Backaches And Cramping

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krismit - January 12

I just wanted to know if anyone has experienced a backache before getting thier BFP's??? I am now 7DPO and have had cramping, twinges,diahrea, since4DPO and now a terrible backache since yesterday!!! It doesn't hurt all the time but I couldn't sleep well lastnight because it was bothering me on and off!! Its mostly in my lower back. If anyone can tell me what may be causing this I would appreciate it!!


VenusdiMilo - January 12

Well, I'm experiencing terrible backaches/cramping right now and I'm 9DPO....and hoping I will get a BFP this month. Do you temp/chart? Good luck!!


krismit - January 12

no, I don't temp or chart. I am trying not to get too crazy with trying. I do the OPK's and thats about it!! I hope we both get our BFP's this month:) Good luck


MelissaV - January 13

I had cramping & sore b___bs before my bfp, but those symptoms didn't start until about 12dpo. I kept running to the bathroom thinking I had started, but got a BFP on 16dpo


VenusdiMilo - January 13

Krismit, I hope so too :-).BTW, I used to think that temping would drive me crazy but I wish I was temping from the beginning....I find it easy and fun to check my BBT every morning and FF makes it so easy (for me) I LOVE IT!! You should give it a try and see if you’d like it. I hope you don't have to by getting your BFP this month but if not I would recommend using FF. Good luck!! My FF is /home/venus...............Melissa, Congratulations!!! How far along are you?


Grandpa Viv - January 13

The book says signs should start 7 - 10 dpo, but there are enough women here who experienced it earlier that the book may have to be re-written. Than again, maybe you ovulated a day or two earlier than you think. Anyhow, promising very early signs. Backache is cause by hormones that loosen up the ligaments that hold the bones together down there, which will come in useful 9 months out. At least, that's what one book says. Keep in mind that the follicle that releases the egg also produces hormones, and if it goes haywire, that could give you signs too. Good luck!


MelissaV - January 13

Venus-I am just 4 weeks & 4 edd is Sept 17. This is my first pregnancy & it took us 3 1/2 year to get here, so we're excited! Lots of baby dust to you! Hope you get your bfps!



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