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Jennifer - October 13

I posted teh other day that I got a BFP...well yesterday I had a miscarriage...there was nothing wrong, the docs just said the baby didnt "stick" so I guess I will be trying again ...thanks to all of you who talked to me.


aish - October 13

felt so bad ... but it is not in our hands ...I pray for u i hope u will get BFP soon....


Melissa - October 13

I'm sorry for your loss Jennifer. I had a m/c a year ago at 11's hard I know...but remember everything has a will happen for you...


annette - October 13

i am so sorry to hear that Jennifer. But keep up ur faith. there is definitely hope since you have gotten pregnant once. seek ur doc help to be more cautious next time. if possible, try detecting the pregnancy as early as possible by a blood test. Good luck to you!


Jennifer - October 13

Thanks girls..but to be honest, its my husband who took it the worst..Im just happy to know I can get pregnant.


kate - October 13

hey jennifer im really sorry to hear about your loss, im sorry to be rude but how did you find out it was a mis carriage? iv heard if you dont know your pregnant you can just bleed really heavily


Jennifer-to Kate - October 13

I was due for AF on the 7th..she didnt come..I took a PG test on the 10th and it was + but on the 12th I woke up bleeding. I went to the emergency room. They did a urine test and it came back negitive..but then they gave me a blood test and it was positive. but my HCG hormone was real low like 25 it should have been in the thousands by now. So they said it looked like the end of a miscarriage. There was heavy bleeding and lots of mucus in it(sorry). He said more than likely the embreo fertized but didnt stick. Thats all I know.


Emily - October 13

Jennifer, I am so sorry ot hear about your loss. I have never posted on a thread with you that I am aware of, but I had to tell you how sorry I am for you. I had a m/c in Aug of this year. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. We weren't trying but it happened anyway. ( my daughter was only 11mo old when we found out ) I was so excited to be preg again just ot have my hopes dashed. I was 10 weeks and had to have a D&C. I pray that next time it will work for you. I will be thinking about you...


kate - October 13

hey ladiesim worried but not sure now iv had my period but as i was due to come off af it just got heavier and it has lots of clots itnot usually this heavy, any thoughts?



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