Basal Temp Concerns

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Jamie - May 4

My husband and I have been trying to conceive since August. The lastest thing my doctor wants my to do is chart my basal temp. to see if I am ovulating. I am on day 37 of charting. My temperature started to rise on Monday and now it is back down again. It has been all over the place for the past 37 days. My cm today and the day before is stretchy like it should be for ovulation but temps are not up. Any insight? I am beginning to think that I don't ovulate. What do they do for you if you don't? Is there hope that I might be and I just have long cycles? I am going back to the doctor in June. I just cannot believe the frustration of trying to get pregnant....


stacey - May 4

Ok, I have some questions before I can answer-1 are you taking temps at the same time every morning- right when you wake up but before you get out of bed? 2- Are the temps fluctuating above your coverline, or are they going above and below it? How long does it usually take for you to have your period? (weeks). if you don't ovulate, there are meds that can help you ovulate. If you have ewcm (stretchy cm) today, then you might be ovulating- temps do not rise until after you ovulate- so see if they go back up tomorrow and stay there. A great site is, and a great book is Taking charge of your Fertility by Toni Wexler- both of these will help you out immensly!


Jamie - May 4

Stacey - I have the book which has been a lot of help. I haven't established a coverline since this is the first month of charting. I take my temp at the exact same time in the morning and right before I get out of bed. My periods prior to charting have been long and very irregular. I am just curious if there is still a chance that could ovulate even though I am on day 37??


caitlin - May 4

Hi, I just posted that I got my BFP tonight. In my post, I mentioned that I got some great advice from this site and from my family doctor - you ovulate about 14 days before AF. How long is your cycle? If it is still another 14 days until it comes, I bet you're ovulating now. Good luck.


Jamie - May 5

Hi girls - today my temp was low again. What is going on?? I have a lot of cm too - which doesn't make any sense. I have been thinking about this charting business and you know it says you need to have a least three hours of sleep prior to taking your temp. I always wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. Sometimes I won't have three hours before I will have to get up again, but I go right back to sleep and take my temp. when the alarm goes off. Should I try taking it in the middle of the night? I am just afraid that I won't be able to fall back asleep as easily if I have to bother with it. Could this be throwing my temps off? Sometimes when I get up I haven't been asleep three hours and if I go back to sleep it won't be three hours then either - what do I do in this case??


Grandpa Viv - May 5

You can get fertile mucus several days before the temp rise. It is a sign to BD, because when the temp rise occurs it is almost too late. Sperm lasts for 5 days inside you. Go to it, girl!! (no hyphens) is an example of a successful chart. There are many more at



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