Baby Poops Weekend

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ashley - June 2

Well I em- I don't normally "show off" my stomach, but I do usually wear a two-piece baithing suit for one pieces make my hips look ginormous. I won't complain or say much until I see how the end result is and see if they fade. Justine-with my first I went my ENTIRE pregnancy with out getting stretch marks and then like the night before I went into labor I started to notice a redish blemish one on each side and then during labor when the baby dropped I got two small ones on each side, but they faded so much that you couldn't even tell they were anything. These ones are climbing higher and up to almost the level of my belly button. I am starting to get them on my hips and top of my legs where they meet the groin area.. YIKES. To much weight gain to fast I guess. Carrie-good to hear from you. WILL YOU GO THE DANG dr already and see whats going on. The wait is killing me, LOL. We are rooting for you... I just can't believe af just stopped.... sighhhhh. Mich__le last month of clomid? What does doc say about it if no luck? Well we wont think like that right... but for extra good luck make your appointment to see her anyway, assuming you wont and then you wont NEED the appointment he he. Worked for a couple gals right Justine??? lol A friend came over yesterday and we got the border up in Little Pooh's room. It looks so cute. Next challenge... get the crib up. I worked out in my garden for a little bit earlier. I replanted some peas for my two rows were pretty sparse. I had maybe 5-7 plants in each row, instead of the 20-30 there should be. The plants were like 5 feet arpart, lol. I am going to plant a few more beans since I have some seeds left over as they filled in better than the peas but there still is some bear spots in a couple of places......... So justine, we are like 32 weeks 3 days today..... we could have these babies as soon as like 4 weeks 4 days!!! we would be 37 weeks by then, lol. Em speaking of being 37 weeks, my goodness that right around the corner. Are you just so ready to have this baby come out?? I think once 37 weeks comes along I am going to be jumping up and down, having lots of bd sessions, eating spicy foods and anything I can to move things along so that I dont go past 40 weeks, lol. I am sorta worried though. My mom had a really long first labor and the next two were super fast! Her second she said she darn near had my brother in the parking lot. She said the head was RIGHT there and they barely got her to the birthing room and he was OUT. Similar story with me except she got to the birthing room and kept telling the nurse the baby was coming and mom said I just slid out on the table and the nurse turned around in time to catch me.. lol. I was early though and was transferred to a different hospital and put in the NICU as I was early by about 6 weeks they think. My mom said her due date wasn't until the end of August or something and she had me on the 7 of july. I was unplanned so they were never really exactly sure when I was due, but I wasn't breathing on my own and I weighted 5 lbs 1/2 oz so where ever that would put me. Probably around 34-35 weeks gestation wouldn't ya think? Well now I just talked ot much so I will try again later.


michelle - June 2

yes ashley last month on clomid. My doc didnt say then what. Maybe she will refer me to a fertility specialist but who knows. I think that i may not be ovulating but that is what the clomid is suppose to help do. so if i am i think i am o'ing late in cycle thats y af comes so late. but we will see. maybe after this month if nothing then i will use the opk's. who knows. well my sister has now given me the infant car seat. so now i have 3 bags full of clothes, an infant car seat and any day she will make me take the ba__sinet. now all i need is a growing baby in tummy. lol.


Justine - June 2

Ashley - so far my belly is the only area that has escaped stretch marks as they're all over my bbs from the pg and I already had them on my bum and hips so I can't believe I'm going to get through the rest of the this pg without them splurging all over my belly as I seem to be prone to them pg or! It sounds like you're ready with your nursery. Have you packed your hospital bag yet? I've just begun to buy stuff and will start packing it soon as I don't want to be waking up at 3am in early labour and then frantically running around the house trying to get packed. I think I'm also going to start washing the baby's clothes and blankets this weekend and will try and get dh to put the ba__sinet together. I know it's still pretty early yet but I just feel like I need to be doing something as I can tell that time is already beginning to drag and I'm getting impatient now to meet my baby girl. Have you any idea what position your baby is lying? I think mine is head down with her body leaning to the right and both her feet tucked comfortably (for her, not me!) under my ribs. When I was at yoga on Wednesday we had to do some exercises where you sat down and leant forward but each time I tried to she would give me a firm kick under the ribs so I guess she didn't like that particular exercise. Oh well, baby's in charge, right...he he!


Justine - June 2

Michelle - pleeea__se try the opks just to check when you're ovulating. you could also back it up with taking your temp as this confirms with a temp dip whether you're ovulating for sure or not. other than that if you get referred to an re it could be a good thing as both cris and i started to go down that path only to find out we were already pg before all the big tests began so hopefully our luck would continue for you.


michelle - June 2

yeah hopefully. I'm not sure i could be so commited to charting and everything. so i will start out w/the opks. I'm thinking if af doesn't come everymonth and skips months then i think my ob would refer me to the re. i've spoken w/the girls on clomid club and they cant believe that i'm not seeing an re. well anyway. if i dont get pg this month then next month we are not going to try or probably the month after that as our bristol nascar trip is planned in march and dont want to be due that month or the month after. if you know what i mean.


michelle - June 2

Oh Ashb i'm so glad that everything went well. I'm sorry that you have been sick from the surgery and hopefully things get better soon. I had forgotten that you were only 12 weeks.


