Baby Poops Weekend

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ashley - June 3

Justine-hope you have a wonderful baby shower. Be sure to fill us in on all the goodies you get! I got so much neat stuff at mine. Em-I can't believe how close you are!!!!!! Keep us posted on signs, lol. Carrie-if you don't like watching your grandma any more nad its to stressful I agree with you about finding another job... Do whats right for you! Michelle-well I sure hope this is your month! I will keep my toes crossed and fingers ofcourse. I have never been on clomid so I couldn't tell you what it does to your body.. I would try the OPK's anyway. Find some cheapies on the net and just see. YOu seem to have long cycles so you may O late. good luck. Dawn-its been warm here too. I would like to see what england looks like though. Bet its just beautiful. Well we are having a BBQ today and so far the weather is holding! YAY. oh well its only suppose to have isolated thunder showers, so thats hit and miss. Well check back in later girls. by for now.


amyn - June 4

Hey girls, Happy Sunday! So I need your opinion. Ok Friday and Saturday I hadn't felt Jack move a whole lot so I was of course worrying, well Friday night and Sat. night in my dreams I could physically feel him move, it was that real. Do you think it was just my subconsious (sp) playing tricks on me because I had been thinking about him moving all weekend or do you think he is actually awake and moving around during the night and I am really feeling him but it just plays out in my dreams?? hmmm weird huh.. Anyways nothing new here, still not showing a whole lot, normal aches and pains (ligaments) but however he was moving alot this morning when I woke up. Take care ladies.. and have a great week.


ashley - June 4

amy-I have had dreams that I was feeling the babe move and I woke up and he was.... so its very likely he could have been moving while you are sleeping. Im sure he does...


ashley - June 4

justine-hope your baby shower went well!! our BBQ went really good. I had a lot of fun. Tonight I feel like the baby is going to "fall" out!! I can feel a hand wiggling or moving down there so low like in my pupic region... DH was pushing on the b___t and when he pushed I could feel the babys head push down on my pubic region as well...sighhh. I took a walk and looked at the baby kitties in the barn and it wa__sso hard because there is just so much pressure from the baby's head. I have another OB appointment tomorrow. I think starting at 36 weeks I'll ask my doc if she can do an internal to see if I am doing anything. Em-you must be getting so excited! Just think you are now considered TERM..... Justine you and I just have 4 weeks about until we are considered TERM! YAY. Dawn you are not to far behind just a few days correct? Wow we have been getting tons of thunderstorms today. My stupid cat is scared of them and follows me around all crouched down and Well I hope every one had a great weekend. Heres to another week that will go by fast! I can't wait to hold this baby and rock him and kiss him. OH I am going to post a couple pics on the YAHOO site of little bubs room okay! Sorry Carrie its cla__sic pooh but it still looks cute. :-)


ashley - June 4

okay posted three pictues and put them in a new album labled miscellaneous 2


Emily - June 5

Morning ladies. Ashley, I love the baby's room. I am a pooh bear fan though. My dd loves it too. She watches Pooh at least once a day. She also is on a Grinch kick. Even though we try to explain that it is June and the Grinch is a Christmas thing. But she isn't even two and she just looks at you like, so are we gonna watch it or not....and you just can't resist those eyes. Anyway, I have been sleeping like sh** excuse the language. I just can not get comfy. Also I am having cramps. They get really intense sometimes. I have another appointment tomorrow. I am anxious to see if I have changed any. I have not had any other signs of labor. Just the cramps and they are very irregular. come and go kinda thing. I have been really wet lately, but nothing that resembles a mucus plug. Sometimes I get a clear little glob, but nothing that is brownish or tinged liek I saw when I lost my plug with Mary. After I stared to lose my plug with Mary, it was 12 hours before the contractions started, but even they were irregular and it was another 24 in addition to the 12 before they were regular. Then it was just that they got alot stronger and never any close together than 15 minutes. My water never realy gushed or anything. It started to trickle at about 48 hours after the mucus plug started. Then 24 hours after that, I had Mary. So we shall see how this one goes. I am getting excited. Can't wait now.....


ashley - June 5

Em-you are about 37 weeks now aren't you?? GETTING CLOSE! I can't wait until im 37 weeks because then I know its "safe" to go into labor at any time and it could be any day and will give me something to look foward too. Want to ask every one's opinion...... I want to go to New Mexico to see my mom/dad and sister. My parents just moved up there a few months ago and since dh is going to be working some long hours and nothing to do I wanted to drive up there with DD and just hang out. Do you think its a dumb idea? Dh really does not want me to go. Im going to ask the docs opinion today, but wanted yours too.


Dawn - June 5

Justine-How was your baby shower? Ashley-I am 32 weeks today so I think that makes me a week or just under a week behind you and Justine? How long a drive is New Mexico from where you live? Em-I can't believe how close you are now to having your baby, how exciting. Had a very bad night sleep last night mostly due to my dh snoring all night but also I'm still getting alot of pain in my lower abdo area when the baby moves and she was very active last night. I have a hospital apointment this wednesday for a scan and to see the consultant to make sure everything is ok after my kidney infection so will have to ask them about the pain. Ashley-Did you find out if it was an infection that you had?


