Bad Taste In Mouth Question

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bla04017 - July 26

Okay, I was reading a forum and someone asked this: I am not obsessing about getting pregnant-although I would be very happy to be pregnant. I thought nothing of this until I read some posts today... but on Monday I woke up and did my normal thing and ate my usual oatmeal breakfast, however, after I brushed my teeth I noticed I had this wierd taste in my mouth, so later on I brushed again-it would not go away. Well today is Wednesday and each day so far it has been the exact same. WELL, I was scheduled to ovulate on Sunday (give or take a day) and my hubby and I made love Sat and Sun... I know this is wierd but could this be the bad taste in the mouth a VERY EARLY sign of pregnancy? This is EXACTALLY my situation... has anyone experienced this so early on and in fact was pregnant??


Rhonda - July 26

Some women develope a metallic taste in there mouth when they are pregnant.I had a weird taste in my mouth b/f i knew i was pregnant.Good luck to you.


Allison1123 - July 26

With my first preg. I always had a bad taste in my mouth and would chew gum constatly to get rid of it because it would then make me nauseous.


Lin - July 26

Pregnancy symptoms don't show up until after ovulation, which itself doesn't occur until 6-12 dpo. There's virtually no way that you would have such a strong symptom at 3 dpo.


lucababy04 - July 27

is it in the back on the sides ... ithink i have that to


bla04017 - July 30

Yes, it is in the back of the mouth and the back of the tounge. I'm not exactally sure when I ov'ed... but I was guessing around sunday. The taste is still it makes me wonder. How long does this taste usually last in a pregnancy?


lucababy04 - July 30

i dunno hunnie... but also i was eating pizza yesterday and halfway through my first slice it started to tase sower and then the salad and then even the breadsticks... toady i got diet coke and it doesnt taste the same... and cravings as soon i get what i want it doesnt taste that good i have lost my appit_te and im not sure how goor or bad that is but i just need to know as much info as everyone else ... also im not even sure im prego i find out tuseday


bla04017 - July 31

YES luca... sounds just like me. I don'tknow though... mine seems to be going away (or I am just getting used to it). I too dont know if I am preg. I will hopefully find out in a week or so. I'm ttc #1 for about 5 months now. Is this going to be your first? How long have you been ttc? What other symptoms are you having? Keep me updated! Good luck to ya


lucababy04 - August 1

well my b___bs are real real sore and one of the nipples even changed shape i have very large b___sts as it is like triple d and the nipple was oval but now its a full circle something as soon as i saw it freaked me out.. i have tiny white bumps on my b___bs peeing alot more so much that it is anouying and it hurts in the morning not to pee but my tummy becuase i guess i didnt get up in the middle of the night to go so it just all stayed and wow it hurts... my lower middle back hurts and sometimes the front my whole body aches like the flu.. i have been in a waaaaaaaay better mood and as of yesterday my apit_te came back ten fold i cant stop dtinking im in love with water something i never liked to drink but u know now im starting to believe its all in my head i have taken preg test 2 of them and neg. this is the second day of my missed peroid... is anyone else feel like their body aches.. also i get really tired so tired somtimes it feels like im walking on air.. i get sooooooooo hott to .. but again maybe im making myself go through this


bla04017 - August 1

These definetly sound like pregnancy symptoms... but I know the feeling about just making stuff up in your head. Sometimes I feel like I am experiencing a symptom... but then it kindof just goes aways and I wonder if I am just making it up in my head to begin with. It is interesting. A couple months back I got really excited and the first day that I thought I missed my period I took a test. It was negative and then I didn't start until 3 days later than I normally did.... So i decided this time I'm not gonna jump the gun and I'm gonna wait at least 5 days of no period to take a test. Hey, when you say your b___sts hurt is it the whole thing or what? Does it always hurt or is it just if you pressit? Cause my b___sts aren't so much tender... but my nipples have been very sensitive and hurt to touch??? Anyone know what that is all about?!



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