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little one - April 27

ohk...this is how it is...on the 14th my boyfrend and I had s_x twice the first time we use'd a condom and he ___ then the second time he trie'd it without a condom but he didnt go in all the way juz barely but I wasnt sure if there might've been some leftover sperm on him...well exactly a week later I was bleed'n but not a lot at all juz like when I wipe'd there was pinkish blood not even red..then three or two days later that part below my bellybutton start'd hurt'n really bad but I havent miss'd my period yet that doesnt come until the 4 do yall think I have anything to worry about? I just need to kno if any of yall ever bleed like this without your period


Becky - April 27

How long is your cycle, and when was your last flow? The 14th is 20 days before the 4th, so on a "normal" 28 day cycle, you should be ok... Ov would be around the 20th. You said that you bled a week later, that would be either the 20th or 21st. Sometimes you bleed a little during Ovulation. Maybe it was that. Wait and see if your period comes, if it's a week late, take a test. In the mean time, try to be patient as stress can cause your flow to be late. Good luck.


Yes!! - April 27

You can get pregnant with pre c_m. Always use a condom. Let me know what happen. Good luck and stay safe


Kara - April 27

I once asked a doctor on line and he said that if my boyfriend urinated after his first ejaculation it would have washed any viable sperm away. It is not likely that you are pregnant.


Kara - April 27

That is also a__suming he washed himself off after removing the condom.


little one - May 3

wow its tha third and still no sign of my period this sucks....I've been have'n mood swings lately really bad ones and I never have them dure'n my period ever! I would be bleed'n at least juz a little by now but im not..get'n a little scare'd b___bs are hurt'n badly and they wont stop..headachez like crazy...



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