BBT Always Right In Pg Or Not

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Confused but Hopefull - June 13

Are basal body temps a 100% way to know if you are not pg? Ie... if your temps dropped for a day or two, does that mean you are not pg? I've heard that sometimes your body throws in some random high or low days. Here's my situation. I just started temping on the first, would have been a few days after Ovulation. My temps were mid/midhigh 97's (I run low), then they jumped to 98 on the 6th, then down a bit the next day then back up and stayed that way for a few days. Then went to 97.2 on 6/11, though I had major inturupted sleep that night. Started "AF" that day (on time). Everything seemed normal for start of af...but af was really short and VERY VERY VERY pink. I have wondered if af was pinkish before... but there was no mistaking it this time, it was PINK. Not red... pink. The next day jumped back up to 97.6 (and stopped bleeding), then today back a little lower. But yesterday and today I have been extreemly dizzy and nauseous. And yesterday had a HUGE headache that would not go away. (have had some other random symptoms, br___t soreness, smell sensitivity, stuffy nose, tired...) I haven't taken a test for a few days because I only have one left and want to give it enough time to show pos if so.


Grandpa Viv - June 13

BBT high for 18 days or more is a strong indicator. There are bobbles such as "implantation dip" and "triphasic" which some folks claim to see. Also if you don't take your temp in exactly the same way every am before rising you can get inaccuracies. You seem to have strong early signs. I would test next Saturday first pee. Goodluck!


Becky - June 13

Thanks Grandpa Viv. I'll save my last test for then. Would be a good father's day present :) . . . On a side note, I can never remember the link for this site, so whenever I am on a different computer, I always do a google search for "grandpa viv" in order to get to this site :-P , so thanks for that too ;)



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