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Justine - April 26

As it's lovely and sunny outside, I thought it'd be nice to have a new thread to celebrate and also like I said before I want to see my name in red on the index page... sad I! Hope everyone is doing ok.


Justine - April 26

All is good with me although hayfever is wearing me down. I'm definitely not looking too great at the moment with swollen eyes and red nose from b__wing it. I have noticed that my baby girl has grown alot in the last week as I can feel her movements so strong now, particularly when she changes position and my whole belly rolls with her... very strange sensation! Carrie - i think the nursing a__sistant training sounds great especially if it's going to help you get out of dh's parents' house.


Carrie - April 26

Hello ladiea, how's everyone doing? Justine - you poor girl! You must be a sight! lol Red eyes and red nose and an ever growing belly on top of that. I'm sorry but just the thought of what you must look like is somewhat comical. As for me going to school for Nursing a__sistant, it's the only thing that looked interesting to me anymore. I always wanted to work in a daycare but had a change of mind. And i've always liked helping ppl, so this will be a good thing for me to get into. I talked to my os today and she said that our ys is being stupid...again. She's in her last month of pregnancy and refuses to go in for her weekly check ups. She doesn't see it as something that's neccessary. She said that if she feels a contraction, then she'll go in. My os spent an hour on the phone w/ her trying to tell her that the dr. has to keep an eye on her. But my ys is just being stupid and listening to her stupid dh that knows nothing about pregnancy. Dumb idiots! She's so stupid! Grrr!!!! Enough about that. Did you see that Britney Spears is preg. again!? So unfair! Dumb b*tch rides around with her baby in her lap and she's having another one! Why does God give stupid people, like that, babies. I'm not caling anyone her stupid, please don't see it as that way...after all we've all had our problems getting pg...some of us are still trying. But ppl like Britney Spears? Come on! Again...on to another subject. Gotta find a subject that doesn't p__s me off. lol I don't have to watch my Gma the rest of the week...yay!!! Tomorrow dh & I go to the dr., he has to see the dr....not me. Though my time will be coming soon...quite soon I think. I thought af was about to make an appearance...nothing. I don't know if I was imagining things or if it was real but my R. bb felt sore today. Maybe it was just my imagination, I'm not going to dwell on it....too much stress. Well, I've got to get garbage around and take it out. Have a good day all.


ashley - April 26

Carrie-any nursing home or medical facility usually will train you to be a Certified Nurse's a__sitant and they'll pay you while you train, though around here CNA's only make 7-9 dollars an hour. I wouldn't waste money on going to school for that when any nursing home will train you for free.


AshleyB - April 26

Hi ladies, Just thought I"d update you on me. I've been pretty sick lately. Today was my 1st doc appt and she gave me a zofran prescription for the sickness. anyway during my exam (pelvic, pap) I told the midwife that sometimes I cramp a bit after being really active, so she decided to do an u/s. Well, good and bad news. The baby is great, perfect little peanut measuring perfect 6wks 5days. With a beautiful little heartbeat. I was soooo happy. So baby is great so far. But I have a really big cyst on my right ovary that's 9cm the same size as my uterus. So they're referring my to a high risk obgyn for a second opinion. So I go there next friday. The cyst wasn't there in January when I had my last u/s. But that explains the cramping sometimes. They said not to worry, they think its either a corpus Luteal cyst or a Dermoid. ? Anyway they said it's strange shaped like it looks like it may be resolving itself. But I don't know. We'll see I guess. I was just soo happy to see that little heartbeat. I"m afraid to get so excited though, because last time the baby made it to 9wks, so there must have been a hb at some point there too. So, just take it day by day, but today was a good day!


Emily - April 27

Hey gals, how is everyone? Elisabeth, so sorry your u/s didn't go comepletely as planned. AshB, I understand your concerns.I didn't hear the heartbeat when I lost mine, but figured it had to be there at some point if I was at 10 weeks. When I saw Marcy's heartbeat for the first time, I was at 8 weeks, so it made me feel a little better. Well gotta run, work is really busy, will try to check in later....oh and AshB, good luck with your high risk doc. Hope everything goes well. Will be thinknig about you....


amyn - April 27

Hey ladies, Great news, I heard the baby's heart beat for the first time today, it was such a beautiful sound, approx 150 bpm, nurse said the heart beat was really strong. I taped it for DH, he'll be home next week!!!!!!!!! I have my ultrasound on May 25th to find out the s_x of the baby, I can't wait.. AshB, I will keep you in my thoughts... Let us know what the high risk doc says..


Justine - April 27

Hi everyone. Ashb - so glad to hear that you got to see your baby's heartbeat and Amy that you got to hear yours. Isn't it just the best. Emily - how are you doing? How many weeks are you now? I'm doing fine. My list of minor physical moans and complaints grows daily but as soon as that wriggling starts in my belly it makes me smile and forget all of that. We're hoping to buy our stroller this weekend so I was wondering whether anyone has any recommendations or suggestions?


michelle - April 27

hey everyone, i've been busy at work and found out last night that i get to help plan a "surprise" but not really anymore bridal shower and bachelorette party for my sis for may13th. so i'm gonna be a little busy bee. neway Justine, I know that my sister really wished she would have looked over the strollers more instead of just the looks of it. She said that she would have liked a stroller that the back sits straight up. hers it doesn't it reclines back more. and my nephew loves to sit up straight. not sure what else i could give you on suggestions or advice.


