Baby Poops Weekend

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Carrie - June 9

Hello girls - how is everyone doing? I have not been doing the greatest, I wasn't planning on being absent again but I've not been feeling the greatest at times for the past couple days. It started on Wednesday morning, I had a bad aching in my stomach. I went up to the bathroom, w/ diarrhea, and it was basically all water....sorry if it's tmi. I dragged myself to my aunt's to watch my gma, while i was there I had to visit the bathroom a couple times, fell asleep in the chair for 30min. while i was there. around lunch time I was somewhat hungry so made us each a grilled cheese sandwich and a few hours later i had to visit the bathroom again. By the time i went home it was fine. Then Thursday i woke up with the same pain, went up to the bathroom and the same thing!....basically water! went to watch my gma, less bathroom visits this time and most of the time it was just to pee, which was good. then last night it was a little more solid. Last night dh and i took a walk to Dairy Queen and i got a peanut buster parfait, then we walked over to the ball diamond and watched the was so nice, just relaxing like that. anyway...after we got home it was pretty late so we went to bed. This morning i woke up, no pain....then in the afternoon I started getting a gurgling in my stomach again...went up to the bathroom....mostly diarrhea. It seems when i eat peanuts, that's when it kicks in, so i'm staying away from pnuts! So far it's been okay since the last bathroom visit. Em - I can't believe you are so close!!! OMG! this is pretty exciting! Ash and Justine - you won't be far behind her. Kristen - I'm so sorry to hear about your predictament, I hope things turn out for the better for you. If you don't mind me asking, what happened!? I thought you and dh were getting along so well? Where did this seperation/divorce come from? I'm a little in shock from this, what? why? how?. We're here for you though, keep that in mind. We've been through things together in the past, we won't leave you stranded now. (((hugs)) Well, I think that's all for me. I don't know if anyone has seen them but I posted pics of my nephews on the POOPS page, in the New Babies section...since it has Preston in them. Ash - i'm not a pooh fan but i'll still check out your nursery pics. Take care all!


Justine - June 9

Hi ladies. I've been sleeping most of the day as I was awake all last night after my crazy day which left me full of stress and anxiety about how things are progressing. Amy - yes, the anxiety does seem to be a pretty constant companion but I think you did the right thing calling your dr as it's only worse to sit and worry. I think I started feeling stronger and consistent movement around 25 weeks too and then noticed another big change again around 28 weeks when the baby seemed to have another growth spurt. I"m feeling a little better today although I'm still spotting from the exam yesterday. I"m going to take it very easy over the weekend and hope things calm down by then as I'm still feeling a little space out especially sitting upright at this computer so I'd better not make this too! Em - how amazing if you have your baby this weekend, it does sound like your mucous plug that your losing which makes it sound like you're getting close. Dawn - i guess it's just one of those things that is difficult to keep quiet. I'm sure you're dad will soon get over the disappointment and just be happy with the prospect of a new granddaughter. Ashley - i checked your pics out and you look great. All your weight gain has just gone on your belly and the rest of you looks fine. I love the baby's room. Are you feeling better now? Carrie - stay off those peanuts! Good to hear from you though and all 3 of your nephews are adorable. Well, I'm going to lie down again but will try and drop in later.


ashley - June 10

justine-hope you are feeling better. I was feeling pretty c___ppy yesterday, seem to be doing okay today. ITs been rainy and c___ppy here the last few days so I am bored. I should go start sewing on my quilt again. EM-i sure hope you are making progress, I am so excited for you!


ashley - June 10

PS was going to post a few more pics up on the site...under miscellaneous 2. Thats where i'll post new pics from now since the old album is full, though its fun to go back and see every body and thier progress!


Justine - June 10

Ashley - i'm feeling better too but have been taking it very easy and have not left the house during the day for the last 2 days to try and stay out of the heat. have you noticed any changes recently? i've found that the baby has grown alot and now takes up most of the room in my belly and makes it almost impossible to bend forwards now due to the pressure under my ribs. getting dry out of the shower has become a feat in itself and now requires dh's help to reach my! i'm also noticing i can't eat as much and that my appet_te has dropped off alot although unfortunately chocolate seems as desirable as ever. i wonder how em is this weekend and whether she'll have any big news for us next weekend. anyway i hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.


amyn - June 10

ok really silly question, but can there be a time when the baby actually moves too much? Jack has been a mexican jumping bean all day.. I know I worry when he doesn't move, now I worry when he moves, haa haa. but seriously anyone know. Or is it just that I can actually feel him move now and he just moved the same amount when he was smaller and I didn't feel him??? any advice ladies who are farther along than I am.. thanks


Justine - June 10

Amy - that's funny that you should ask that question as i used to wonder that too. i used to worry that she wasn't moving enough and then when she had her more active times i used to worry that something was troubling her and so making her move too much. to put your mind at rest i read that baby's have active periods just like us and now that your baby is getting bigger you're becoming more aware of those times. also it's good that your baby is moving and stretching and working those growing limbs. don't worry it sounds like everything is fine but discuss it with your dr if you still feel unsure.


