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ashley - March 4

Okay here we go..... A baby girl for Em, A baby girl for Justine and A baby boy for AshT. Terri is up next to find out! YAY. Good luck to all the TTC'ers! BABY DUST! We're waiting on a few others to find out too. Not sure when the others find out.


Justine - March 4

Good morning all. Ashley - i really like the name Preston, wasn't your other choice Nathan? Both are great. Did you manage to video your u/s yesterday, I hope you did as that would be such a lovely thing to keep. How's everyone else doing today? It's a lovely sunny but coolish day here today so I'm off out now to get some air and shop. Dh is away on business so I'm alone with the credit card...he he!


TerriL - March 4

BIG CONGRATS Ashley! A boy! I bet you are so excited. Could you see the boy parts really well? I always wondered if I could tell before the tech would tell me. Justine..I am planning a big shopping trip next weekend, so hopefully babe will cooperate and I can get a few things for him/her:0) Have a great day everyone! I am spring cleaning today.....I have a BAD case of spring


Carrie - March 4

Hey everyone, How's everyone doing? Things here are going just fine. Still haven't talked to dh about the Dr., we're going for a ride later today...just to get out of the house and away alone for some time so I was going to tell him then. I had the strangest dream last night! I had a dream like Michelle did, af showed and it was non stop! At least I think it was af that I dreamed of. I just know that I had gone to the bathroom in my dream and when I stood up (sorry, might be tmi) there was blood everywhere! On the toilet, on the seat, around the and out. and it was like a gorey murder scene. Then I had other dreams but none a__sociated with af like that..they were just weird..and detailed! I woke up thinking..what the heck was that about!? Anyway, Ash - is dh in a better mood now knowing that there's a little boy on the way? I like the name Preston...that's the name of my future nephew too! My ys decided on the name Preston Nile Edward, her dh wanted baby to have our dad's name in the name (Edward) - (majorly sucking up to our dad!). It's better than the name he had originally for the baby, Raphael Edward (he was pronoucing it Ray-fay-el) we told him that's not how you pronounce that name but he said it was, he even had my ys convinced that's how it was pronounced...stupids. OMG..I had such a pain yesterday! I was at my uncle's place waiting for my nephew to get his toys cleaned up so we could go. I wasn't doing anything, just sitting in a chair, and I had this sharp pain in my left side that lasted for about 20 seconds. It just knocked the breath out of me! I took a deep breath and held it til it went away, haven't had something like that happen for a while. And then earlier today I noticed that my bbs were kinda...I guess you could say, achey. I have one test left and I'm trying to wait the longest I can before I take it. Well, I think that's all for the time being. I'm gonna go check out the Baby POOPS page (Indie's page). Take care all!


Carrie - March 5 is really really quite here tonight. Where is everyone?


Dawn - March 5

Hello. Congraulations Em, Justine and AshT-its so exciting that you know what your having. I am having my 20 week scan a week tomorrow and I can't wait but I am a little nervous as I had a horrible dream last night that something was wrong with my baby. Well I am still at my mums in Wales, we are going home later on today. We haven't been able to do much since I got to my mums as we have had a week of snow. It feels more like winter here than spring. Well hope your all ok. Bye bye


Justine - March 5

Good morning all. Carrie - it was quiet on here yesterday. I'm afraid I indulged in a night of watching dvds as dh is away so I got the chance to watch all the movies I've wanted to see but knew he'd roll his eyes at. I had a great day shopping yesterday and bought a couple of items for the baby, I know it's still early but I just couldn't resist as they were so cute and of course pink...he he! I even managed to go swimming in the early evening. I also weighed myself at the gym and discovered I've been averaging gaining 11/2 pounds per week over the last few weeks. I suppose that's not too bad as I think 1 pound is the norm at this point, is that right? Dawn - try not to worry too much about your dream as we all have those fears and I know that I was so nervous before my u/s. You'll just be so amazed when you see how your little baby has grown over the last few months. Any intuition as to a boy or girl? Enjoy a nice Sunday ladies.


ashley - March 5

Good morning...Sorry I went shopping with MIL. Dh still has not told them. He's pretty excited about having a boy. I don't know why he's not telling his folks yet. Dh likes desmond for a boy I like Preston. I don't think Preston Desmond sounds very good. We'll see what pans out. I bought a winnie the pooh outfit for the baby before finding out the s_x, and yesterday bought two little things, he he. I couldn't resist either Justine. My friend already dropped off a box full of her sons clothes, some of which I had bought for her. I found a really good sale at the gap when she was pregnant and went overboard! So she gave them back. they are really cute too! Anyway. I better go get ready for church.


Justine - March 5

Ashley - is the winnie the pooh outfit from target as i saw some lovely things in there and bought a yellow fluffy towel for the baby with winnie on. my other things were onesies which i bought from baby gap. they also had gorgeous little summer dresses in there but they were like $35 each and as she only wears them for a couple of months i managed to resist... for now... he he!


AshleyPros - March 5

just thought I would say good morning ladies!


AshleyB - March 5

Hi ladies. Well cd1 for me. :( AF reared her ugly head today, right on time. At least its regular. I was kinda worried that my cycle would be off track since the m/c. Because this is the first one since the first one, ya know and it took almost 6wks to come back last month. But, 28days on the dot. No november baby for me. Now I have to decide if we should try again or not. I really want to, but I'm worried about the Christmas birthday thing if I were to get pg. Ok so if we get it next time the due date would be Dec 10th, which wouldn't be too bad unless I was 2wks late that would be Christmas eve. And the next month if we were to get it would be Jan 7th. That's still a bit too close , you know if I were early or whatnot. But if I wait then if I were to get into clinicals on the first try the baby would only be 6months old or less. I don't think that's a good idea. Ashley what do you think? Do you think it would be too hard to do clinicals with such a small baby? I'm so afraid of that. But then if I don't get in on the first try it'll be a whole another year. So if we wait a__suming I get in on first try and then don't, I'll have wasted like 18months. Ughh! I don't know what to do.


TerriL - March 5

Hi everyone! Hope you all are enjoying your Sunday. AshleyB, sorry about af, but at least you are back on track. I have a December 13th baby. Her due date was Dec 26th, which freaked me out at first, but she came early and it works out good. Dawn, I am having the same anxious feeling as you. I go in for u/s this Tues, and I pray everything looks good. I am off to make some lunch. I can't wait to go shopping next weekend. Take care.


michelle - March 5

hey everyone, kristen emailed me back and is doing good. she has been busy w/work. she says to send everyone her love.


ashley - March 5

Just signing on to say goodnight. I start my 4-day clinical tomorrow at the state mental hospital-now shouldn't that be fun! Anyway, I wont be on much because I get up early and get home late (its an hour drive one way) but i'll try to pop in in the am and after I get home. Good luck to every body waiting for bfp/ultrasound or what have you!


michelle - March 6

starting a monday thread



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