Baby POOPS Part 45 Wednesday

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Dionne - November 23

Goodmorning ladies.


sian - November 23

well i have still got no af so the cramps yesterday must have been fibbing !! dionne i bet your really excited when do you get your results ? mine are back tomorrow but i am not holding out much hope . dont leave us dionne it wont be the same . well i will post later as i am at work today see u soon x


dionne - November 23

Hi Sian. Well I think af has shown, I've got a bit of brown blood on panty liner (sorry tmi), but on the positive note maybe its implantation....hehehe. Well I'm hoping it will be tomorrow when I get the results back. My doc asked if he could also do hiv test on me, that sort of threw me back a bit as in NZ we have never had to do this before, but come to think of it I do recall they were going to bring a law in where it is compulsory to have this done if you go in for bloods while pregnant. Oooo I so hope you get your bfp tomorrow Sian. That would be awesome. I'm not cramping which I suppose is a bonus, mind you we'll see what tomorrow brings. Well my friend I'd better go and get some shut eye. Hope you have a good day at work. I will update everyone tomorrow as to whats been happening. Goodnight.


Dawn (DS) - November 23

Hi all. I had my doctors appointment . The Doctor was really nice and said that hpt are very accurate and said congratulations. I am 4 weeks and 3 days and will have my first scan at 12 weeks yippee. I did a urine test just to confirm and will get the results by Friday. Dionne-I have my fingers crossed for you and hope that it is inplantation bleeding. How is everyone today?


Flacie - November 23

Goodmorning ladies!!!! I tested last night around 9 p.m. and got a BFP!!!! I'm a lot happier about it this morning then I was yesterday. Wow, I still can't believe it, four car seats now!!!! At least we just purchashed a new SUV that has third row seating!!


Em - November 23

Congrats Flacie! ANd welcome to all teh new commers. I am glad your doc appointment went well Dawn. I knew it would make you feel better. My next appointment is Dec 13. SOrry that af showed up Dionne. I will be thinking about you. Maybe it will happen while you are not trying! Sian, good luck with your test. I will not be around tomorrow most likely cause it is Thanksgiving in the States. I will check in on Friday casu I got to work....blah....anyway hope everyone is well....


Jessica - November 23

Flacie----Congrats!!!!!! that makes about 7 or 8, where's Em to keep track. Dionne - my friend had IB and she said she had brown blood for about a day & a 1/2 and then nothing, then another day she felt this gush of warm stuff (sorry tmi) and it was all cm and not af so she went to the dr and after a few days she got a bfp. Yayyy Dawn (DS) 4 weeks & 3days how beautiful....I'm so happy for you ladies...I'll be back and forth for today....


ashley - November 23

Flacie, whats your story again? 4 car seats? How many young ones do you have? Good morning ladies. Dionne sorry about af. Let us know if that is af or not. Hi Dawn. I am 6 weeks today I do believe. I start week six or how ever that goes. I O'd Nov. 2, so age of the fetus is 4 weeks today. Dawn when are you due? Holy c___p! I have pregnant for 1month. My oh my how time flies! I think my FIL has some intuition or something as I was laying on the couch (hiding the preggers book under me ha ha) and he came up and gave me a big I asked DH if he though FIL knew and he said FIL isn't stupid. So not sure what that means, because we haven't told him.. My poor bbs are sore. Any body else have agonizing sore bbs? MY stinking bras are fitting tight. My bbs are going to be ginormous lol. Im going to look like a fool. Because im not over weight and Im not a big girl. But suddenly my bbs look huge! So how are you feeling today Em? I am going into another town about 45 minutes away to go hang with my friend that came over the other day. We are going to screw around with our sc___p booking stuff and do some shopping. I have no idea what to do for xmas this year. DH has like 12 people on his side to buy for, and I have 10! I think i am going to tell my brother and sister to lets just buy for the kids, not each other! ANyway, I best be getting ready. See you guys later.


Jessica - November 23

Em - Dont feel bad, I'll be at work on Friday too. Dd is staying with my mom and the rest of the house is going to be sleeping when I leave for work, what a bummer...Not only that but it's sooooooooooo cold out that I just want to stay bundled up in my house...I'm going to my mom's tonight and I'm staying for the rest of the week.


Jessica - November 23

Ashley -'m still laughing...It reminds me of the Elf movie, thats one of my favorites....Have fun shopping and making the sc___pbook....Fil is a parent so they probably sense everything....We'll get that intuition when we get older...Welcome to all the newcomers....Enjoy your stay here on Poops...


ashley - November 23

Jessica-when is dh being moved? Did you learn anything more? I am off today through Sunday, and then I have two more days of clincicals and I am done except for two finals!! YAY I am so sick of school! I have Dec 6-Jan 18 off. So if I an going to get morning sickness then let it come then! LOL


Em - November 23

I believe Flacie makes 8. When is everyone's due dates? I have justines, Dawn's, Lucy's, and mine. I think Ashley said July 25? I am not sure. Well I am feel good today Ashley thanks for asking. I did have to get up with Mary again last night, but she went back down without a fight. I was able to back to sleep to. I am still feeling a bit queasy, but it has been a little better. Jessica and I will be here Friday, anyone else going to be around? Well I best be going. Cathc up in a bit......Hope everyone is feeling well....


ashley - November 23

Em-flacie said said this will make 4 carseats....she has 4 young ones still in car seats? WOW!


Em - November 23

oh sorry I was answering Jessica about how many bfp we have. 8 bfp. 4 car seats is a lot! And here I was worried about Mary being so young still.......Good luck to you Flacie. I think I would like to have that many kids, but I am not sure we would be able to manage. We will see what happens after this


Cris - November 23

Welcome SN and Bek! Congrats Flacie that's wonderful and ya what's this about 4 car seats now?! lol! Dawn--glad ur app't went well--that's wonderful! Dionne--Don't give up yet, hopefully af still stays away for u! Jessica--glad they r moving dh--that's wonderful u get to see him more when he is moved!! Sian--good luck with ur test! Ashley--wow that's alot of people to buy for!! We just pick names now--our family is just too big. I am officially done my Christmas shopping!! Yay!! I like to get a head start be4 all the malls are jam-packed full!! It sucks this yr. my dh and i aren't decorating for Christmas :( we are moving Jan. 6th, so dh sees no point! Which i agree with him I guess, it's just Christmas is my most fav. time for decorating and i don't get to this yr! oh well. Anyways how are all our preggo ladies doing? Em--m/s gone away yet?--one more day!! Ashley--when r u telling people the wonderful news? Hopefully every1 is doing well! and an early Happy Thanksgiving to all of you Americans out there!! You guys probably won't be on alot this weekend so i thought i'd wish u all a happy Thanksgiving today!!


Jeanette - November 23

HI all! Someone is on the Ladies in Waiting thread asking all the preggos why are they still's getting crazy around here. Happy Thanksgiving to you All!


Jessica - November 23

Wow 8 Bfp's that's wonderful!!!!!!! Dont know when they're going to move dh he just said soon, he said to have the housephone with callforwarding to my cell just in case because it wont be free like it is now, it'll be a collect call like if he was in jail...I would love to have 4 carseats filled with children...Good luck!!!! Em - I'll be around, hanging with you on Friday....Waiting to hear whoelse is going to be around.



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