Baby Poops Weekend

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Justine - June 6

Ashley - sometimes the baby presses so low it feels like she is coming out and it is very uncomfortable. i don't mind the little feet under my ribs so much until she produces a particularly fine kick against the bone which does hurt! as for the bh, i only really get them when i exert myself which at the moment isn't very often as i can't breathe once i move faster than snail! my ob appointment is this afternoon so i'll ask about the internals then. do i also need to ask about the group b strep test or is that done automatically? sorry for so many questions but i'm still very new to all of this! Yesterday i was so organised and finally washed all of Emma's clothes, bedding and blankets and IRONED them much to dh's amus____nt who said it'll probably be the first and last time that they ever see an iron... he's right but they do all look so cute now. Tonight, if I can get dh to agree to yet another trip to babiesrus, i'm hoping to get the rest of the things that we need and then i'll be good to go whether or not she decides to come early or late. as this is my first and your second ashley, it's likely that your little guy is going to beat us to it but you never know...


tucker12 - June 6

Hey Kristen, I am sorry to hear what you are going through...are you still going to try and have a baby??? Keep us posted.


Dawn - June 6

Justine-Thats very good of you to have already washed and ironed your littleones things, I haven't even thought about that yet. I think my baby is in the breech position, as she was when i had a scan at 30 weeks and most of her kicks are very low down, I don't think I will have much of a bladder left when she is born. I do however feel a lot of rolls under my rib area, but I will see tomorrow when I go for my scan again if she is still breech. Well I am home alone now until Saturday as dh has gone to Belgium to do four whisky tasteings. Kristen-Sorry to hear that things are not going to well at the moment-Hope things get better soon. Well I am off to bed now and I will let you all know tomorrow how my scan and consultant appointment went.


michelle - June 6

hey everyone. glad to here that no one on here has had their baby today as of yet. that would be awful to have today as a bday. neway i'm still around just in another waiting game, oh well. don't know if i o'd yet. today is cd 21. i'm not counting on af coming on cd 28-34 cause its been messy the last couple of months. oh well. Kristen i'm sorry to hear about what is going on in your life right now. I really hope things get better for you. good thing is aleast your still young. Right. Keep you head up high. Wow we have so many ppl that are really far along in their preg. I hope everyone has a safe preg. And emily i hope you have marcy on june 25. LOL. my bday. well ttyl i just thought i would check in w/everyone. How is Carrie, Lacey, AmyB, Dionne, Cris, Terri & Elizabeth doing?


ashley - June 6

hey michelle good to hear from you....Oh boy I had a long day. I mowed FIL/MIL's yard, and tore up the old tomatoe patch they had at thier place. I had to weed and work the soil and then put some top soil down and plant MIL's new tomatoes that I grew this year..... WOW talk about make me over heat and sweat. IT was so warm today. I took a ride with DH on the 4-wheeler up in the feild and looked at the baby geese at the pond behind our house. They have like 1000 acres to run around on so its very pretty. We ran into a skunk and watched our dog try and play with it. Thankfully the dog didn't get sprayed, lol. Justine how was your doc appointment? My next OB appointment is June 22 and I'll be 35 weeks 2 days preggo..I start weekly after that and I see Dr. Peters, the OB that delivered DD because the one I have been seeing was gone that week... Great I get to get a check by him, lol. I am beat so I think im going to go take a bath and relax!! Em you just had your appointment too didn't you? How did that go? My ob asked me if my memory was going and I said YES and she said get more sleep, lol. I forget everything so sorry if I repeat myself!


Dawn - June 7

I have just got back from having my scan at the hospital and I have to have 2 more scans, 1 next week and 1 again the week after. The consultant said that my baby had a very good growth spurt over the past two weeks but she is still lower than normal and also the fluid around the baby is low so they want to keep an eye on that and make sure it doesn't go any lower. I'm a little worried about having all these scans as it can't be that good for the baby. I have a midwife appoinment next Tuesday so I will talk to her about it. Oh and the baby is still breech, the consultant said that is ok for now but they will also need to keep an eye on that and if the baby doesn't turn then they will try and turn her. I wish dh was here as I feel really c___p now after the results.


Emily - June 7

Morning all. Kristen so sory to hear of your troubles. We are hear for you! keeping you in my thoughts. Michelle, hoping you get at least back to normal cycles, but really hoping for your bfp soon. Dawn, the u/s scans are not harmful to baby as long as they are done at your clinic or hospital by someone trained in using the machine. So don't worry on that pat. It must be tough to have dh so far away at the momment. Keep us informed and I will def keep you in my prayers also. I had my appoinmtnet yesterday. He did the 2nd internal. About a cm and a hlf is what he siad. If it goes at this rate of 1/2 cm a week, it will take forever! I know once labor gets started it will go quicker. He made sure I had his beeper number. The one encouraging thing is he said hoefully beofre the weekend we will be having an baby. He also got the formal report from the radiologist about my last u/s. The techs prelim repost said the placenta previa or whatever had corrected itself but according to the radiologist, it is still low. both internals he did said he could feel only the baby's head. But he would keep an eye out and if at anytime he felt spongy placenta or I was bleeding we may have to talk about a c-section. He is thinking though that the baby's head will keep the placenta out of the way and I will be able to delivery v____ally. So hoping for that. And on another good note. THe insurance aproved my hospital stay! I was pre registered for the hospital stay and got the letter from the insurance co that they appoved my stay! sor whatever reason I find it funny. Insurance companys kill me. I am a little discouraged getting impatient. I know I do not have that particular virtue. The baby is at least in position and has been since around 29 weeks or so although she was alo head down at 20 weeks but was still small enough she could flip easily. Her head is resting on the cervix and her back and b___t are along my right side and her feet are curled around teh op of my stomach to the left. I can feel her kick me in the left side alot and can feel her b___t pop out in my right side now and then. Also can feel what I am a__suming are her hands lower in my pelvis and sometimes pushing on my bladder. Well better go. I will let you all know when something happens as soon as I get access to a computer afterwards.....otherwise I will check in every day until then. I guess now I am hoping for after June 11 as we have plans we would like to keep that day......