Justine - June 5

Hi everyone. Ashley - I love the design you chose for the crib, it's very cute. I don't know about driving to New Mexico as it does seem like quite a long way and could get uncomfortable for you after awhile. I know that I couldn't face such a long drive right now and especially in this heat as it's just so hot. I have to admit it's making me very irritable and poor dh has once again been evicted to the spare room as I can't sleep at night. My baby shower was alot of fun and almost everyone turned up so there was a fun buzzing atmosphere as well. Most people had used my registry and we got some really great gifts, ie. baby bouncer, sling, bedding, bath goodies, towels, blankets, diaper bags, sleep sacks and of course lots of very cute clothes. If the pics have come out ok, I'll post a couple on the yahoo site later today. Em - do you think the cramps could be a sign that things are getting going or is that normal to cramp a few weeks before? I am so excited for you that you're almost there and Ashley, like you, I'm just willing these last few weeks away. Dawn - good luck with your scan on Wednesday, at least it will be an excuse to get another look at your baby. How is everyone else doing today?


ashley - June 5

hello every one..... had my ob appointment today. And surprise surprise I am up to 36 lbs of weight gain and am measuring to 35 weeks.. lol Baby's heart beat was 135 ish. She said she would do an internal at my next appointment when she did the group b strep test. Em-are you hanging in there?? when is your exact due date? I am bad at math. and I have a bad memory. Doc said she didn't recommend me going to New Mexico and driving. grrr im going to be bored. She did give me permission to take lots of naps and to just enjoy being bored and having nothing to do, lol. Well im off to bed. Wanted to check in.


Emily - June 6

Morning all. Ash, I wouldn't have recomended the drive to New Mexico either, but that is just me. My doc had told me we could go to as many Cardinal games as we wanted as long as I felt up to it, but that is only a 2 and 1/2 hour drive and he told me to make sure and take a couple of breaks, so I can only imagine driving all the way to NM. My due date isn't until June 24, so about 2 and a half weeks. Oh when I say it that way, having the baby early isn't so early is it? I have another appoinmtnet today and can't wait to see if all those cramps are doing any good or not. My dh doesn't even wnat to bd right now. As if you are close it can speed up labor, and he doesn't want me to have the baby till after Sunday! silly, and he knows it. He did say that whenever God and Macy decided it was ready would be good. (well that is nice to know cause it really isn't up to us....) well gotta run. Hope everyone is doing well. anyone heard from Elisabeth lately? Wondering how everyone is doing. Hioping Michelle and Carrie are good too. And Dionne and Chris and Terri. Will have to send a baby poops e-mail out soon to check on everyone.....well really gotta run this time.


kristen - June 6

hey girls i know i have been mia for awhile..alot has been going on in my life right now.. i am living bk with my parents and it looks like i will b getting a divorce sometime soon...not sure exactly when this will happen since there is sometings to b taken care of that way... but i am doing ok am not preg yet...which right now is probably a good thing..i just want to get my life in order first...i will keep u all informed on how things r going !! How is everyone??


Justine - June 6

Emily - you are so close. How are you feeling, nervous, excited or just happy to be so close to holding your new baby girl? Ashley - have you had any more cramping or has that all stopped now? I'm feeling better now than I have done for the whole pregnancy. The iron tablets have helped with my fatigue, I've none of the usual pregnancy niggles apart from being able to get comfortable at night and being unable to breathe after climbing the stairs but other than that I feel great although the baby's feet seem to have taken root under my ribs...ouch! I've got an ob appointment today, when do they start to do internals to check for effacement and dilation? Kristen - I'm sorry to hear that you're having such a difficult time right now. I hope that soon things get better for you. Emily - we should definitely send out some mia emails as I'd love to hear how Terri, Dionne, Chris and Elisabeth are doing.


ashley - June 6

Justine-mine likes to put his feet under my ribs too!! He is head down, WAY down and I can feel his hands or something way low in the pelvic region. HIs but is sitting to my left side and looks like he likes that position. Doc felt him and confirmed all this, lol. Justine- I asked my OB when they normally started doing internals and she said "we can do one at your next appointment when we do your group B strep test. I think normally around 36 weeks though, when you start going weekly. Each doc is different so ask him next time you see him, which I know is today, but you may have left already.


ashley - June 6

wooops accidently sent that too fast. I wasn't done posting. I am still getting some cramps. My BH contractions come really close at night it seems, not as frequently during the day. Some times i get such pain in my cervix area from this little one bouncing his head or what ever on it. Em-refresh my memory, you have had one internal now right? I'll have to go back and read. You'll get one today im sure and im sure you'll tell us how it went. Sheesh I can't believe how close you are!!!!!! Today is 6-6 and your due date is the 24th!!!! 18 days!!! YEAH. Justine and I will be 35 weeks and 4 days! Dawn about a week behind that. WOW im so excited! Kristen-holy cow you were MIA for quite a while. Im sorry to hear that you are getting the big D :-( Yeah that might put a damper on getting pregnant. Is there any hopes of working things out? I don't know that I have every one's email to send out a baby poops email, but I will try if people add who we need to and foward it on so we all have the right emails.


Justine - June 6

Ashley - sometimes the baby presses so low it feels like she is coming out and it is very uncomfortable. i don't mind the little feet under my ribs so much until she produces a particularly fine kick against the bone which does hurt! as for the bh, i only really get them when i exert myself which at the moment isn't very often as i can't breathe once i move faster than snail! my ob appointment is this afternoon so i'll ask about the internals then. do i also need to ask about the group b strep test or is that done automatically? sorry for so many questions but i'm still very new to all of this! Yesterday i was so organised and finally washed all of Emma's clothes, bedding and blankets and IRONED them much to dh's amus____nt who said it'll probably be the first and last time that they ever see an iron... he's right but they do all look so cute now. Tonight, if I can get dh to agree to yet another trip to babiesrus, i'm hoping to get the rest of the things that we need and then i'll be good to go whether or not she decides to come early or late. as this is my first and your second ashley, it's likely that your little guy is going to beat us to it but you never know...



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