Baby Poops Part 48 Weekend

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Carrie/CLynn - November 26

Hey girls. I think it is safe to chat again.


Kerri - November 26

All you ladies with a BFP, could you PLEASE inform us of your symptoms and how soon they started after O-ing???!!!


NOOOOOO - November 26

Trouble is back!!!!!


Em - November 26

well, my symptoms were not very noticeable until I got my bfp. I got it on the 2nd try. I am very lucky and dd Mary is so happy!good luck.


Kerri - November 26

Em- How far after ovulation did you test? I have a lot of symptoms and I am only 6 dpo. Its already driving me crazy but I dont want to be disappointed with a BFN!


Em - November 26

you better wait until around 9-10 dpo but that can still give neg, 11-2 dpo would give you more accurate but it is possible to get 9-10 dpo result. There are ladies on the our Baby Poops thread that got + on 9 dpo and some got it 10 dpo. WE have had 8 BFPs this month!! Good luck to you!!


Kerri - November 26

Em- where can I read on the baby poops thread? How far along are you??


Em - November 26

well, Baby Poops are having some troubles right now, but we have a plan to make a come back. I;ll keep you posted.


Hey - November 26

just because we had somebody with a dh going to jail don't me we are white trash. She loves her dh even though he cheated! back off please...


Dawn (DS) - November 26

Hi Ladies. I haven't been on here for a few days and i'm a little shocked and annoyed at some prats can make trouble on a tread just as I was getting to know you all and have some fun. You all can't run away when there is a little trouble you just have to try and ignore them. Pleas come back girls.


well, - November 26

he got his wedding ring finger b__wn off, so everything is ok now. They love each other and that's all that matters.


Carrie (the real Carrie) - November 26

Hello, Well I see someone started a new thread under my name. I swear that it wasn't me! This is the first time I have been on this thread all day, I've been chatting w/ my grandmother til she had to go and make something for supper. I really wish people would grow up and act their age, not their shoe size. I have very young cousins that act more mature than these imposters! Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving.


yeah right - November 26

I know this isn't the real Carrie because she is only on our yahoo site. You will never be able to get on there!


Ann - November 26

Ok all of you funny girls- I have been reading alot of your posts ( on baby poops part 1-48) and I would like to wait it out with you. I want a baby too.. I saw the invite on a thread I was on and hoped I could join. 36 ttc for 22mths , m/c nov 5th,2005. When Will I get some of that dust you girls keep giving out??


Carrie (the real Carrie) - November 26

Ann...that's what I'd like to know! lol I am a real member of the Baby POOPS and you're more than welcomed to join us. Right now we're having some problems with an imposter, this person(s) has been coming onto our thread for the past week and posting messages by just about every member in this thread. For the time being most of the girls are staying away, we're hoping this infantile moron gets a maturity growth and gets lost...soon! Please don't let that scare you away though. These ladies are great and very supportive.


Carrie (the real Carrie) - November 26

see what i mean? that post about my dh wasn't me, in fact my dh is sleeping right now!


Carrie (the real Carrie) - November 26

to the imposter - yeah..okay. you too smooth fo' me! **moron!** Ann - unfortunately i'm not one with a bfp..but i hope to be soon! lol I'm in a cold weather state too! We had snow just about all day yesterday, not heavy, it stayed light all day but we got maybe a half an inch. Right now it's 28 degrees. Dh and i are to Christmas shopping for the kids (his niece and my 2 nephews) after he wakes up. I want to get the shopping done but I'm not looking forward to going outside!



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