Bad Remarks

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Rebecca - March 11

The person or people who have been making bad remarks about others better stop!! I will personally write to Nicole the Editor and have her block you from this site. It has been donr to others so it will happen to you. So I ask you to please stop and take your negativity somewhere else. It even says in the Terms of Agreement- that the posts on this site are through personal research and opinions of others. All the material on this site is for sharing and support NOT mediacl advice and treatment.


Rebecca - March 11

I see that I have to bring this back up to the top, for those who did not read the fine print.


b - March 11

by the way there is a poor taste b___ton on your right hand side , if the message contains bad language or remarks you can press this b___ton to report it...!


puta - March 11

for those who can't read!


jackie brooks - March 11

it will be hard to prove who is doing it cause most of them are cowards and dont use their real name..


b - March 12



Rebecca - March 13

its actually easy for the Editor to track which e-mail address the person is using, regardless on what name they pretend to have.


info - March 14

I'm really sorry to be a downer, but there is absolutely no way that the person can be tracked. To use these discussion boards does not require you to submit and email address or any such information. The IP address may be able to be captured, but again this is useless in terms of roaming IP's which are different every time. The only way to monitor this would be to have everyone signup for a username and pa__sword account, which could get VERY time consuming for the editor as well as the fact that it may end up costing everyone to have this service available. Just some food for thought!


Dear Info - March 14

Methinks it's best that you check your info as it IS indeed possible to track roaming IP Addresses - and with the help of your ISP it is, without a doubt, actually quite simple. No need for signed up pa__swords and mail addresses. Food for thought? Chew on that one. Bottom line is this : there is NO NEED for any nastiness on a site like this.


Dear Info - from Info - March 14

ACTUALLY, your wrong, although it is possible to check roaming IP's (and I didn't say that it wasn't) your wasting your time. One of the only ways that you could capture the domain/IP is by using a sniffer and I somehow doubt that the editor of this site would be using one (maybe I'm wrong). This is a free site and everyone is supposted to respect everyone else, most do, but some don't. All that I am saying is that there really is no way to control those who choose to spu negativity, especially since they can do it using a thousand different names if they choose.


Carol - March 14

What comments? Where? There was a lady saying nasty comments a couple of weeks ago, I think ... maybe is the same person?


Kay - March 14

I have not seen nasty remarks lately, the nastiest today is in this thread right here. You girls love to pick a fight.


Info - March 14

who's picking a fight and who is being nasty in this thread?? No names were called, no accusations were made, just two people who have a difference of opinion about something. I


Kay - March 14

Info, the 3rd post starting from the top is pretty bad. Name calling, and rude. I have now browsed the last 30 + threads here and have not yet seen any nasty remarks from anyone. So you are right, nasty remarks for Rebecca, may not seem nasty to others - people who have difference of oppinion about what is a bad remark I guess.


bump - March 14



Rebecca - March 15

If you actually took the time to look at the date of my first post, you would notice that it was posted last week. Bad remarks were all over this place back then. I just had to inform you ao that.



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