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Amelia - September 10

I have had the same symptoms for 3 months now. Nausea when I smell certain foods, frequent urination, br___t tender for 2 months now, very very fatigued. Still getting my periods but very light and mild cramping. I am 31 with a 10 year old girl. I have not tried to get pregnant but if I am I want to be. I feel Pregnant tests come out negative had an ultrasound showed a very tiny speck is what my doctor said. She also said my hgc count was 2 points from being pregnant. I suspect that I might be pregnant but only time will tell. Does not matter if you have your menstral or not you can still be pregnant (I was pregnant for 3 months with daughter and still had my menstrals after 4th month my monthly stopped but this was with my daughter.) Also I have been having a discharge clear once every 3 days makes me feel I need to go to bathroom but it is not pee. Anyone with advice to help me out anyone with the same experiences?


Viv - September 10

You have so many symptoms of pregnancy it is difficult to believe you are not. If the ultrasound and negative tests were done a month ago or more, I would be having them done again. If they still say you are not pregnant, I would ask if there are any glandular problems which could cause you to mimic pregnancy. Not an expert on this one (or anything else for that matter) Come back to this thread and let us know what happens.


Amelia - September 10

Another thing I forgot to mention is that I have this metallic taste to my mouth. My doctor has set up another ultrasound in 3 weeks to see what is going on.


terry - September 19

I know how you feel. My last period was on the 11th August. I have a 3 week cycle and I started a light menstral on the 10th September which was very odd for me. I was sick for about 2 weeks that is starting to get better now but my b___sts are still sore and more fuller, I am going to the toliet all the time, if I skip a meal I am sick, and my stomach below my bellyb___ton is very full with some cramping if I do to much. All tests urine and blood tests are coming back negative, but the doctor does want me to come in today to talk to me about it. I am very confused I have a 9 year old daughter and I am 29years old. Have you got any answers to what is happening with you yet?


milissa - September 20

same here, I'm going on 7 weeks of all the pregnant signs I two have a son hes 2 1/2 So I know. had 2 ultersounds down trans & sono both showed thicked uterus! had a period for 7 days very light not heavy at all. doc has another ulterasound in 5 weeks, I think I'm 10 weeks? Dont you think thats along time?



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