Baby Poops Are The Greatest

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Carrie - November 22

yeah! Baby Poops. What a great bunch a gals! Glad to have found you thanks again.


Hi Carrie from Dionne - November 22

I definately second that.


huh"? - November 23



ashley - November 23

I agree..........Cause I sure am sick of seeing the other stupid c___p people post on here. I think you know what I am talking about carrie lol.


Em - November 23

I second that, baby poops are the greatest....


Jessica - November 23

Yayyyyyyyyyyy, I agree...Poops are the best!!!!!


Sian - November 23

We are the best! I Love the Poops! Yeah!


?? - November 23

why are you the best? there are alot of nice threads with wonderful women on here...just curious...


Em - November 23

why can't we all get along. Ashley is just sayong some of it is a little strange. I mean serouisly. She isn't saying that some of the other threads aren't helpful. We just happen to belong to baby poops and its the greatest! (for us)


ALlie - November 23

you are just jealous because they are such a great group! I just joined their group because it seems so nice and better than the other threads!


!!!! - November 23

Have you even read the thread? Only one was single. And had a very good reason to have baby thank you. The rest of us are all happily married and want a baby as bad as everyone else.


Carrie - November 23

well, I just love the Poops group and they have lots of bfp. so I think we are great!


Carrie - November 23

why must you bring us down? we have the nicest group of ladies, please come and join us...


Rah Rah - November 23

go team go! Sis Boom Bah and away we go! Go Poops!!!!!Yeah!


WTF? - November 23

Carrie, I'm not trying to bring you guys down. I'm sure most of you are a nice bunch of ladies, but some of your girls have been running around bashing other people, and it's just not nice.


Carrie - November 23

which girls were bashing because I will have to talk to them about that.We have a reputation to uphold.thanks.


WTF? - November 23

To be honest, I don't know which ones they were and can't be bothered searching through the posts to find out. Most were pretty general but basically just bashing anyone who wasn't part of the clique. There was one person in particular that I saw someone saying something snotty to, but I don't remember either of the names.



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