kristen - June 7

hey girls thnx for the support!! i am holding up pretty good right was my choice to move out so and i am calm and relaxed about my decision!! but i will definately keep u all posted.


ashley - June 7

hey em-did they say if you were effaced at all or how much. Dawn-I agree with em it is safe to have scans as long as its done by a professional in the hospital setting. (heck tom cruise looked at his daily and the babe was fine.) Its just basically sound waves. I once again had a c___ppy nights sleep. I got up and Pee'd 5 times! I am so sore from weeding and getting MIL's tomatoe bed ready. I feel like an old lady and it really sucks. Em I can't believe you could be having this baby at any time. HOLY COW how time flies. Gives us something to look foward to. Dawn, Justine and I are up to bat next.


ashley - June 7

ewww one month from today and I will be 28, boy do I feel old all of a sudden. ASHLEY B how are you doing? Justine, hope your doc appointment went well! Hope carrie stops in soon, as well as the other girls that stay quiet on here right now.


Emily - June 7

all he said was that the cervix was soft, he didnt' mention effaced at all but isn't efacement the softening of the cervix? I guess that means I have started to but not enough to put a % on it or anything. I am not sure, something to mention at next weeks appointment, if I am still pregnant! I too am not sleeping worth a c___p. I am getting really impatient too. Have I mentioned that yet! probably about a hundred times I know. Well gotta run, and Justine I think it was you who asked and not sure if anyone has answered, the Group B strep is a test your doc should do automatically. It is just a swap and to see if you cary to virus. Perfectly harmless to you, but could indanger the baby so if you have it, they will give antibiotics durring delivery. I tested neg, so no worries there. Not there is much of a worry for those who are pos now a days....anyway gotta run. Will check in tomorrow as long as I am not in labor or anything....


Justine - June 7

Emily - wow, i can't believe you're going to go into labour at any time now. where did the time! i think that when this is me in a month's time, i'm going to be ever-so-slightly hysterical and constantly coming on here trying to calm my nerves. anyway, let us know as soon as you can once marcy arrives. my ob appointment went well yesterday and my weight gain also seems to have stabilised now at 1 pound a week rather than my normal 2 so perhaps i'm not going to go over the 35 pound weight gain mark after all...phew! i asked about the strep test and i think i get it at my next appointment as i'll be 35 weeks them. i also can't wait to find out if there will have been any cervical changes by then too. as for sleeping at night, i'm afraid dh has had to pay the price for my constant tossing and turning and having to get up to pee by being evicted to the spare room once again. instead the baby's ba__sinet has been moved next to our bed and is now ready and waiting for her arrival. it seems very strange to see it there. Dawn - i'm glad your baby is doing ok although i can imagine your concern over the fluid levels as my current concern is still with the cord and hoping that it doesn't cause any problems as the baby gets bigger. at least you're being constantly monitored so that should give you some peace of mind. Michelle - good luck for this cycle. Kristen - i'm glad you're doing ok despite your current difficult situation. Ashley - take it easy, put your feet up and stop digging for a while! you might as well enjoy the rest whilst you still can... ha ha! Well, I'm going to take a shower and get ready for my L&D cla__s tonight which I think is about labour medication.


Emily - June 8

Justine, the only thing I could think of for your post is when you said your hubby has been kicked into the spare room was "spare oom" anyone seen the cronicles of narnia, the lion, the witch, and the wordrobe? There is a line in the movie about the wardorbe in the spare rooma nd those from Narnia misunderstood what was siad and call it the spare oom....anyway I am sure you will be fine in amonth. Ash will keep you company. and the L&D cla__s about medication scared me! I was all for the meds until after that cla__s. I got over my fear of the tube out of my back and the slight possiblity of it not working or somethhing when they gave me the pitosin so speed things up......anyway, still none doing. Well except dh and I! we bd last night and I was hoping that it would speed things up a little as they say it might, but so far nothing! I know you can't really move things along unless they are ready, but dang I wish they were ready already! anyway gotta run, hope to check back before I leave today.


ashley - June 8

em-from what I understand is that sperm/s____n has prostiglandins which help soften the cervix, which then favors dialation. However I dont think it makes you dialate, but helps efface so you can.. does that make sense? I think the bding thing could take a few times to fully efface, so heres your a__signment ha ha.. let us know how many times you bd and then let us know if you are effaced more at your next appointment!!! so then we will know if the s_x thing works!


Emily - June 8

I will let you know. I heard that before about the whatever it is in s____n. I will let you know. DH may like that a__signment. I did sleep better last night than I have for awhile. Something to think about for those of you having trouble......: ;) ;) wink, wink


Justine - June 8

Emily - the l&d cla__s last night on medication was scary but very informative. i'm really leaning away from an epidural but i guess it's difficult to know until the big show gets on the road and the pain kicks in. i'm sure my dh will be very happy to hear about your's and ashley's a__sessment of bd to kick start labour as the poor guy has been somewhat deprived as of! well i've got a fairly quiet day ahead of me today so i'm going to chill and read some of the birth stories on the 3rd trimester board. hope everyone is doing well and that ashb is recovering well from her surgery.



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