waht to name this little one. My husbands wierd names grow by the day. Percivle (please tell me he is kidding), tucker, paiton or paiden, desmond, Addison and Emerson. I think about the only one I could possible swallow is Addison. I suggested Tanner instead of Tucker. I think this baby will be "baby boy" for a while, ahhhhhh. My friend is suppose to come over today. She was suppose to come over yesterday, but then asked if she could come over today we'll see. She is suppose to come for a bbq saturday too. Anywho, slept in gotta get dd up and to school..


Emily - June 1

Lets see this Saturday I will be 37 weeks so right now I am 36 weeks and 5 days. I am geeting excited, although now my dh keeps asking me how I am feeling. Any cramps? No I say and then I get this darnit from him. He is ready too I think.. Not sure if he is ready for the baby or time off It will so hard I think with two. Anyone still around have more than one right now? Terri hasen't popped in for a while. Hoping she is doing good. I think it will be a big adjustment for me to have to divide my attention. We shall see how it goes.....I may loose my mind. I am also waiting to see how dh will adjust. He had a hard time with Mary caus ehe flet he didn't get any of my attention anymore. He has gotten over that but with two, it will be hard. Anyway hope everyone is good an hoping that Carrie is doing good. Well gotta run.


ashley - June 1

em-my bad.. Icounted wrong. If I am 32 and 3 days i counted two weeks not four, lol. So you'd be 36 DUH. lol sorry. Guess this pregnancy screwed up my math skills. No dosage calcalations for me.


Carrie - June 2

Hello everyone. Glad to hear everyone is going fine, things with me are just fine. I just got done catching up on the last four days of posts. I've been keeping up on the reading, that's about all I had time for. Between watching my grandma and getting stressed from the things my aunt has been pulling on me (saying she'll be home at one time and not showing up at home til 2 hours later!). She's been doing that a lot lately and I get so upset because I'll tell her ahead of time that I have plans afterwards. I get so upset some days, when it's nice out dh takes me fishing and it relaxes's my de-stresser, on nice days anyway. We've had a quite a few nice days too. On the rainy days I lose myself in a game til I'm calm again. I'm looking for a job, I applied for a housekeeping position at the hospital. Not something I really want but I have to get away from watching my grandmother before I lose it mentally. Dh agrees since he sees how it effects me day after day. Still no bfp for af either. It's officially been five months since I've had af. The last time I had any kind of bleeding was New Years. Still haven't told dh either, he's been so stressed over other things lately (a cut in his disability checks, insurance company ha__sle, the dr. telling him he probably won't be able to go back to his job). I had an oppurtunity to spring it on him one morning. I was running late becuz dh was....well, feisty and wanted to bd. I was running around getting ready to leave after my shower and I said, Now you're going to make me late!' and he said, 'well don't you want to be late when you're trying to have a baby?' and i just shook my head and said that's not what i meant! i could've said.i'm four months late!..and then watch his jaw drop. lol Among watching my grandma I went to see dh's oldest niece graduate from college...she graduated magna c_me laude..i think it is, it's not the top one but the next one down. The other niece graduated from high school with girls. June 10th they're having their grad. parties together at their cottage on the Big Eau Plaine River. Em - I can't believe you are getting sooo close! I think I would be anxious and scared if it were me. Ash - you're not far behind her either! lol Yikes!! Justine - my lil sis asked me and our older sis to go with her for registering for gifts...we had fun. Although I think that when/if that time comes for me...dh and I will be doing the registering sisters. Just like the delivery....just us, no sisters! I read about AshB, I hope she's doing good. I can't imagine how scarey that has to be for her. Justine - my lil sis also had some worry about her cord, it had all the ateries and veins it was just smaller than usual. Oh! I do have a picture of Preston and so I'll be posting it on the Yahoo page. I have two pictures of him actually. Ash - I too have a dislike for that Lin person. You're right...she always has an opinion about something and it's usually not nice. Well, I've rambled enough. My 7 y/o nephew is staying the weekend and so i have to do some cleaning before he comes. Take care all.


