Back Ache And Ab Cramps 12dpo Does This Mean Im Out

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sian 1 - May 26

i have back ache and belly cramps and i am 12 dpo some one please tell me im kidding myself thinking i could still be in the running this month these are period pains arent they ??


sian 1 - May 26



sian 1 - May 26

is any one here ??


Grandpa Viv - May 26

Depends what your normal PMS signs are. A low backache can be a sign, as well as different cramps (tugging feeling?). Belly cramps can also be from extra ga__sy, which is a sign. Not more tired or emotional than usual? Good luck anyway!


sian 1 - May 26

thank you for answering me i have been very ga__sy and havent eaten any thing different from usual . normally i get period pains the day before af not 2 days before nut i guess ill have to just wait and see it is so frustrating !!! i am just trying not to kid my self this time and jump on every sign although this time there dont seem to be any obvious ones .


sian 1 - May 27

bump !


Clarissa23 - May 27

sian i have had cramps too...and do not have my period because i am still nursing my maybe it is a preg sign


sian 1 - May 28

well today is the day i should have af and it isnt here yet but it is only 08.30 !! my fingers are tightly crossed !!


Emma2 - May 29

I dont think it depends what your regular symtoms are in AF . I have had every PMS and PG symptoms known to women. It really is nothing to go by. Good Luck.


chriss - May 29

I totally agree with Emma2, each month I swear that I am preffers even though I know that all my symptoms are the same as PMS symptoms, course you might have different symptoms each month, but still EPS are the same as PMS symtpoms, as frustrating as that is to accept, we have to try not to read too much into things (I should be taking my own advice LOL) good luck everyone


don - May 29

Well, I just tested positive this morning and the entire time I was playing the waiting game my stomach hurt. It has been like IBS and gas rather than my usual cramping. Also, my AF back-pain was throbbing and BFP pain has been like shooting pain. Plus I have presure or something that makes me feel like I have to pee or have an accident:) Hopefully you can differentiate your symptoms. Sending positive thoughts your way!


Emma2 - May 29

Trying to differentiating the symptoms is the reason why there are so many let downs. PMS and Early Pregnancy symptoms are identical and its almost impossble to tell which is which until implantation has occured.



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