AshleyB - June 2

OOps, I accidentally posted this on the other weekend thread, so here it is again.....Hi everyone. Sorry it's been so long. I've been mostly in bed since the surgery. Well, I'm ok, and so is the baby. They had to take my right ovary. It was one of those dermoids. I had to stay in the hospital till sunday afternoon. I was very sick the whole time I was there, which was very painful with the incision and everything. It was all downright awful. I couldn't walk, pee, situp or scootch in bed. I'm much better now. I can get up and about better. Went to the doc this morning and they took out my staples, I had 17 of them. They sliced me from belly b___ton to just above my pubic bone. They ended up using the general anesthesia, and when they woke me up right after the surgery they did an u/s and there was baby, moving all around in there. So that was good. Then they gave me another one before I left on sunday, and the h/b was still good. This little one is a fighter, I"m telling ya! Sticking around for the long haul it seems, fighting the odds. Thank God!! I'm 12wks today. I've lost 14lbs!! Crazy huh? I"m sure I'll make up for it later. Still sick, but not quite as bad. Hope everyone is ok, I"m just now trying to catch up. Thanks for all the prayers.


amyn - June 2

AshB you brought a tear to my eye. You are a strong women and you definitly have a fighter. He/She isn't going any where, he/she knows mommy needs him/her. You take care of yourself and stay still and rest so you can get your energy back.. Take care and I'm sooooooooo happy you and the baby are ok.


Justine - June 2

Ashb - good to have you and your little one back with us. i'm so happy that you're both ok and that you're beginning to feel better after your surgery. take care, relax and put your feet up... you deserve it.


Dawn - June 2

AshB- i'm so glad your feeling better and that you littleone is ok. How long have the drs said you should rest for now? Ashley-I get dh to check my tummy everday for any stretch marks. I have two small ones on one of my b___bs and some on both my hips, and top of my legs from puberty. Michelle-You should really try the opks, when dh and I were ttc i had very irregular periods 28-50, so I wasn't sure if I ovulated and then about two months after using the opk I became pregnant. I haven't started packing my hospital bag yet, I think I will leave it until I'm about 35 weeks. dh and I are going to buy the pram the end of this month and we are going to visit my mum on the 16th of June for the weekend and she wants to buy the baby's cot.


michelle - June 3

Dawn & Justine thanks for the recommendation. Since today is cd 18 u think it too late to start using the opks this month? and when do u start to use them everymonth?


Emily - June 3

Morning all. I am so glad that AshB is doing good and that littel one is holding on. Must make recovory easier at least in the mental section. So sorry they had to take an overy. Will you and dh want more kids after this little one? At least you have one working one. I wish I knew what to say to make you feel better (if you need it at all) I cant' say I know what you are going through. Just know I am thinking/praying for you and your little one. Justine I also have strech marks on my hips. I got those in college though. They faded when I lost some wieght wehn I was pregnant with mary. I am lucky on the baby stuff thing. All my stuff is already/still put together. Just have to haul it out of hte closets. well gotta go as Mary is trying to type as well and it makes it hard tp get anything out


michelle - June 3

i'm glad i'm not the only one who has gotten stretch marks w/out pregnancy. I used to be real pet_te in h.s. and active runner and when i got out of h.s. (high school) i stopped doing that so i've gained some weight and i have them on my inner thighs and on my sides (not very many on sides though). I get insecure about them and i really want to start being an avid runner again and make them go away. lol. emily how are u feeling. only couple more weeks left for u


Justine - June 3

Morning ladies. It's my baby shower this afternoon...yey! I managed to find an nice non-maternity outfit to wear which will make a refreshing change from my usual jogging bottoms and stretchy t-shirts... I'm sure dh will! Michelle - it's probably too late to use the opks this month although it's worth a try just to see what happens. Usually you want to start using them a couple of days before you think you might ovulate in order to see the change in the test line and to start bd in advance. I found that I was ovulating around cd12 (but I only had short cycles) so my test line would start to change 24-36 hours before that. As your new to this, I'd start testing fairly early in your cycle so you can see a definite change in the test line when it happens so maybe around cd12 in your case. It'll be abit more expensive to start as you'll probably need to test for a few days but usually you get around 7 sticks in a packet unless you can buy in bulk online. I used Clearblue Easy and found them very easy and clear to use (just like it says on the packet!). Good luck with them. Have a great weekend all.


Dawn - June 3

Gosh it is hot here in England and I'm melting. Michelle-Becuase my periods where so irregular I never knew when I was close to ovulation time to test the opks so I had to first look for other signs such as EWCM and cervical position. As soon as I noticed the EWCM I would then use the opks everyday until I got a positive. Hope that helps-Good luck. Justine-Have fun at your baby shower.


michelle - June 3

thanks, the only month i really noticed the ewcm was in december. haven't noticed it since then, but that might be from the clomid. so i guess i will just buy them in bulk. lol. lateley i've been feeling really bloated. the other day dh asked if i was preg. i said probably not just bloated. so hmm. and earlier today my stomach felt weird. cant describe it. I can't remember if i mentioned that the other night i had a dream that i was pg w/trips and got mad at the docs office cause i was 3 months preg by the time they could figure out what was going on. all the other appts everything came back neg. so i've been wondering what that dream was all about. i wish i could a___lize them. Justine have fun at your baby shower those are always so fun.


ashley - June 3

Justine-hope you have a wonderful baby shower. Be sure to fill us in on all the goodies you get! I got so much neat stuff at mine. Em-I can't believe how close you are!!!!!! Keep us posted on signs, lol. Carrie-if you don't like watching your grandma any more nad its to stressful I agree with you about finding another job... Do whats right for you! Michelle-well I sure hope this is your month! I will keep my toes crossed and fingers ofcourse. I have never been on clomid so I couldn't tell you what it does to your body.. I would try the OPK's anyway. Find some cheapies on the net and just see. YOu seem to have long cycles so you may O late. good luck. Dawn-its been warm here too. I would like to see what england looks like though. Bet its just beautiful. Well we are having a BBQ today and so far the weather is holding! YAY. oh well its only suppose to have isolated thunder showers, so thats hit and miss. Well check back in later girls. by for now.



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