Emily - June 2

Carie great to hear from you, sorry still no regluar af o bfp. I also wonder how Michelle is. Haven't heard from her in a while too. I am hopnig that AshB is okay and her little one is too. Ashley, you mentioned something about the streach marks. I did get them with Mary and by the time I got pregnant again, they had faded, but of course are back in full bloom now. I don't mind so much. I didn't show off my tummy before I got pregnant so not showing it off afterwards was no difference for me. I didn't relaly mind them too much. kinda like a battle scar you know, one I wouldn't show anyone! I may have to take a pic of them on my huge belly and post tehm. I am bad about posting pics, as I have them all on the computer at home and do not tend to get on it much. I will post some if I can remember,...... I am still here and still pregnant. Although I would be a bit scared to deliver this early. I hope to wait until after the 11th of June as we have plans then. We shall see. I am more ready now though. Anyway I will let you all go...


Justine - June 2

Morning all. Carrie - good to hear from you. Emily - wow, you really are so close now, I can't believe it. It seems like just a few short months ago that we were all anxiously counting each cycle and now here we are almost at the big L&D day. I'm frantically covering my belly with all sorts of potions trying to keep the stretch marks away as I guess I do normally like to show my belly off during the summer months so I will be disappointed if I get them. But never mind if it's going to happen then it's a small price to pay... I'll just wear my 'battle scars' with! I can't believe how different and strong the baby's movements are now she is so big. It's not just small kicks but whole body rolls and turns making my belly jump all over the place, it's very entertaining. Hope everyone is well. Emily - is it Jeanette you're talking about who's having triplets? How amazing, did she conceive them naturally?


Emily - June 2

Yes Jeanette is the one with the tripplets. She did concieve naturally. She was actually taking some time off of ttc while she had the cyst removed. They were using condoms and a couple of times she said they broke....and look now! I couln't imagine... Tripletes. My aunt had twins, naturally, they didn't even know she was carrying two, it was back before the u/s was used for pregnancy. My cousin had Quads, but they were concieved with the help of fertility treatments. They are ferternal. The twins are identical. Anyway I am proud of my strech marks I guess, I just dont' like to show off my stomach in public. Anyway, hope everyone has a great weekend, I will check back in on Moday.....


michelle - June 2

hey everyone. i've just been quiet. reading on posts just haven't said anything. I'm just waiting to o if i haven't already. today is cd 17. dh and i bd twice on mon and once on tue. havne't since then but gonna try getting on him this weekend. i've been really busy at work all week also. so i may check in later and may not. i hope ashb is doing good and em its getting close. Justine i hope everything w/the cord turns out ok. Carrie nice to hear from you. I can't believe that your not doing anyhing about not getting af for 4 months. i was going nuts when i didn't get it for 2 months.


ashley - June 2

going to start a new thread :-) see you over there.


AshleyB - June 2

Hi everyone. Sorry it's been so long. I've been mostly in bed since the surgery. Well, I'm ok, and so is the baby. They had to take my right ovary. It was one of those dermoids. I had to stay in the hospital till sunday afternoon. I was very sick the whole time I was there, which was very painful with the incision and everything. It was all downright awful. I couldn't walk, pee, situp or scootch in bed. I'm much better now. I can get up and about better. Went to the doc this morning and they took out my staples, I had 17 of them. They sliced me from belly b___ton to just above my pubic bone. They ended up using the general anesthesia, and when they woke me up right after the surgery they did an u/s and there was baby, moving all around in there. So that was good. Then they gave me another one before I left on sunday, and the h/b was still good. This little one is a fighter, I"m telling ya! Sticking around for the long haul it seems, fighting the odds. Thank God!! I'm 12wks today. I've lost 14lbs!! Crazy huh? I"m sure I'll make up for it later. Still sick, but not quite as bad. Hope everyone is ok, I"m just now trying to catch up. Thanks for all the prayers.


curly - June 2

im glad things are great, and get all the rest you can get.



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