Back In The Game

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Crystal B - March 26

Hey Ladies, Im back and im trying to concieve again! I went to the doctors and if it was a m/c it was to early to do anything, I went threw all the scary feelings but me and dh decided that we want to keep trying. so we are! Today is the first green box on fertiliy friend, so we're gonna started bd'ing for everynight and hopefully we'll get it ! hows everyone else doing?


AshleyB - March 26

I'm sorry. Good Luck ttc again!! I"m in the 2ww, just ovulated yesterday or maybe today I think.


Babette - March 26

I heard somewhere that nearly every woman has a m/c at least once in her life. It's horrible but part of the proces, apparently. I hope you're well and wish you super-pregnant this cycle. These wise words from me, in the first cycle of trying for my first child. I can test next week but it would be kind of a miracle if I got pregnant the first time round because I've reached the ancient age of 35 already. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed, enjoying the BD and reading forums to stay sane. Good luck to you Crystal B and AshleyB!


gcmickens - March 26

Crystal, Ashley and Babette HI - My name is Gigi and I also had a miscarriage March 10 - well a D&C actually, so I know what you've been through. I hope you are all feeling excited and stoic as I do as I just don't want to dwell on it too long - if it's God's plan :-) I've read somewhere that you 'O" about 2 to 4 weeks after a D&C - do you know anything about that? DH and I started BD-ing again yesterday, so 15 days after the D&C - how can I know if I'm ovulating ubtil I get AF? Txs anyone and tons of baby dust to you all!


jeanette - March 26

Gigi!! Oh no darlin!! I didnt know you had a m/c?....I am so very sorry..... I did too last cycle, very early, hit me very hard...but, back to my normal self, only not trying anymore. No more temping or opks or anything for me. Just hope and faith. God's will be done. Come on over to the Lambs thread if ya need to talk about it some, doll.....God bless and lots of babydust to you and your dh this cycle!



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