michelle - June 10

Hey everyone. em i cant believe u are getting so close. I know i want u to hold off for 15 days but if marcy wants to come sooner that is cool too. So i think i may be ovulating now, but not sure. earlier today when i went to the bathroom and wiped i had a big glob of ewcm. not sure if dh is coming home tonight or not. every saturday he goes and pits for our friend at the race track and usually stays at our other friend deriks. so i'm gonna get on him as soon as he does get home, even if it is tomorrow morning. so i'm guessing that if it doesn't happen this month then i should be getting af between 40-46 days again. Oh well. maybe its just from the clomid that my cycle is longer. i cant wait til i get a bfp and i can talk about the little one moving. that is one thing i've always dreamed about. I've always loved the way pregos look. they are soo cute. i'm gonna check out the yahoo site after this. i did check it out the other day and ashley i love the room, even though i personally dont care for pooh all that much but it is adorable, and your belly is so cute too, and getting big. I bet you are getting excited too. justine sorry that you still not feeling the greatest. i can't remember are you in your 3rd trimester already? amyn i'm glad that little jack is finally giving you some action in your tummy. that must be a relief. my step sister had her doc's appt the other day and she was so excited because she was going to beable to hear the baby's heart beat for the first time. i sometimes get so upset when i see all of these ppl around me preg. i know that is normal. i'm trying not to get myself down about it cause i know that it will happen when god is ready. for as bad as i want this to happen and w/the next couple of months would really screw things up for a delivery date i'm thinking i dont really care anymore. since in march/april we go to the nascar race, i've been there 6 years in a row already i think i can pa__s on one. well i think ive written a long enough book already i hope everyone else that is mia comes and checks in soon.


Carrie - June 11

hello ladies, i see Em hasn't checked in all weekend but then again she normally doesn't post during the weekend. I hope all is well with her, everytime I get on here I'm anxious to see if there's a new addition to her family. I can't wait for her to have her baby and I'm not even part of her family! lol Justine - I have been staying away from the peanuts, since they seem to be the cause of my not feeling well. Although today we had a graduation party and I had some kind of dessert...found out later that there was peanuts in it..but so far it's been okay. Michelle - I'm getting that way too...I want a girl so bad but I'm to the point where I don't care what it is anymore, I just want a baby. Ash- checked out your nursery, now you know I'm not a Pooh fan but it is very adorable! You did a great job on not overdoing the Pooh theme. lol Even I could handle having that as a nursery. Baby is going to have a very nice nursery. I think my sis went overboard on her's too dark for a baby. I wish I could get some pics of it but I hardly go over there..can't stand her husband. I could ask my mom to take pics of it and say that our grandma wants to see it. lol (mom's mom, dad's mom is the one that has alzheimers). I've been packing things away here just about all week. The hard part is going through all the stuff and deciding what goes away, what doesn't, and which box does something go into. I have all the boxes in a category; Jeff Gordon box, tupper/dishes box, holiday box, etc. and of course there's a few boxes that are just miscellaneous. So far i have about 8 boxes packed, and i keep finding more things to pack away. That's okay, the more i do now....the less there'll be to do when we do get out of this stupid bas____nt. I've decided to pack away the few pictures we have on the walls; a clock that doesn't work (has a nice pic but doesn't work - lol), two horse pics that are hardly noticeable...and a few others. then i have all of dh's books to pack away and his game boxes that are just taking up shelf space. I'm a little late with hitting my goal (to have all our stuff outta here by the summer) but it looks a lot better and at the rate i'm going, i should have it done by mid summer. one of these days dh and i are going to spend a day at the storage unit and reorganize it. i wish he'd throw out his clothes that he had from high school! when we get our own place there's going to be a lot of things going missing. lol we're going to have a big garage sale too....and it's going to be just our stuff...that's all the room there'll be for anyway. Oh Michelle, i was going to ask. Where does your friend race on Fridays? My cousin races too, at Golden Sands Speedway in Plover. He races Pure Stock so he's not racing every Friday. I haven't missed any of his races this season..I'm sort of his photographer. lol Well, I believe I've gone on enough. Talk to you all later....can't wait to hear from Em again.


michelle - June 11

carrie, our friend races in wisconsin dells. He used to race at lacrosse fairgrounds speedway til he won his sportmans division then you either have to move up a cla__s or sit out a year. seeing that to move up to the late model division is spendy he decided to start racing in the dells. he loves it there. He races the Super Stock division which is just like the sportsman division. He won last year and is leading the points right now. we have a couple of our other friends that race there too. Oh after writing that long blog last night i forgot to check out the yahoo site. and just about forgot to again. LOL. so going to check right now. Oh well i thought there was going to be some newer ones on there but i guess not. So i've already seen them. carrie i get that way w/milk. i think i'm slightly lactose intolerant. If i drink too much or drink a small gla__s to fast then i have to go to the bathroom really fast.


ashley - June 11

Em- we are curious to see how your weekend went. You usually post first thing in the morning so I guess that could give us a clue if you dont' show up by noon tomorrow. I want to know if that was your mucous plug as I am still loosing what sound like what you described. (what I have been having since 32 weeks.) I still wipe gooey almost like EWCM but thicker and grosser and almost yellowish. I know its not an infection as they had checked for that. Its coming on more and more frequently. So who knows. I am digging another garden spot this time at my own house to plant the rest of my tomatoes that are now still in planters. I have a total of like 10-12 tomatoe plants, ummm think i'll have lots of tomatoes? shoot speaking of which I never posted my pics on yahoo. I'll have to go do that.


ashley - June 11

I think its time to start a new thread. I'll label it Monday....



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