AshleyB - April 27

I don't really know a whole lot about the strollers, but make sure that you look at the weight of them. Some of those big cool ones are neat, but sooo heavy and a pain in the b___t to handle. so keep that in mind. Our mother's still say that those little umbrella strollers that are super easy and light are the best ones. But of course they are just not as cool looking. Good luck shopping. Have fun.


Carrie - April 28

Argh!!!! I just lost a post that I had typed out and amost ready to submit, darn stupid laptop keyboard! I have no idea what I hit to make everything go blank. Seeing as it's past 2am I'll just type it out later, when i'm more awake. Right now I have to get to bed, dh and I are going to the tech. college to talk w/ a counselor about the cla__ses I have to take. i want to work in the labor & delivery floor, the hosp. in my hometown always has an ad in the want ads for nursing a__sistants on that floor. i don't want to work in nursing homes, taking care of my gma has turned me off from that kind of work. Not my thing. There's a program here that's just under a year for the Nursing a__sistant, they ask that you take that cla__s and be certified to be able to work in the L&D/WIC (women & infant care). Oh...and dh was told by his dr. to start looking for a new job. I'll explain that later along with something we (dh and I) discussed today, right now I'm going to bed. Take care everyone.


Emily - April 28

Morning all. I forget to tell you yesterday, the doc called about my sugar test. I was at a baseball game in Saint Louis on Wed and he left a message on my cell. After the game (the cards won, yah!) I checked my messages and he had left me one that said he had very good news, and I knew what that ment but to call him at the office when I could. He left the message with his nurse that my sugar test came back normal! As for the stroller, justine, my advice, buy two. One of the big nice ones. They are great for when the baby is small. Spend the extra money on one that has the infant carrier that has a base that stays in the car. You leave the base in the car as your car seat and the carrier snaps in and out of it. It also snaps into the stroller and you dont have toe wake the baby everytime you go shopping or whatnot. They have a nice area underneath for the diaper bag or whatever you bring with you. They only draw back is that they are heavy. Once the baby outgrows the carrier, you will have to buy a converable car seat, but having the infant carrier at first is so very nice. Also the baby can still use the stoller with out the carrier. We still use ours on long trips and Mary is 21 months old. We spent about 120 on the stroller/carrier combo and about 100 on the convertable car seat. They bigger stolers are heaveir, but also easeir to handle. They are easier to push, and turn and most are very easy to use with just one hand....the umbrella strollers are nice for short trips with older babies where you will not need a diaper bag. ( they have no place for them) They are harder to push sometimes and too short for my dh. You can also get a smaller version of the big stroller (one without the carrier) that folds up pretty flat and is alot lighter weight. They aren't bad, my mom spent about 30 on hers I think. It maybe worth looking into one of those instead of am umbrella. they are still shorter and more hard to handle then the bigger one. I still recomend you at least buy one of the combos. They are worth it. AM I making any sense? That is my 2 cnets anyway......hope eveyone is doing good today. AshB, still thinking about you and hoping all is good with you and your little bean....I am now almost 32 weeks (on Sunday by lmp) (or today by sonagram) I have eight weeks to go...makes Justine and Ashley about 28 right???? Amyn so glad your dh is coming home soon. Will he be on a short leave or will he be home for awhile? Also isn't it great to hear the heartbeat? Bet you can't wait for your u/s. How many weeks are you now? Feeling the baby yet?


Emily - April 28

also Carrie, I have lost posts before, so I type them up in word and paste them into the forum......if I know it will be a longer one....


amyn - April 28

Hi all, Em - I'm 16 weeks, will be 17 on Tuesday, I have my ultrasound scheduleed for the 25th of May, I can't wait, they also give us a VHS tape of the ultrasound, guess we'll have to hook up our VCR to watch it. DH should be home for 6+ months but he is leaving for Vegas at the end of May for a week then again at the end of July. Have a nice weekend ladies..


Justine - April 28

Morning ladies. Thanks for your help and info with the strollers. I'll let you know what we decide on over the weekend. I'm so excited to go and buy one and of course it will involve a trip to babies r us which means no doubt I'll be buying cute baby clothes too. Emily - that's great that your glucose test results were normal. I've got mine in 2 weeks so I'm hoping for the same result. Carrie - that's exciting that you're finally going to get info about becoming a nursing a__sistant, let us know how that goes. Amy - you're almost 17 weeks already! I can't believe how fast time goes by. I bet you're so looking forward to dh coming home and being around until after the baby is born. Well, I'm off out for awhile. Have a great day everyone.


amyn - April 28

hey guys, I just got my AFP (is that right) blood test yesterday, I'm nervous for the results, even though I've decided if the results show a chance there is something wrong, I don't want an amnio.


amyn - April 28

Hey ladies that are really far along, do you remember if your docs measured the height of your fundus at every checkup? Cause they didn't measure mine this time and I didn't understand why. I'm sure I don't need to worry but I was just wondering



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