BBT Been High Am I Pregnant

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Halie - May 18

My last period was April 24th and I had unprotected s_x everyday of my fertility window. Since Sunday 5/15 I have been really hot and my BBT has been at least 98.2 or higher. I usually have cramps from ovulation until my period comes and the only cramping I had was on Sunday night and Monday morning and it was like a tugging cramp.


....... - May 18

i read somewhere if its high for 16 to 18 days in a row that u are pregnant


Paula - May 18

Have you tried to test?


Lindsey to Halie - May 18

Halie- when is your af due and what dpo are you?? If your temps remain high as they are now, there is a good chance you are pg. On is states that having 18 high temps after O that most likely you are pregnant. The reason they like you to wait til you are 18 dpo is because testing early could give you a false negative. Feeling hot is also a pregnancy sign and the tugging feeling is as well. Let me know how many dpo and when af is due and we can go from there! Best of luck to you!


Halie - May 18

My af is due for the 22nd & am 10 dpo.


Halie - May 18

Thank you guys for all the help! :)


Annon. - May 18

You symptoms sounds promising! When are you going to test? Good Luck and Baby Dust!


Halie - May 19

I think I am going to test Sunday.


Lindsey - May 19

Halie, You could definitely test Sunday. Let me know how the results go! Best of luck and take care!


Darla - May 19

Halie, My first post on here - We are almost exactly the same on our times. My last period begin the night of 4-24 so not sure whether to count from there or the 25th since it was brought on by some playing.HA! We have been ttc for a couple of yrs now - we have a 4 yr old son that we had to have an IUI to get pg. Nothing wrong they say though. We are so hoping that we have done it on our own this time. I've had the same tugging cramps from about 5-14 off and on and sore b___sts when I take my bra off & get up in the mornings - a few other symptoms off and on. When are you going to test and what kind of hpt are you going to use? I'm was debating on testing tomorrow or Sat. but maybe I should wait to see if AF shows up - I'm not sure I can make it that long. Maybe we can follow along together. Lot's of Baby Dust to you and everyone else!!!!!


Halie - May 19

To:Darla- My b___bs really haven't sore but they are a little bigger. I am going to test Sunday. I am thinking about using First Response, because I have heard good things about them. I want to test early but I'm afraid that it won't some up and then I might have to take another one. Baby Dust to you and I hope you are preg.


Darla - May 19

Thanks Halie, I just figured everything up again and was sitting here thinking I may wait till Sunday too. Actually Saturday would be 14 days for sure po and that's when the Dr had told me to test with my son so....If I can't hold off till Sunday, I will at least wait till Sat. I tested with a First Response yesterday evening because I just had one here - I was pretty sure it was too soon and knew it wasn't morning and that I had been drinking a lot of water --but just couldn't help myself - it was negative. I need to quit buying tests that have 2 in them because I can't keep from taking them. HA! A lot of posts say BFN or BFP - do you know what the BF stand for? Probably something simple but I can't figure it out. Thanks and keep us posted!! LOL


to halie - May 19

Does sound promising--Good Luck! PS: BF = Big Fat (BFN-big fat negative, BFP . . )


Darla - May 19

Thanks so much!! NOW I know on all these posts what that BF stands for and here's wishing everyone a BFP!!!!!!!


Halie - May 23

I'm so sorry that I haven't gotten on the past few days! I still have not started and my cervix is soft and closed. I had some cramping & I thought af was coming on fri. & no sign. So what's been happening w/ you guys? I hope BFPs!!!



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